New Fan-Made Trailer for JOHN CARTER Sells the Movie Better Than the Film’s Previous Trailers

     February 21, 2012


We’re merely a couple weeks away from the release of Disney’s John Carter and I’m willing to bet that a good deal of the general public still has no idea what this movie is about. The previous trailers and TV spots have tried in vain to sell the film as a big action-adventure pic, but none of that matters if your audience doesn’t understand why there are a bunch of CG people monsters hanging out in the desert. A fan-made trailer for the film has recently hit the web and it’s leagues better than what the Disney marketing machine has come up with. It clearly sets up the story and rightly sells the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation as the precursor to basically the entire sci-fi genre. From Star Wars to Avatar, Burroughs’ source material served as the inspiration for some of the world’s most beloved sci-fi stories, and finally the tale that started it all is getting a film adaptation of its own. That’s how the movie should have been sold.

Despite the air of cynicism surrounding John Carter, I’m really pulling for the film to be a success. Having absolutely loved all of director Andrew Stanton’s previous work (Wall-E, Finding Nemo), I sincerely hope he delivers an entertaining, epic sci-fi adventure. Hit the jump to watch the impressive fan-made trailer. John Carter opens in 3D on March 9th.

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Fan-made trailer via Badass Digest:

Here’s the official synopsis for John Carter:

From Academy Award(R)-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton comes “John Carter”–a sweeping action-adventure set on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Mars). “John Carter” is based on a classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose highly imaginative adventures served as inspiration for many filmmakers, both past and present. The film tells the story of war-weary, former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who is inexplicably transported to Mars where he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and the captivating Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands.


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  • Curbcooler

    This fan trailer is a lot better than disneys. I am shocked at how much better this is. From the epic music and action in the middle of the trailer to the mellow and mystical music and mood during the end of the trailer. Disney better wake up fast! I think this fan-made preview is actually better at selling the film, so Disney marketing better take notes. I can’t believe “Rich Ross” wasted everyones time with his “MT Carney” Marketing experiment. Thank god they fired her before The Avengers advertising went into full force. getting rid of her is probably the only smart decision he has me so far. Becuase if John Carter flops, he can’t blame Dick Cook for this one. Because the marketing, promotion and overall packaging of this movie has been terrible! All under Rich Ross’s watch.

    • Angmal

      The ‘epic music’ is an orchestral cover version of Led Zeppelin’s classic song ‘Kashmir’. It’s inclusion improves everything. ;) I also agree with the commenter who was pleased to see ‘From The Director Of Wall-E and Finding Nemo’. Considering Stanton won Oscars for those beloved films (if I recall correctly), the fact they’ve been playing down his involvement and his filmography is truly baffling. Is it because they’re afraid people with think it’s a kids’ movie, because he worked in animation? Idiots.

  • J-rad

    Yup , better for sure , better intro with it being started on earth , better with the Director of Finding Nemo and Wall-E as many of the kids and adults that loved those movies are the prime age demo for this flick.

    Also adding the part about the epic tale that inspired 100 years of film making because that gives it some weight and significance to the fanboys as well as the older demographic and just overall better pacing, better scope and better score.

    Id send this to Disney right away as I am thinking they need all the help they can get with John Carter at this point. I dont think it will open huge regardless if it is good or not , but if it is good hopefully word of mouth will help it .

    Fire everyone at the Disney marketing department.

    • Alexx

      No one at Disney marketing should be fired, if people watching trailers are dumb.
      It seems people have attention span of 2 sec these days, and everything has to be explained and drawn for them so they can understand.
      Disney made pretty decent job with existing trailers. While this trailer is linear and practically explains the whole movie from start to end which is completely unnecessary, except, as I said before, for people with attention span of a goldfish.
      Also I can with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY say after this film is released there will be so many angry comments how this movie ripped off Avatar, Star Wars, Dances with Wolves… etc.
      All because people these days – don’t read and don’t care to learn about anything.

      • J-rad

        You are exactly right , people now a day do have a 2 sec attention span especially for movie trailers about something they have never heard of. The people that are unfamiliar with a movie or property such as this one need the trailer to be linear and explain the basis for the movie. So you are 100% right about todays general movie going publc , yet wrong in my opinion about the Disney Marketing machine.

        As a movie fan and general fanboy I really liked the first couple trailers and got excited and did not need a trailer like this one. But I , like the majority of people on here were well aware of John Carter and its basis. However the general public ages 12-35 I would argue have no idea who John Carter is , or what the story is about . Hence Disney did a piss poor job of marketing John Carter to the general public which is the entire point of movie trailers and commercial spots.

        So for those reasons alone this fan made trailer did everything Disney failed to for the average movie going pubic and hence in my opinion it is better.

  • james

    Yes, definitely better than the other trailers so far.

  • Tony Hardy


  • Neo

    Disagree. Its better for people how can’t use their brains. Its linear, to the point its whole movie compressed into 2 minutes. Stupid.
    It only shows how people these days cannot think for themselves, and everything has to be shown to them.

    • Jim

      Yeah I definitely prefer the original teaser trailer with the Peter Gabriel cover of “My Body is a Cage”.

  • Nomis1700

    Funny, because most studio show the entire movie in two minutes, so the maker succeeded and made a stupid trailer. What studio’s mostly do is leading up to a climax in the trailer, with a wow effect at the end or something. One or two types of music leading to the clash. This used three or so.

    So yes and no, it is good but it is stupid also. Just like that idiotic line from that green marsman in an official trailer! It’s just ridiculous!

  • Besides

    The trailer is meant to get people into theaters. If I were a studio exec, I would want to see my marketing department getting as many people into theaters as possible – and NOT try to please a few arrogant folks.

    I’ll also say that eve today editors are still underrated, and this is another example of editing completely changing the way a story is told. In this case, the story is a two-minute long tease to get people into theaters.

  • dbrock

    I have had zero interest in seeing this movie from Disney’s marketing. This preview actually makes me kind of want to see this…still not too sure. I think maybe I would like to read the books though,I think there’s like a bunch of them.

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  • solgazer

    Much better. I’ve been really looking forward to the movie quite independently of the trailers and marketing. How is it that they can make something so cool seem so flat?
    Great trailer. Market with this now because I want to see the sequels!
    Oh and the line about the John Carter stuff having inspired 100 years of film making? Well duh! Seems like a no brainer from the start. And even though I know of this films origins, the trailers have made it impossible not to view the film as an Avatar knock off – even while being completely conscious that it’s not! That has to be some kind of magical skill in marketing!

  • Deadpool

    Wow… I wasn’t planning on seeing this in the theater. But after watching that, I might just have to go opening night!
    Amazing job on whoever made the trailer.

  • jayjay

    nice work im actually interested now

  • Alex–

    The music and editing could use a little work but otherwise vastly superior the previous trailers.

    Problem with those were they were too mysterious which when coupled with the films complex imagery (tons of different aliens and some humans, in another planet) made little impression on the viewer.

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  • McAttack

    Ahhh now i get it he comes from Virginia. Like it very much but still the teaser trailer with the Peter Gabriel cover of “My Body is a Cage” holds “El Numero” 1 in my heart.

  • Tarek

    Pretty impressive. Good Job Bob.

  • colin.

    although i haven’t read the source material, I wanted to see the film once I heard that it was being made. I was familiar with its importance and since other people were excited about it, I figured it should be cool.

    Then i saw the marketing campaign. It was horrible. From the very first teaser, my interested faded. The way they presented the footage makes the movie look weak. This fan made trailer is certainly a step in the right direction (especially noting “from the director of wall-e”) but it’s gonna be tough for Disney to get this one back on track. I think they might be headed for a disaster. I think Disney should dump another 25 million bucks into the RIGHT commercials soon if they want to see John Carter blow up. (side note: “John Carter of Mars” is a superior title and more bankable in my opinion. “John Carter” is too wack of a name to attract attention all on its own. It doesn’t exactly have the quirky appeal of “Forrest Gump”. Hey guys, just look how “Hugo” faired. You market minded hacks try to make the movie too hip sounding for its own good, and are then surprised when your core audience doesn’t show up)

  • Hrothgar

    Not knowing anything about John Carter, I can tell you that the four times I’ve seen the trailer in the theatre it just did not interest me at all. Some guy goes somewhere and fights. Ooooh. Groundbreaking. So while I agree that trailers should NOT show the entire movie, they also should give me some sort of idea of what the movie is about….which the Disney trailer doesn’t do.

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  • Barsoom

    Well I saw it last night and really enjoyed it, though I wanna see it again in bluray 2d next time.

    Thing is, i too want a sequel (and more fantasy/sci fi in general.)

    BUT, the theatre i was in only had about 30 seats taken. It was almost empty! I told people on my facebook to check it out.. the response was “What is it?” / never heard of it” etc… (except a few that read the books, but they didn’t even know it was out yet.

    Also, the cutting the Of Mars from its title is disastrous!
    When you see a list of films on a flyer and its just text, john carter is just a guys name, like Michael Clayton, etc… Having Of Mars tells you its about another planet so may be a space adventure. The marketings what crippled this decent flick, and some bad critics reviews on RT. But I’m sure SOPA or the mpaa will blame Piracy as usual.

  • Masshuu il Malacandra

    Haters are back. Can’t please everyone. I like both of these fan made trailers. I still say that if they didn’t want to name it “A PRINCESS OF MARS” or “JOHN CARTER OF MARS” the should have named it “BARSOOM”. It would have been an attention grabber, peaked peoples curiosity and had people wondering what it was – in a good way.
    I saw it Friday in the standard screen and tomorrow I’m going to see it in 3D. I have tried to tell everyone how good it is and to give it a chance and go see it. From what I have read the audiences overseas are loving it and the boxoffice shows it. So let’s spread the word and tell everyone!

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  • CtopherMI

    I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan, and an avid reader (45 yo) but was not familiar with the John Carter story. When I saw the original trailers I was not the least bit interested. Curious maybe, but not excited or interested, and thought it might just be terrible.

    So last night I finally watched the movie in our home theater and was blown away! If I had seen this fan trailer I think I would have gone to the theater to see this one. I’m actually looking forward to watching this a second time. This was better than the last 3 Star Wars movies combined, and I am very saddened that it didn’t reach a larger audience.

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