Jonah Hill Promises “Insane”, “R-Rated” 21 JUMP STREET Movie

     May 27, 2009

headline-jonah.jpgI have a sneaking suspicion that all comedians want to be rock stars and action stars.  Well, I think everyone wants to be those things, but comedians actually try.  It seems like just about every comedian can play guitar and now Apatow’s crew is getting into the action game.  Seth Rogen already has one action flick under his belt with “Pineapple Express” and he’ll have “Green Hornet” out next summer.  Now Jonah Hill is getting in on the game with his “21 Jump Street” movie that doesn’t need to parody anything because accroding to Hill, the show was already hilarious.

Talking to Complex, Hill says “Yeah, if you look at the opening episode of ‘21 Jump Street,’ you see a man looking at a picture of a cop holding a little boy’s hand, and you hear a crazy saxophone solo, and you pan up and it’s Johnny Depp looking at the picture playing the crazy saxophone solo. We’re not even spoofing the movie. It’s not strictly comedic, either. We’re doing a full-on action movie, blowing s*** up.”

Any time we get an insane, R-rated action flick, I’m happy.  While I have no problem with the blockbuster PG-13 flicks, Hard-R action films like “Bad Boys II” and “Punisher: War Zone” hold a special place in my sick, twisted heart.

Click here to check out the full interview.  Hill can next be seen in Judd Apatow’s upcoming “Funny People” on July 31st.

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