John Cusack and Evan Peters Join ADULT WORLD Starring Emma Roberts

     February 9, 2012


John Cusack and Evan Peters will co-star with Emma Roberts in Scott Coffey‘s satirical comedy Adult World.  Per Deadline, the film “examines the contemporary state of post graduate life in America.”  Roberts will play Amy Anderson, a recent college grad with a degree in poetry because I guess she was trying to find something even more useless than a B.A. in philosophy.  Since she doesn’t turn out to be “the next star of the literary world” (Quick! Name a famous poet under the age of 30!), she moves back in with her parents and is forced to get a real job.  The job: working at an erotic bookstore called Adult World.  Cusack will play Amy’s hero and mentor Rat Billings, “who was one of the greatest poets of the early 90s.”  I assume his day job was working at a Borders.

Kidding aside, I hope this film honestly hits the emotions and reality facing recent college grads.  The world ill needs another movie as unrelenting shitty as Post Grad.

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