Jorge Diaz, Andrew Jacobs and Gabrielle Walsh Talk PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES, Deleted Scenes, Alternate Endings and More

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With the Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones now in theaters, a few days ago I landed a video interview with the three stars of the movie, Jorge Diaz, Andrew Jacobs and Gabrielle Walsh.  They talked about the mysterious casting process, how much the script changed during production, how they were able to improvise a lot of the dialogue, deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Jorge Diaz, Andrew Jacobs and Gabrielle Walsh:

  • Have they been to Brazil?
  • How did they get cast and was it a mysterious auditioning process?
  • How much changed from when they got the script to what they filmed?
  • How they were told what the scene was about and then instructed to say the dialogue their own way.
  • Deleted scenes talk and did they have an alternate ending?



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  • Leo Spaceman

    One guy in sweat pants and a gray shirt and the other guy has an untucked dress shirt, a sports jacket and backwards baseball cap, thats the only thing I saw. The girl looks lovely and appropriately dressed though.

    • AreYouWhite?

      What of it?

      Does it matter who dresses in what?

      Is it really that important of a thing to point out?

      If so, again, what of it?

      Seriously, I’m asking.

    • OK

      The only thing I noticed, was the thing going on with the hands of the girl and the right guy at the beginning

  • Werefon

    Maybe I’ll watch this one it has finally something different than just jump scares in the house! PA5 – not interested especially after that piece of shit ending of 4!~

  • mattinacan

    lowest common denominator film making for lowest common denominator viewers

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