Johnny Galecki Exclusive Video Interview – THE BIG BANG THEORY

     March 15, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

As most of you know from reading the site, I do tons of interviews for Collider. For the most part I conduct them at studio-sponsored press events, and while they’re usually run very well, the problem is every interview is extremely rushed. That’s because they have to fit in a ton of people, and if you’re doing a TV interview, you only get about four minutes. As you might imagine, it’s very hard to get a good conversation going when you have such limited time.

So I’ve started doing more interviews outside of the normal press events. I’ve found that the interviews are a lot better since you don’t have to rush through your questions and you can take your time to see where the conversation goes.

A few days ago I got to enjoy one of these un-rushed interviews with Johnny Galecki (Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory”) and it’s one of the better interviews I’ve posted on the site. If you don’t know who Johnny is, I suggest taking a lot at his IMDB page. He’s been in the business since he was twelve years old and starred in tons of movies and TV shows. Saying that, most of you will either know him from his work on “Roseanne” or his most recent show, “The Big Bang Theory” – which was just picked up for two more seasons!

And speaking of “Big Bang Theory”, if you’re not watching this great sitcom, you’re really missing out. I started watching a few months ago and I’m absolutely hooked. It probably helps that I’m a geek, and every week they talk about fanboy stuff. Trust me, if you read sites like Collider, you should really tune in and check it out. Plus, the Sheldon (unforgettably played by co-star Jim Parsons)/Leonard relationship is really well done.

Anyway, during my extended interview with Johnny, we talked about everything you’d want to know about. From his history in the business to what really goes on behind the scenes when they’re making the show. We also talked about Comic-Con and what are the possibilities they could film part of an episode down in San Diego.

Since the interview runs pretty long, I’ve divided it up in three parts and listed what we talked about above each segment. If you’re a fan of “Big Bang Theory”, I promise you’ll really enjoy watching this interview.

Of course a huge thank you to everyone that made this interview happen and to Johnny for giving me so much of his time.

“The Big Bang Theory” airs Monday nights on CBS and it’s a show you absolutely should be watching.

Johnny Galecki part 1

· What is his reaction to getting picked up for two seasons

· Talks about Chuck Lorre’s star on Hollywood Blvd.

· Which people from his shows were at the event

· Does Chuck’s bathroom really have hundred dollar bills for toilet paper

· Talks about how Chuck is a modest guy

· We talk about how long he’s been acting – was it something that he always wanted to do or did he have stage parents

· We talk about the pro and cons of movies versus TV acting

Johnny Galecki part 2

· Table for Three talk – I ask him about working with Brandon Routh and the movie

· Big Bang Theory talk – I ask was he nervous about signing the big 5 year contract

· Was he the one they were writing the script for

· He says he was originally offered the role of Sheldon

· I ask about the chemistry between him and Jim Parsons and was it there from the beginning

· What is his typical schedule on Big Bang Theory

· Comic-Con talk – he tells some good stories

· I ask if there has ever been any talk about filing a segment of the show at Comic-Con

Johnny Galecki part 3

· Does he have any favorite episodes of Big Bang Theory

· How far ahead are they from what they are shooting versus what they are airing

· How much is he able to put himself into his character

· Is he already thinking about what he wants to do this hiatus

· Is he a fan of big season finales

· Do all the actors hang out socially

· How much is he like his character – is he a gamer

· Scrabble talk

· How many more weeks is he working on this season

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