Exclusive: Producer John Davis Talks PROTECTION, COMMANDO Remake/Reboot and THE LAST MISSION

     June 14, 2011


Recently, Steve got the chance to sit down with producer John Davis to talk about his new family film, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, which opens this Friday. While we’ll be running the Penguins portion of the interview later this week, Davis gave updates on a number of other projects he’s currently working on, including the action-thriller Protection (which previously had Dwayne Johnson attached to star), David Ayer’s (Street Kings) remake/reboot of the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Commando, and the action flick The Last Mission, which centers on a Navy SEAL who rounds up his old team to rescue his kidnapped daughter when the government fails to act.

Davis talks about how different Commando is from the original, confirms the script is a hard R, and talks about the development of Protection and The Last Mission. Hit the jump to see what he said.  To check out his update on the adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles click here, to see what he said about the Predator franchise click here, and for his update on Steven Soderbergh’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. click here.

commando-movie-imageCollider: What is going on with Protection?

John Davis:  Protection I have been developing for 5 or 6 years.  It is this really great writer, who did 21 (Allan Loeb).  He writes a lot of great scripts.  It is a really great script.  It is just going to be the right director, right actor, and the right time.  But it is a fabulous script.

What’s up with Commando?

Davis:  We have a really great script.  You know, I don’t know if it really makes sense to call it Commando.  Maybe it does or maybe doesn’t.  It is the reboot of it and all of that stuff.  It is David Ayer, who did Training Day.  He wrote it and wants to direct it.  It is there and it is a brilliant script.  It is just waiting for the right moment for the studio to want to make it and finding the right actor.

Do you envision that as a hard R?

Davis:  Yes.  Definitely. Right now the script that is written is a hard R

John_Davis_ProducerI like it.  What is going on with The Last Mission?

Davis: Nothing is truly really happening with that.  We have a really good script.  When Stallone did his movie last year…that was the whole idea of the movie.  In a few years I think you can pull that back out again.  Sometimes you develop a movie and it is the same concept that someone else is developing.  If they get there first you have to put it on the shelf for a little while, but that is okay.  You can bring it back.  Like when I did Behind Enemy Lines.  We were getting ready to do the movie and all of that Bosnia stuff blew up and it didn’t make sense to make the movie while that was happening.  Then 4 or 5 years later it made sense again and we made it.  So sometimes you have a library of projects and they will have their day.  You have to wait for the right moment.

More with Davis later this week.

  • Jake

    They’re remaking Commando now? seriously? terrible, terrible idea.

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  • George

    The Action Genre is very close death. It need new concepts and ideas. Hollywood needs to get rid of its status quo and bring in people with new ideas.

  • nawtnt

    Commando remake? no it shouldn’t be made.

    Commando is a classic, what’s next a remake of Rocky and Terminator.

    Hollywood should do more video game into movie adaptions than remaking huge classics.

  • GerryA


    Commando is perfect as it is. It is the most pure example of the 80′s action movie with some of the best one liners ever uttered with contempt by Arnie. How can they receate the bullet proof bushes? How can they recreate falling 2000 feet from a plane into 2 foot of water and survive? How can they recreate crashing a sports car at 100 mph into a pole without wearing seatbelts with barely a judder? How can they recreate walking away from an RPG-ed police van without a scratch?

    It’s the 80′s plot silliness and the willingness of a younger self to suspend my disbelief which made that movie as much as the cool one liners and great action. Modern movies can’t get away with this,so they can only go down the gritty road, in which case it’s no longer Commando. They should just call it ‘Special Forces Dude’, shoot it entirely in orange and teale, obsurce the action with CG, poor lighting and shakey cameras (maybe some intrusive lens flares in every 2nd shot would help too) and try to shoehorn in a poor romantic subplot as well as something insultingly preachy. They can then print it straight to DVD and shove it up their collective holes.

  • Dan Padolsky

    But tell me, are they great scripts or good scripts? Is that all this guy can I say? It is a great script. We have a really good script. Yikes.

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  • Scared for Movies

    We’re f**ked. These guys have no love for movies at all. All they love is money. Lets see, work hard on a great movie and make money or be lazy and make a crap movie and make money. These guys are a bunch of lazy a-holes who should be thrown out of Hollywood. Hopefully people will someday make a stand. But people just seem to be getting dumber. All these crap movies making money these days is appalling. Do yourself a favor and don’t call it Commando. Grow some balls.

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