DAREDEVIL Rights May Revert Back to Marvel; Watch Director Joe Carnahan’s DAREDEVIL Sizzle Reels

     August 14, 2012


After reporting this morning that Joe Carnahan’s pitch to Fox for Daredevil “went up in smoke,” the director decided to share those sizzle reels with Twitter.  It’s clear that I’m not cut out to be a studio executive, because Carnahan’s hardcore, 70′s take on the Man without Fear seemed spot on to me.  Granted, sizzle reels aren’t composed of actual footage; they are spliced together pieces of film stock, bits of soundtrack, some concept art and, in this case, comic book panels that are meant to give the viewer a sense of tone and theme.  Carnahan’s Daredevil would have been closer to a Frank Miller film: tough, ballsy and fearless.  It’s a shame we’ll probably never see the vision on the big screen. Hit the jump to watch two versions of the Daredevil pitch.

Thanks go to @carnojoe himself for sharing these pitches with Twitter. I love the 70s aesthetic, with clips that are simply saturated in corruption and excess.  Glimpses of The Warriors throughout give the piece a bit of gangland feel while panels and overtures from the Kingpin spotlight the villain.  I particularly loved the cut of The Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein” climaxing the piece.  Check them out below and let us know your reactions in the comments:

First up, the PG-13 version of the  sizzle reel:

Here’s the more violent, NC-17 version of the sizzle reel:

So did Fox screw up by passing on Carnahan?  Keep in mind, the rights to Daredevil might as well be back in Marvel’s hands now as the chances are slim to none that the former studio could get anything into production by October 10th.  Fox already passed up the offer from Marvel to extend Daredevil’s stay at the foster studio in exchange for some of Marvel’s previous properties.  We’ll keep an eye out to see where Daredevil ends up and if a reboot is still in the cards.


  • Mars

    Umm, it’s just a bunch of stock footage from older movies like The French Connection. And there’s an obvious shot from American Gangster. Although who knows with Carnahan. I found The Grey to be one of my favorite films ever and A-Team to be a total crock of shit.

    • TehBaller

      Sometimes you do it to make the money you need to make the stuff you really want.

    • Servo

      They are both sizzle reels as stated in the title of the article. Sizzle reels are put together by a director, using stock footage and/or footage from other films, to show a studio the direction and tone of the film they want to make. Not an actual trailer.

    • Jim

      Learn how to read.

    • BeanBag

      The same laws that keep people like you from handling my food, should also be applied to the internet.

  • Pb Zeppelin

    Right now I’m imagining a movie with the same attention to the 70′s setting as Boogie Nights, but with ultra violence and Daredevil. If these rights go back to Marvel, they better hire Carnahan.

  • Dannyboy3030

    A Taxi Driver style Daredevil movie? My nerd boner is at full mast. Only a cameo from Heroes for Hire could make this better.

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  • oaktreeradar

    I was literally halfway through watching taxi driver, got hungry, started cooking dinner, got bored watching rice boil, went to collider and watched this sizzle reel. I hope this happens and given the recent trend of loosely adapting famous runs from the comics we still might end up with born again in some form. (It’s cool that this sort of thing is beginning to happen. First decade was just kind of random bits from comic stories and now they are making days of future past, wolverine in japan, and other stuff. Hollywood running out of ideas is a comic fans goldmine, doubly so now.)

  • Jazzy Jace

    Worst sizzle reels ever; my bacon has more sizzle.

  • cas

    Looks like it could have been a decent movie. Maybe when the rights go back to the Marvel, they will find a place in their busy schedule to make a DD movie or just give him a cameo in the other movies.

  • Reymundo Salao

    the film looked goddamn AWESOME!!!
    Daredevil should be done 70s style!
    The people at Fox who rejected this ARE FOOLS!!!!
    It’s probably the same guys who abused-around Joss Whedon when he was still working under them
    If Daredevil will once again be made by Fox into some pop commercial garbage, i hope it will bankrupt the studio

  • Reymundo Salao

    the film looked goddamn AWESOME!!!
    Daredevil should be done 70s style!
    The people at Fox who rejected this ARE FOOLS!!!!
    It\’s probably the same guys who abused-around Joss Whedon when he was still working under them
    If Daredevil will once again be made by Fox into some pop commercial garbage, i hope it will bankrupt the studio

  • daveyboy

    I think making Daredevil pure pulp would have been a great way to go. Maybe when Marvel gets the rights back they could do a DD movie like this and then if it did well it would be easy to do a Luke Cage movie and Iron Fist movie set in the same universe/era.

    • Jim

      Absolutely true. In fact throw Punisher in there too. They are awesome characters that wouldn’t fit very well in the current timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but would be great in their own time period of when they were published and still relevant.

  • nelson

    did you read joe’s tweets fox did’nt pass on it carnahan said fox loved his pitch but had to pass because 2 months is not enough time to do a period piece super hero movie

    we would have to build sets to recreate the 70′s like watchmen did with the 80′s

    they would have to get period costumes and production designs not to mention a cast and a script that fit his take on DD

    2 months is to little time to get that done

  • Jeremy

    The reason why FOX would pass on this interpretation of ‘Daredevil’ is that it’s completely the opposite of what a big studio wants from a comic book adaptation now.
    If the movie is ultra gritty and/or set in the past, children won’t be the target demographic. First of all, they won’t be allowed to see it if it’s rated maturely.
    Second of all, children are only able to emotionally invest in things set in the present or the future. (Toy sales for the WWII set ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ were disappointing).
    Box office revenues are down, down, down. Too many expensive films have tanked, therefore licensing fees are the prime motivator for a studio to make a franchise film.
    If you can’t license a super hero movie to children’s product manufacturers, then forget about it.

    • daveyboy

      That is a good point…I was just at a comic book signing and the writer said pretty much that. The number one thing they look at is can this sell toys. Apparently this is why they don’t try too hard to come up with female superhero movies or shows, because girls aren’t the target demographic for action toys.

  • skinner

    we had decent hopes for The A-Team and couldn’t believe how lame it was.

    I remember Carnaham saying his “reboot” was going to be as big as Batman with at least 2 sequels

    and sheesh Smokin’ Aces was “WTF?” especially with that ending that’s gotta be one of the worst ever.

  • jasperwolf

    Sizzles like drops of water in a hot frying pan and ends up just as substantial. Pass.

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  • Vail

    I don’t know why everyone hopes that the rights go back to marvel (Disney)? They wouldn’t make a pulp r rated version of DD either. On another note did anyone notice the few frames from the sopranos episode where tony curb checks coco?? Good Ish Carnahan!

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  • brett moore

    they need to do this movie but make it a 70′s pulp hyper violent hard R mashup with Punisher. straight up head exploding body crushing 70′s dirty new york violence where they fight each other then take on kingpin with tons of droopy mustache wearing bell bottom sporting red shirts getting fucked up by DD and Punisher

  • Alboone

    Stunning. But Fox wouldn’t have the balls to make it. Carnahan is a man out of time in this industry. If you’re not Michael Bay, then don’t even bother.

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