Jordana Brewster Talks About the Success of FAST FIVE and FAST SIX

     January 14, 2012

Jordana Brewster slice FAST SIX

At the TNT portion of the TCA Winter Press Tour, actress Jordana Brewster was in attendance to talk about her role in the summer series Dallas. While we will run that portion of the interview closer to the series premiere, we did want to post what she had to say about the Fast & Furious franchise and why she thinks it’s so enduring with fans, her hopes that she will be able to schedule it with her new TV show, how motherhood will affect her character, and that she is looking forward to working with Michelle Rodriguez again in Fast Six. Check out what she had to say after the jump.

Question: Schedule wise, will it work out for you to do the next Fast & Furious movie, now that you have Dallas?

JORDANA BREWSTER: I hope so. I think so. So far, it looks like it will.

There’s been some talk about them doing two movies, back-to-back. Have you heard anything about that?

BREWSTER: I’ve heard about it from what I’ve read on the internet, but I don’t know what the logistics are of that.

Do you think the fact that Mia’s expecting now will prevent her from getting behind the wheel, or will she do it anyway?

BREWSTER: No, ‘cause I think the baby would be born already, so I think she’d be ready to kick ass. I think the baby would be in the backseat.

Will you have a car seat?

BREWSTER: I think so. Actually, no, maybe Brian (Paul Walker) would be holding the baby while Mia is driving.

Are you surprised at just how well that franchise has done and that everybody loves the next movie even more than the last one?

BREWSTER: Justin [Lin] does a really great job at reinventing it every time, by adding different elements and taking it to different countries. Part of the appeal is that he refreshing it. He doesn’t take it for granted that the fans are going to be along for the ride.

Fast Five, in particular, was so well-received, when Part 5 of a franchise is not usually the time people say, “This is the best one yet!” Did that surprise you?

BREWSTER: It was really, really nice. I usually don’t read specific reviews. I’ll just check Rotten Tomatoes and be like, “Oh, how are we doing?” That was a huge compliment. That was amazing!

What do you think it was about that movie?

BREWSTER: I think the scope of it, and adding The Rock. And then, going to Brazil added a fresh element. I think the writing was really good. And, making it a heist movie transformed it. People were surprised that we could keep it fresh. Maybe people had expectations that it would fail, and it didn’t.

Were you as amazed as the audience, with the end reveal about Michelle Rodriguez’s character?

BREWSTER: Yeah, I love it! I love Michelle. Michelle is just so much fun to work with. She’s such a character, and just such a smart, strong woman. I hope to work with her again. Every time I work with Justin again, I’m like, “Let’s make Mia strong and get her into the action.” With the first one and the fourth one, she was a little bit more of a wallflower, and not doing that much.

You had some good building jumping in the last film.

BREWSTER: I love doing that! Paul had my back on that one.

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