Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright’s THE NIGHT STALKER Taps Screenwriter D.V. DeVincentis

     May 18, 2012


After we reported that Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) was set to direct Johnny Depp (Dark Shadows) in the feature film version of The Night Stalker, all that was left to complete was attaching a writer.  Surprise!  The powers that be have tapped D.V. DeVincentis (High Fidelity) to script the big screen adaptation of the 1970s series.  The original show followed Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin), a Chicago-based tabloid reporter who always seemed to find himself rooting out a supernatural source to the crimes he investigated.  The show, created by Jeff Rice, only ran for one season but did well in syndication; well enough that Depp, Wright and now DeVincentis are all attached for the feature treatment.  THR reports that DeVincentis is the latest addition to The Night Stalker project, making it the most recent development in his resume that includes the Stephen Frears-directed, Lay the Favorite and the adaptation currently-in-production, King Dork.

  • Bill O’Brien

    The Night Stalker please do it right. One of the few characters I care about. Tell Johnny Depp not to play it like Hunter S Thompson on another acid trip. Do it in 1972, do not want to see Kolchak with an I-pad or laptop, has to be the type writer. Same car also (Mustang or Camaro), McGavin when he narrates the story are the best. In addition, use the old music, the score is the best ever on TV.