Jorma Taccone Signs on to Direct MACGRUBER; Provides Brief Glimmer of Hope

     July 7, 2009


According to ProductionWeekly’s Twitter feed, Jorma Taccone (recently seen as Cha-Ka in “Land of the Lost”) will direct the totally unwanted feature-length adaptation of the SNL sketch “MacGruber” starring Will Forte.  To find out why Taccone’s involvement means the new film may not be the worst thing ever, hit the jump.

Now I thought we were done with Lorne Michaels trying to adapt Saturday Night Live sketches into feature-length comedies.  While I understood trying to do it after the success of “The Blues Brothers” and “Wayne’s World”, it was becoming a little frighting to see him keep adapting sketches despite flop after inevitable flop.  But then…nothing.  And at most, we got something like “Hot Rod” or “Baby Mama” which used SNL talent but with original stories intended for feature length.

And then came MacGruber and all that dread came flooding back.  It’s not even a full sketch but a running gag throughout the show.  And it’s pretty much the same premise: parody the TV show
“MacGyver” but then give the MacGruber character some twisted personal issue that results in an explosion at the end.  Where’s the movie in that?

But Taccone may be a saving grace because he, along with his Lonely Island cohorts Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer) have a unique and twisted brand of humor that’s not commonly seen in mainstream cinema.  “Hot Rod” wasn’t a perfect film, but they imbued it with enough of their personal style that it became a refreshing comedy despite its low-brow humor.  Of course, they were working off a full-script for that film and now Taccone (no word if Samberg and Schaffer will provide any input) has to stretch a two-minute joke into a 90-minute comedy.  I wish this project wouldn’t happen but if it has to, at least it’s got a little potential with Taccone on board.