Joel Kinnaman Confirmed to Star in ROBOCOP Remake

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After a lengthy search for the lead, last week we learned that MGM had offered The Killing star Joel Kinnaman the titular role in its remake of the 1987 sci-fi film RoboCop. Now Deadline reports that the deal has closed, as director José Padilha has finally landed his RoboCop in Kinnaman. Following his impressive turn on the AMC series, Kinnaman has been fielding a number of high profile offers as of late. He was set to star as Lancelot in Warner Bros.’s Arthur & Lancelot, but the studio recently put that project on hold in order to sort out some budget issues. Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, who was set to play Arthur, has already signed on for a replacement project in the meantime, and now it appears that Kinnaman is doing the same. I’m not sure if either actor will be available when/if Warner Bros. resumes production on Arthur & Lancelot, but given that both have obligations to film the next seasons of their respective TV series, I’m not confident that they’ll be able to return.

Gran Torino scribe Nick Schenk was recently set to pen the script for Padilha’s updated RoboCop, and with a lead actor firmly in place it’s safe to assume that they should be headed into production fairly soon.  I’m a fan of Kinnaman’s work on The Killing, and I’m eager to see how he’ll handle the lead of such a popular property.

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  • danielle

    what? he sucks. he’s the reason I stopped watching the killing (well, that, and the show just kept spinning it’s wheels). he’s just obnoxious. same with his role in safe house. it was so obvious his character was lying. he indicates badly. i’ve now lost all interest in this robocop reboot. first, was the news they were focusing on the ‘building’ of robocop. now, they’ve cast this obnoxious dude. he’s definitely no peter weller. weller has an easy charm that made him instantly likable (despite his short time out of ‘the shell’). this guy is the exact opposite of that. too bad. i really wanted them to do something cool with this. shame.

    • nelson

      moron lol he is the best part of the killing you have bad taste in actors

      • danielle

        moron? what exactly was good about his performance? where he acted like a junkie the whole time and made you wonder why anyone would hire him as a detective, when he looked more like a snitch who would wind up shot at the bottom of ditch? his part in safe house where you knew he wasn’t on the level from the moment he opened the door? peter weller would wipe the floor with this dude. you, sir, know nothing about ‘good acting’ and know everything about being a classless idiot who has to stoop to name calling to get your non-existent point across.

  • TI

    exciting stuff I’d say!

    • cloxlider

      shut up, I’d say!

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  • Ernest

    Can’t believe they didn’t get Michael Fassbender as robo..

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  • Joel

    I’m exited to see what he does with the part. I haven’t really watched The Killing, however I loved Kinnaman’s work in Easy Money as JW. He was bloody brilliant.

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