Joe Carnahan Doesn’t Have a DEATH WISH; Studio Wants Bruce Willis to Star

     February 22, 2013


Last summer, macho director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) talked about his vision for a remake of Death Wish, but it looks like that view didn’t jibe with the studio.  As of August, Carnahan was still in the process of scripting the reboot of the 1974 movie starring Charles Bronson that kick-started a five-film franchise.  Originally based on the Brian Garfield novel of the same name, Death Wish centers on Paul Kersey, a man who becomes a vigilante after his wife is murdered and his daughter is sexually assaulted by muggers.  The studio wanted Bruce Willis to step into the role while Carnahan had other ideas, thus leading to a split over creative differences.  Hit the jump for more.

joe_carnahan_image_05Deadline reports that Carnahan has withdrawn from the Death Wish remake citing creative differences.  Other reports had the writer/director eyeing Russell Crowe for the role, with The Grey star Frank Grillo playing his brother.  News of Carnahan’s departure is unfortunate because I think he could have done something raw and interesting with the remake rather than just make a generic revenge actioner.  Perhaps some remnants of his script will remain in the eventual film.

Meanwhile, Deadline also reports that Carnahan may set his sights on Fox’s Narco Sub, which previously had the late Tony Scott attached to direct.  The plot details of the drug-centric action thriller based on a spec script by David Guggenheim(Safe House) are being kept quiet, but the title indicates it will have something to do with submersible crafts used by South American drug cartels to smuggle product into the states.  Carnahan still has his passion project Continue in development with Frank Grillo.  He was also recently in talks to pen a draft and possibly direct an adaptation of the vampire-centric graphic novel Undying Love.  Here’s hoping whatever he gets to make next is as enjoyable as his previous works.

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