Johnny Depp Close to Signing on for Fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN

     July 5, 2011


For a while there, it looked as if we might be spared another rushed entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, as star/lynchpin Johnny Depp was reportedly not entirely certain he wanted to return. Well apparently the actor realized that he doesn’t own enough houses in France and/or armbands, because now The Wrap reports that Depp is close to a deal to return once again in a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film. (The Wrap now reports that Depp’s total profits from the entire franchise so far is $350 million. Holy hell).

This really isn’t all that surprising. The latest sequel, On Stranger Tides, just crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box-office. Obviously Disney and everyone involved behind the scenes that stands to make even more money was itching to go back to the well. Hit the jump for more.

Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-On-Stranger-Tides-movie-posterIn December, we reported that the studio was thinking about shooting Pirates 5 and 6 back-to-back, similar to the way Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End were shot. Then in January, franchise staple Terry Rossio was hired to start scripting Pirates 5 (sans writing partner Ted Elliot, who co-scripted the previous four Pirates flicks alongside Rossio).

After the mind-numbingly boring On Stranger Tides, I sincerely hope that the studio chooses a director that can actually make an interesting film. I think we all learned from the latest installment that Gore Verbinski (director of Pirates 1-3) is a huge reason the first three films worked (the first one a little moreso). In Pirates Disney has a juggernaut franchise that makes insane amounts of money worldwide, so it’s safe to assume the series won’t be going away any time soon.

Depp is currently filming Dark Shadows with director Tim Burton, after which he’ll reunite with Verbinski on Disney’s The Lone Ranger opposite Armie Hammer. The actor is also poised to team up once again with On Stranger Tides director Rob Marshall on a remake of The Thin Man.

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  • IllusionOfLife

    It was inevitable, but I will not be wasting my time on Pirates 5 unless Gore Verbinski is at the helm.

  • Dean

    Fuck. Pirates must be my most hated franchise of all time. I would rather watch the Twilight films than the POTC films.
    I strongly believe the only reason people go to see these films is because they think Johnny Depp is hot. If the main character was Barbossa (who is the more interesting character) then half the audience wouldn’t be there and more people would admit they’re shit. But now they’re always ‘No! Don’t make fun of my boyfriend JohnnY Depp’s movie wha wha wha!”

    • LiamH

      Of course these movies only work in anyway cause of Depp. That’s why they’re paying him so much instead of saying “we’re gonna go in a different direction, sorry Mr. Depp.”

      • Dean

        Yeah but it’s not that it’s Depp as an actor, it’s just that he’s attractive.If he has the acting ability but not the looks, the film would make less. It just annoys me when every single time someone mentions POTC most of the time you get a response of “Mmmmmmm Johnny Depp”

    • LiamH

      It’s probably due to the fact he’s made Sparrow into such a charming character in the 1st movie. It’s pretty much played out by now but those girls are still flocking to see him do the same shtick.

    • me>dean

      I don’t think Johnny Depp’s looks have anything to do with why he is consistently cast in POTC. Sure, they help, but do you really think Depp looks “hot” with dreadlocks and fucked up teeth? POTC has generated a huge amount of fans, and that is the reason they keep making the movies. The film is appealing to all 4 quadrants (25+ and – male and female) and generates the same feeling that people keep going back for. Depp certainly is the foundation of the film, but it is primarily because his character is so likeable, not because he is “hot”. I would be willing to bet more males (straight males) go to see POTC than females, and it is because Depp is FUN to WATCH. And for the record, I am NOT a fan of POTC.

  • Sara

    NOOOOOOO…. please Depp do something real, not fantasy. Like Helen did in King’s Speech

  • LiamH

    I wonder how many dump trucks full of money Disney unloaded on his front yard this time. Five, maybe Six?

  • SPS

    The fourth one just crossed $1 billion. Of course there will be a fifth one. Besides it was set up at the end (Pénelope and the voodoo doll, hint hint wink wink).

  • aaronsullivan

    For a start, can we limit the script to 90 pages? K, thanks. ;)

    I haven’t sat through any of the Pirates films more than once even though I basically enjoyed them all the first viewing. (Haven’t seen the 4th yet.) Not enough meat in any of them to warrant the running time, imo.

  • kruzher

    All POTC haters can go F themselves. It’s obvious that enough people out there like these movies for Disney to keep making more.

    If you don’t like these movies go watch Fast 5, Avatar or the Transformers movies.

    To each its own.

    • IllusionOfLife

      My point (and the point of this article in the first place) is that I love the Pirates of the Caribbean films, but On Stranger Tides was a boring, lazy, unambitious cash-in, and it is a massive letdown after the original trilogy.

      I’m willing to see another PotC movie, but only if they have a director who can make a competent character driven action film, and even then I’ll have my doubts if it’s anyone but Gore Verbinski.

      • yohoyoho

        maybe i’m in the minority but i loved on stranger tides. i was anything but bored during the film. i find with any sequel it’s a mixed bag of opinion because everyone’s expectations are different. i think what weighed down the second and third sequel was will turner and elizabeth swan. and the fact that this fourth installment was taken from a popular book made the storyline tight and fresh! bring on a million more of these movies! Depp is iconic as Jack Sparrow and much like robert englund as freddy, we’ll miss him when they reboot it with someone that used to be the star of the bad news bears

  • Oliver

    I think the scripts are more of a problem than the Director. Same could even be said for the Transformers franchise; it’s often said that screenwriters don’t get enough credit, but sometimes they should take a little more blame, no?

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  • Screenwriter

    As a screenwriter, I’ll take the blame when I get $340million

  • Ben

    I am not surprised that they are in talks about a fifth pirates. But i think that they need different writers. But also a director that can make an interesting film.

  • There should be a capt there somewhere

    the first three pirates are classics compared of the latest Stranger Tides, which missed a compelling crew and characters, the black pearl, Gore Vebinski, and everything that made the first three fun, and exciting….Stranger Tides could of been a lot better….Ian Mcshane was not that bad, except there was no tension to his threat, and not too much excitement to his character compared to Davy Jones and his menacing character…I agree Barbossa is also great, but more so as a funny villain whos always in it to win but always loses and joins Sparrows crew…The next one should start with Barbossa getting back Jacks bottle and takeing the Black Pearl and crew…the pirates on that ship were hilarious along with the monkey “jack” lol, they were excellent supporting characters to depps sparrow character…im sorry but Depp, jack sparrow alone, is actually not as great by himself without the other supporting characters from the first three pirates movies…they made the movie more interesting remember the pirate with the “fake eye” ???? lol…and a truly compelling villain or villains for the next two films would be essential…And Penelope was alright, but Id rather have Salma Hayek take that role….tho it is kinda funny to hear Cruz and Sparrow going at it back and forth…but there needed a lil more umph! in their chemistry…Id prefer a hotter individual with more guts and trickery…Like Halle Berry in a pirates costume and a ballsy attitude like her seducting Hughman on Swordfish…but maybe thats tooo sexy for a Pirates Film lol….Anyway bring back the entire crew from 1,2, and 3…and Gore Verbinski….and maybe a cameo of Will Turner….afterall he did start the first film…maybe Sparrow needs a lot more help this time around and after those years Turner comes back around with the Flying Dutchman….with a even more interesting secret that wasnt known in all the films…Anyway Stranger Tides lags, and there was something definately “missing”….I enjoyed the beginning and the very end of the movie….when Jack gets the bottle with the black pearl inside of it….But the quest for the fountain of youth looked more interesting on At Worlds End….if only Davy Jones was still around…..??? hmm….

  • Terry

    Screw POTC! They were all POS! Boring, tedious run amuck movies.

    • to Terry, baby

      watch your mouth, honey.
      can you even make yourself a
      “non-Boring, tedious run amuck movieS” as you said.
      I don’t think so.
      You can’t even make a MOVIE.

  • Jordan N.

    “After the mind-numbingly boring On Stranger Tides”

    I actually thought #4 was better than 2 or 3, largely because they eliminated the mind-numbingly boring Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.

    • Brian W.

      I completely agree with Jordan N. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly needed to go and hopefully they don;t bring them back into the mix.

  • The Duke

    While OST was nowhere close to the first one I thought it beat the crap out of 2 and 3.

  • fudge

    I think you’re pushing it with 5 of them. how many times can you have a Jack Sparrow Adventure before it get repetitive?

  • Lynda

    There has been no press release from any reliable source that he is in current negotions for Pirates 5. A site called “The Wrap” said they had “sources” but didn’t name them. Then, of course, 50 other sites print it as truth. Very lazy reporting. I’m sure Disney and Bruckheimer want it, bad, as soon as possible. It was very successful. Johnny has quite a few other films he’s doing, so if he indeed does sign, it will be quite a while before he could have time. Here’s another idea…if you don’t like a film, just don’t go see it…spend your time in better ways than to rag about them on message boards. Your personal opinion is just that, your personal opinion.

  • Wholigan

    I’m in….If I can haz more Keith Richards as a pirate.
    Enough though, they are only brief cameos, that’s 80% of why I’m a fan boy.

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  • Brian Walsh

    If they make 100 Pirstes we will see every one on opening night.. This is just an amazing series.. keep them coming more and more… the scripts have been deep and great.. Love them

  • Icecream47

    I know they’re making boatloads of money on the franchise, but why in the world do they want to make more POTC?! I mean you have to know when to stop. Four installments was more than enough and with the suckishness that was POTC 4 I don’t think it would be in Disney’s best interest to make more POTC films. Like I said I know they are making a lot of money off this franchise, but eventually the well is going to run dry.

  • Icecream47

    I know they\’re making boatloads of money on the franchise, but why in the world do they want to make more POTC?! I mean you have to know when to stop. Four installments was more than enough and with the suckishness that was POTC 4 I don\’t think it would be in Disney\’s best interest to make more POTC films. Like I said I know they are making a lot of money off this franchise, but eventually the well is going to run dry.

  • Brian W.

    I hope they continue to make these films for as long as they can.

  • rainy5

    My kids and my hubby and I love them and miss will turner and elizabeth. jonny depp makes the movie he is soooo funny and his antics are fun that’s why. I miss the chemistry between the three though. barbosa they should bring back also. what people don’t realize is this is movie’s like another era. There is so much crap out there and these are stil good for kids to watch. years ago actors like john wayne played a cowboy and people loved it and jonny depp is the john wayne of our lifetime. I hate watching movies over and over but not pirates with my kids.