STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D Interview with John Goodson; Talks PODRACING, Destroyer Droids, Concept Models, and More

     February 6, 2012

John Goodson STAR WARS THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D interview slice

With the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D this weekend, Twentieth Century Fox recently hosted a press junket at Skywalker Ranch and Lucasfilm.  In an effort to promote the experience for the next generation, my seven year-old daughter, Cyan, interviewed four people who helped bring George Lucas’ vision to life.  Her first interview was with John Goodson, a digital artist with Lucasfilm who worked as a concept model artist on The Phantom Menace.  They talked about the kind of training he needed to become a concept artist, his favorite creation, podracing, his favorite Star Wars character, Destroyer Droids, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

John Goodson

  • Did he like Star Wars when he was a kid
  • Who as his favorite star wars character and why
  • What was the most challenging model to create
  • What training did you need to become a concept artist
  • What’s his favorite creation
  • How do you change the podracing landscape to what viewers see
  • What elements are most important to make a model believable for an audience


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  • Jason

    She was great!

    Have her do more interviews!

  • Anon

    Its really sad kids are growing up with those utter piles of FECES prequels, and probably think they are good..not even knowing how they lack utter drama, character/acting development or any hint of magic that was in the OT, really really effing sad I cant bare to watch this.

    • MisterED

      Here we have yet another old fugitive from the 70′s bitterly ranting about how things were better when he grew up, ages and ages ago. And how he was never a fan of a franchise that was aimed at kids. Like Transformers, He-Man or even Star Wars.

      The funny thing about these “fans” is that they suffer from an acute case of arrested development. Man-child types that never grew up emotionally when it comes to Star Wars (just read Anon’s post as an example of how emotional they get over the prequels). And who refuse to admit that the franchise was and is nothing but something that caters to children. The original Star Wars played like something Disney would be proud of. 100% for kids.

      “But-but what about the Empire Strikes Back?” What about it? even Snow White was dark. Heck, even Bambi.

      And the acting in the OT wasn’t that good. Is it any wonder that out of all the actors in those films, only one of them went on to much better things in his career?

      Anyway, I didn’t meant to put Star Wars down… but just to show that all the films were glorified cartoons/comic books aimed at kids.

      And that the old fans that try to pass them today as works of art, really need to cut that crap. They need to move on to stuff that fits their advance age… and to allow newer generations to enjoy these films without having to deal with haters trying to spoil their fun. Star Wars belongs to them, now. If they saw anything seriously wrong with it, they wouldn’t support it as much as they do. George Lucas must be doing something right.

      Kudos to Cyan! Great job!

      • Liam

        Very well said.

  • spongefist

    Why doesn’t Lucas just admit that he made 3 big mistakes, apologise and get them all redone from scratch with the Empire Strikes Back director at the helm? He would regain the respect he so badly wants and right one of (well 3 really) modern histories great wrongs.
    It’s a simple solution and a viable one, more than enough money would be made and in the hands of even a mediocre director they would be amazing, let alone if you got a really good one in like Whedon.

    • duckofdeath

      The director of Empire in Dead

      • duckofdeath

        that should say is dead

  • spongefist

    I George Lucas hereby apologise. I’m sorry. I truly don’t know what I was thinking, I was probably just stressed and bitter from the divorce and wanted to take it out on someone. I’m just really, really sorry. We are going to get them remade properly. Once again, I’m sorry.

    • Tarek

      Apologies rejected Captain Luca$

  • Tarek

    she is so sweet. she made me like the destroyer droids. ^^

    wish our kids never grow up.

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