Jonah Plays Adult Swim’s METALOCALYPSE DETHGAME at Comic-Con

     August 3, 2009

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The designers behind the new Metalocalypse Dethgame claim to know metal.  Being from Green Bay Wisconsin gives them a leg up in the pit, but what convinced me was that I was drinking Pabst with the game’s designers at 11 am and playing the demo which contains “geysers of blood.”  MD will be downloadable and will have about four hours of intense, barely snagged an M rating and not a 17+, ridiculously fun game play.

For those not familiar with Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse, it follows the exploits of the fictional band Dethklok who engage in shenanigans that involve death and mayhem.  And drug use.  And pissing on more than the Alamo.  In other words good clean fun. More after the jump:

Metalocalypse Dethgame video game image (1).jpgBased on the demo, the designers have captured the feel of the series quite well.  You begin the demo at a urinal and can control whether you piss in the bowl or on the wall.  In the game, you play as a Klockateer (one of the band’s roadies).  The purpose of the game is to rescue the band from villains: the Assassin, Rockso the Clown, a new character The Doctor, and in some cases the band itself (if you keep people from snorting blow, you’re labeled a clockblocker).  In Detroit you fight Rockso and his Roxo Skanks, and there is an overall plot by the Doctor to poison the water supply and create mutants.

The mutant fighting was the majority of the demo.  As with any good game these days you can utilize found weapons as well as the environment to dispatch enemies.  Weapons include: pipes, bats, axes, and a chainsaw.  The environmental options include: grinders, lit torches, acid pools, fans, and a giant smasher.  Perhaps the most metal move is the “anal grab’ wherein you pull a mutant’s intestines out through his ass.  The “geysers of blood” tag was not undeserved.  You can also bash heads in on boxes, stomp on foes on the ground, and piss on you enemies as they lie bleeding.  I told you it was Metal.

Metalocalypse Dethgame video game image (2).jpg

Designers were clear that the game was still pre-alpha with beta testing hopefully coming in a month and a half.  When pressed for details, it was revealed the beta version would have better lighting, more consistent character, and a Rock Band level….

Yes, the game will include a band level where you can use the Rock Band guitars to rock out Dethlok tunes.  Hopefully, the game will be popular enough to warrant further downloads and more songs, but the game will at first include 3 songs from Dethalbum.

As I finished my PBR, it occurred to me that I should probably smash something.  But sadly, I’M not that metal.  Metalocalypse Dethgame is due out for X-box Live arcade and the PSN in November.

Metalocalypse Dethgame video game image.jpg

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