Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter Stays in Focus in a New Image from Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND

     January 6, 2010


Until now, the only images we’ve seen from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland have been posters.  With a March 5th release looming, we finally get to see the first official production photo of Johnny Depp in his Mad Hatter make-up.  The ominous image shows Depp in all his unsettling clownish glory complete with emerald eyes and flaming red hair.  The scene is marked by dark clouds and what appears to be an out of focus army of medieval knights.  If this weren’t a Burton movie, that may sound a little strange.

Hit the jump to see the new image.


When I first heard that Tim Burton was going to do his version of Alice in Wonderland, I was intrigued.  Then I heard that it was going to be in 3D, I knew I would have to see it.  The psychedelic weirdness of the source material matched with Burton’s signature visual style should make for an interesting experience.  I have no idea what the context of that image is and I don’t care.  It looks completely absurd and that’s exactly what I want to see from Wonderland.

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