Paul Viragh Scripting JOE PUBLIC, Biopic About The Clash Frontman Joe Strummer

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Paul Viragh (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll) is currently scripting a biopic about The Clash frontman Joe Strummer, tentatively titled Joe Public.  No time period is specified, but the oddsmakers suggest we’ll see the The Clash’s rise to fame in the mid-1970s, given band’s status as the most crucial pillar in that first wave of British punk.  (No offense, Sex Pistols.)  Strummer amassed a huge body of work, continuously creating new music up until his death in 2002, so there should be plenty of “bio-” to tap into.

According to Screen Daily [via A.V. Club], Film4 is backing Joe Public: the British production could very well avoid the Hollywood mandate to craft a sweeping musical biopic, each beat foretold.  Still, the meaty role ought to allure some major talent if such is desired, so feel free to dreamcast away in the comments.  Hit the jump for a clip of Strummer in action, performing “White Riot” live.

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  • Anonymous

    Jamie Bell as Paul Simonon
    Rupert Grint and some black hairdye as Mick Jones
    Andrew Garfield as Topper Headon
    and a complete unknown as Joe Strummer

  • ellen

    James McAvoy as Joe. uncanny resemblance. could have been twins
    Louis Simonon as Paul (who else? he looks just like his father!)
    but Garfield and Grint’s faces are too wide to play topper and mick.

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