March 17, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Paramount has bought the rights to the Wired article “The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Diamond Heist” by Joshua Davis. However, once the article was published, it became a told story and thus collapsed in on itself like a dying star. Thanks a lot, Wired. J.J. Abrams has been brought on to produce and potentially direct the project through his company “Bad Robot” or as The Hollywood Reporter refers to it with the far more glamorous term, “shingle”.

The article, which will be published in the April issue of Wired, describes the true story of an unprecedented diamond heist in Antwerp, Belgium, and the crew that pulled it off. In early 2003, a small group of Italian thieves miraculously circumvented 10 layers of security to access a vault beneath the Antwerp Diamond Center and make off with a purported $100 million in diamonds, gold and jewelry (the actual value is still a mystery).

Gosh, I wonder if they’ll remain Italian or if they’ll all suddenly become American. If anyone can penetrate ten layers of security, it’s America. We’re the best at everything in the world, including thievery!

Over six years, Davis scored a series of interviews with the ringleader, incarcerated in a Belgian prison, who finally divulged, in French, just how it was done. Davis acquired the subject’s life rights in the process. I guess the leader can be Italian. Americans don’t get caught. And I bet the prison is just another part of their elaborate scheme even though they already got the loot! If that’s the case, the ringleader is totally American. And George Clooney.

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