Jonathan Liebesman in Talks to Direct TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Reboot

     February 14, 2012


Paramount is in development on a live-action reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It has been a rough transition so far from comic to feature, but the studio is taking the project in an unexpected direction.  Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form of Platinum Dunes—the production company behind horror remakes such A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th—are shepherding the reboot.  The studio assigned the script to Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, the writers who most recently penned the whip-smart Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  Now Variety reports Jonathan Liebesman is in negotiations to direct.  Liebesman directed Battle: Los Angeles, and his next project is Wrath of the Titans.  He’s the up-and-comer you call when you want a big action film.  Tone will always be tricky when your main characters are anthropomorphic turtles who know martial arts.  But if they can reinvent TMNT on the level of, say, Bay’s Transformers… well, that sounds like a blast.

  • Razalian

    I was wondering when I would hear any news for this reboot. Please have it PG-13 despite Nickelodeon owning the rights!

  • JayLyan

    Oh please no, I have seen Battle:LA. I don’t want him anyhere near the Turtles!

  • Ray

    This has the potential to be as fun as Mission Impossible 4. MAKE IT SO!

  • brandon

    I hope they bring Vanilla Ice back!

  • Luke

    No no no no no. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ah well, screw it. I’m done with the turtles. DONE!
    maybe they can get a veterinarian to tell them how to kill Shredder in this one too.*
    *because in battle Los angeles they get a veterinarian to help them kill the aliens right? Because vets are actually xenobiologists who only neuter strays in their spare time.

  • Shmojo

    Well here’s to hoping the reboot ten years after this one won’t suck.


    COWABUNGA! Bring it on! I love the Turtles, and in the artical you say theyve had a rough ride, not that rough! The original film was and IS Awesome!
    Its sequels coulda been better but mainly because they strayed from the cartoons/comics. I mean, why have 2 big mutant villains that arent Bebop and Rocksteady???

    Also, the latest CGI Turtles was a good film too, but again, suffered the wrong villains!

    I want Kraang to be in this reboot, bring on the Technodome and bring back Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady and an army of foot soldiers. Do this and Turtle fans all over will applaud!

  • Alex–

    Nice, looks like this will be a more gritty turtle tale.

  • Squadron Commander the Lord Flashheart

    @brandon – yeah we’re gonna need a ‘Ninja Rap’ in here somewhere!

    I assume they will forego the 90′s Cowabunga-style and opt for Emo-Turtles this time? Gotta please the Tweens I suppose.

    I’m guessing they will be mo-capped CGI this time around. Could work I guess. Though it would likely lose whatever charm the 90′s version had.

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  • J-rad

    I say they do shot for shot remakes of the first 2 TMNT movies with up to date Mo-cap Turtles .I mean remakes are all BayCO does anyways and it may be the fact I was a young kid when these movies came out , BUT I LOVE THE FIRST 2 TMNT Flicks.

    So call Vanilla Ice , man up and use Bebop and Rocksteady instead of a couple of cop out mutants , let shredder be a bad a$$ and get this done !

  • Matt

    I F*cking LOVE The Turtles! While the the names attached(with the exception of Applebaum, because MI4 was pretty slick!) don’t exactly give me an Optimistic explosion. I am still really stoked to see a new live action turtles. I hope though that they atleast more the Captain America Red Skull approach, instead of full blown CGI insanity. With Bay involved though its probably better to hope that the CGI looks damn good.

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  • Jay

    This the Ninja Turtles homie…my favorite thing ever as a kid. Do it right, please.

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  • me

    First you need a GREAT soundtrack like that of the original film. Without such a cool soundtrack, no matter how hot the scenes, the movie will suck.. because you will not get so pumped when watching the turtles kick ass! Secondly PLEASE dont use that ridiculous thing u did in the first sequel, where you censored all fights with IDIOTIC weird sounds.. that REALLY SUCKED and that made me HATE that movie. Then, dont abuse the CGI… we’d still love the costumes…. they were GREAT! 4th, please bring a cool Kacey Jones actor… the first one really did it great. You’ll have a HARD time beating the original movie, bcuz that’s actually one of my favorite movies ever.. maybe a sequel would have been an easier task, cuz sequels suck most of the times.

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