THE BLIND SIDE Writer/Director John Lee Hancock Returns to Television with New Crime Drama at ABC

     September 13, 2011


Though he’s been dabbling in feature films like The Rookie, The Alamo and most successfully, The Blind Side, writer/director John Lee Hancock previously worked on the small screen with series like Falcone and L.A. Doctors. Now Hancock is poised to return to TV as Deadline reports he will write, direct and executive produce a new untitled crime drama which follows an unorthodox protagonist described as the “Walter Mitty of the crime world.” Does that means he only imagines himself to be a successful criminal, but he’s really a bumbling, average guy? That remains to be seen as those are all the details we have on the new series at this time. ABC picked up the potential series, and we’ll likely hear more about it between now and the next television season in the fall of 2012.