Watch: Jonah Hill Stars in SNL’s HER Parody ME; Plus Leonardo DiCaprio Recreates Classic TITANIC Scene in Monologue

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Jonah Hill hosted last night’s installment of Saturday Night Live, and the episode put a couple of funny spins on popular films.  The highlight was probably the Her parody Me, in which Hill (complete with mustache and high-waist pants) assumed Joaquin Phoenix’s role from the Best Picture-nominated Spike Jonze film.  In this parody, Hill plays a guy so anti-social that his Operating System voice is himself, hence the title.  It’s a sharp pre-recorded segment and it features a fantastic cameo from a familiar face towards the end.  Additionally, Hill was joined onstage by his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio during his monologue, and the two wonderfully recreated a rather iconic scene from Titanic.

Hit the jump to watch both videos.


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  • RecoveR

    Haha that “Her” parody “Me” was hilarious, “Her” was probably one of my favourite movies of 2013, so many great ones toward the end of the year

  • Tom

    Thanks a lot NBC for letting me watch this clip in my country.

    • LL for Canadians

  • jack

    Welcome to the greatest moment of Jonah Hill’s life

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    SNL … Still Not Laughing.

  • Jay

    I like his SNL intro – that was pretty damn funny. Leo’s a good sport.

  • Alex Hajna

    Why the hell hasn’t Leo ever hosted SNL? He’s proven his comedy chops, now make it happen, Lorne!

    • Redjester

      Great question. I’m surprised he hasn’t ever opted to host. Perhaps he’s too much of a perfectionist to sign on to something “live” like this.

    • James

      I don’t think Leo doesn’t public TV appearances much, I’ve never seen him on any late night talk show. Much respect for him.

  • Bill Lumbergh

    Yeah, if you could give us links to clips that CAN be viewed from countries OUTSIDE of North America… that would be great…

  • Bill Lumbergh

    Yeah, if you could give us links to clips that CAN be viewed from countries OUTSIDE of North America… that would be great…

  • Ytsejamer1

    I almost got motion sickness watching the JH/LD video. When Jonah was talking, he kept bobbing left and right…it became quite distracting….if not a bit nauseating! :)

  • CC

    worst Brad Pitt impersonation ever

    • Brandon

      Especially considering that was Taran Killam. For those who don’t know, he was actually in “12 Years a Slave” in a supporting role, as one of the two men who get Solomon so drunk at dinner that and left him for the kidnappers. In other words, having worked with Pitt considering he was a producer, it’s odd that the impersonation was so off.

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