Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie on THE TOURIST; Plus Check Out Depp’s Trailer

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While I rarely post studio provided interviews, when it’s Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, I make an exception.  Also, the press junket for The Tourist was in Paris the other day, and since we didn’t get invited, this is the only way you can see Jolie and Depp talk about the movie.  While both video interviews are very brief, they each talk about their characters, working with each other, and director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

But what I really love about Depp’s interview is that he obviously recorded it while on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  You can tell because he’s wearing eye liner and his Jack Sparrow gold teeth.  Also, unlike most EPK interviews which are done in a generic location, this one looks like they recorded it in Depp’s  trailer.  If you’re a fan of Johnny Depp, you’ll dig it.  Hit the jump to watch:

Finally, you can watch 5 movie clips and some behind the scenes footage from The Tourist here.


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  • Daa Lin
  • Sam

    Definitely an interesting looking trailer. Very bohemian. Looking forward to this.

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  • Whodunit?

    I definitely want to see it. I like that its a throwback to the thrillers of yesteryear.

  • pills26

    Gotta say, the main reason i’m interested in the Tourist is the fact that Johnny Depp is supposed to be playing a run of the mill ‘every man’. I mean, obviously he be a slightly glamourous and quirky ‘Joe Blow’, but still…

    • Alex

      Everyman my ass, he’s Johnny Depp.

  • Countryboy

    This is a highly anticipated movie for my holiday wish list, can’t wait to see it.

  • IheartDeppNOT

    Depp is one of the most Over-Rated actors of our generation…..think about it he plays the same character in EVERY movie just wears different clothing… all are bunch of sheeple!

    • andy

      You know what I love about the old movies everyone enjoy them no one was giving their two cents of mental input, as they knew how to direct or produce a movie, now everyone is a director and producer a critic everyone has talent and skill to know when one plays the same character WOW! When does anyone every blame the writers, of the scripts, for the actors playing as you say the same characters, you are all so full of yourselves, if you all are so talent why are you not on film, directing anything. because you talk because god gave you a mouth without a brain.

      • Anne

        Totally agree! Besides, Johnny Depp plays many parts – he’s a very adapting actor. If you can’t see the complete and total difference between Captain Jack Sparrow and Frank then you honestly need to look a little closer. I mean, seriously!? Even if he was the same in every film, I couldn’t really give a damn, because he’s entertaining and if you hadn’t noticed, films are for entertaining and not for complaining about. Don’t like it, shut up.

  • thebabe

    I find her so skeletal that I can’t stand to watch her. Her arms and legs are so thin and that big head on top of the skinny neck…yuck!

    • andy

      I find you thinking in my head this must be one fat lady, who hate thin women she looks thin to me Angelina is thin fart face. And I rather look at a thin neck then look at a flab of meat under one neck like I am sure you have.

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  • Shaun

    ew wtf is wrong with her face? Is she sick? I swear she looks more like a skeleton every time I see her this can’t be healthy. Look at her body.This is exactly why as an actress she is so overrated. She has no curves, nothing on her body which says woman except for her fake implants.Watch The Tourist and see if you can spot her very FAKE, British accent. She doesn’t sound British she sounds more like an American trying to speak in a British accent.

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