Watch: Jon Stewart Body-Slammed by John Cena on ‘Monday Night Raw’

     August 25, 2015


If you’ve been following any of my recent reporting of Arrow star Stephen Amell’s visit to Raw, and his return (along with Jon Stewart) to SummerSlam, you’ll know that I have been learning a lot about the wrestling world … and I kinda love it. The conclusion of this storyline (for now, at least) is former Daily Show host Jon Stewart showing up on Monday Night Raw to defend his actions against John Cena, which cost Cena the title against Seth Rollins.

Stewart, a forever wrestling fan, told Cena (with Ric Flair standing there, who said he had been pulling for Cena) that he committed his heel turn against Cena because “I have been a fan for many years, and as good as you are, I could not see you tying [Ric Flair’s] record, against Seth Rollins. I couldn’t see it happening.” Earlier, he told the crowd, “the Champ is Flair! I wasn’t going to let it happen. Not on my watch!”

From there, Stewart talked about Cena having his moment, which Cena took — by giving Stewart an AA (I looked it up, and now I know!) Cena, you just slammed a middle-aged dad in the ring, what is up with that?! And, as some wrestling fans have postulated, is this suggesting a heel turn for Cena? 

You can check out the full video below, as well as a few additional GIFs from the night:




Image via WWE


Image via WWE