Warner Bros. Reteaming with GRAVITY Co-Writer Jonás Cuarón for Atlantis Project THE LOST CITY

     October 17, 2013


Though much of the success of Gravity is deservingly credited to director/co-writer Alfonso Cuaron, the inception of the project actually began with Cuarón’s son Jonás.  Alfonso was looking for a new film to do after a smaller project had fallen apart, and he decided to team up with his son to craft a story of adversity set in outer space.  Jonás Cuarón co-wrote the script for Gravity with his father and also directed a companion short film called Aningaaq that will be on the Blu-ray, and now Warner Bros. is keen on staying in business with the burgeoning filmmaker.

Variety reports that Warner Bros. has set Jonás Cuarón to pen the script for a tentpole film set in Atlantis called The Lost City.  The studio had been eyeing Cuarón for the pic for some time, but first had to work out his schedule with his feature directorial debut Desierto, which stars Gael Garcia Bernal and starts filming early next year.  As a sign of just how big of a priority The Lost City is, Peter Jackson was at one point considering directing.  A helmer has yet to be set.

  • All aboard the HYPE TRAIN!

    Critics: Gravity will make you spontaneously orgasm throughout the duration its runtime while simultaneously evolving you into a higher form of being. I’m not one to use hyberole, and I would never over-hype a film at the risk of ruining the audiences’ experience by rocketing their expectations to the moon, but Gravity will bring about world peace and is easily the greatest achievement in human history. Gravity is the next step in human evolution and will be remembered as on of the crowning achievements of mankind, ranking among the taming of fire and the invention of the wheel.

  • Bob

    Wtf…just make Aquaman instead please…

  • Leonardo Pedroza

    Technically “Año Uña” was his directing debut, not desierto.

  • MoviesAreForever88

    They should make a new law that states this guy has to work with his father on everything he writes from this point forward….and everything he works on must be awesome. Then, maybe….just maybe….that special magic in Hollywood will be restored to its former glory.

    Gravity was simply incredible….but it was no small part to both the writing and the directing (and the cinematography and every single other department) all working brilliantly and seamlessly together.

    Therefore, point being….he may write a brilliant Atlantis script….but it also comes down to who they get to direct before I can get excited about it. I’d love to see Alfonso or even, another Harry Potter veteran, David Yates, tackle this. I guess time will tell.