Johnny Depp in Final Talks for Disney’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND Sequel Directed by James Bobin

     July 12, 2013


It’s no surprise that after the lackluster performance of Disney’s The Lone Ranger, star Johnny Depp is reported as being in final talks for a sequel to the studio’s highly lucrative Alice in Wonderland.  Depp starred as the Mad Hatter in the original picture which grossed over a billion dollars worldwide.  Director James Bobin (The Muppets) steps in for Tim Burton this time around.  Deadline also reports that the sequel is part of a relatively new multi-year deal between Depp and Disney that will allow him to produce movies at the studio.  Depp was in the news earlier this week when it was announced that he’d play the title role in Lionsgate’s Mortdecai.  He hopes to fit that particular film in between his roles in the Disney productions Into the Woods and Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

  • I Fucked a Jawa

    “Do you know how a Raven is like a writing desk?”
    “No, but I’m sure the answer is as ridiculous as this sequel is going to be…”

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  • poppincherry

    Is it me or is Depp a one character hack.?I mean, outside the Pirate movies( plotless garbage) he basically sucks ass. The daddy long stroke, I mean the Lone Ranger is a bonifide flop. 200 million just to hear a near 50 year old white guy talk like a Native American Stephen Fitchter.

    • Hey…HEY!

      By “Stephen Fitchter” are you referring to Stephen Fichter, the Jesuit scholar in New Jersey, or were you trying to spell “Stepin Fetchit”?

      But, yes, Johnny Depp seems to only be able to succeed as a character actor. At least since Donnie Brasco.

      • WhereDidYouTrain? ON A FARM?!

        Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?
        Finding Neverland?
        Sweeney Todd?

      • Hey…HEY!

        I admit to not seeing Finding Neverland, but his role as Hunter S. Thompson and Sweeney Todd were total Johnny Depp character roles. Lots of make-up or prosthetics or a cigarette holder and a funny voice to allow him to not be a regular human.

      • I Love Lamp

        Public Enemies? Blow? Chocolat? Once Upon a Time in Mexico?

      • Hey…HEY!

        I’ll give you Blow, but the rest of those still involve Johnny Depp character acting. He seems to be only comfortable playing a role when he can hide behind, as previously stated, “Lots of make-up or prosthetics or a cigarette holder and a funny voice to allow him to not be a regular human.”

    • Harry Palm

      He was good until he did ‘Pirates’ and sold out.

    • Harry Palm

      He was good until he did ‘Pirates’ and sold out.

  • Alex Hajna

    I really don’t think this movie warrants a sequel — hell, it wasn’t even warranted, itself — but can you really blame them? The movie made over a billion dollars, and after the failure of John Carter, and now The Lone Ranger, you can’t exactly say they’re wrong.

    However, the last time someone else directed a sequel to a Tim Burton film, we got Batman Forever.

    • Matt Clayton

      Um, that was Joel Schumacher. It’s not like James Bobin is going to go all neon colors and funky lighting for the Alice sequel.

      He’s a safe choice. Disney likes what he did with the Muppets movies, and so they’ve offered him a bigger opportunity.

  • J.R.

    Is there more to say in this franchise?,,,………..pffff

  • 80sRobot

    I wonder if the sequel will even have Alice in it. I could see them writing it in such a way where it features the Mad Hatter as the star.

    • Alex Hajna

      You mean like they did with Tonto in The Lone Ranger?

      • christa the grey

        i like most of johnny depps movies. i liked nightmare on elm street, i really liked alice in wonderland, i wished it was a bit darker though, and i wish there were two alices. i loved chocolat, and i think he’s kind of epic.

      • christa the grey

        i wish that he had more freedom to do what he wanted. i think if he’s part indian then he’s not actually lying about that too.

      • DeadMenTellNewTales

        He did an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio where he talked about his Native American heritage. This didn’t come out of nowhere just for The Lone Ranger.

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