Director Jose Padilha Talks ROBOCOP Remake, Making it Feel Real, the PG-13 Rating, the First Trailer, Creative Freedom, and More at Comic-Con

     July 24, 2013


Shortly after presenting the first footage from the Robocop remake at Comic-Con (here’s our recap), I landed an exclusive video interview with director Jose Padilha.  We talked about how he was able to cast Michael Keaton, making a futuristic movie feel real, the PG-13 rating, the editing process, when the first trailer will be released, how the film changed during production, the amount of creative freedom he had compared to working in Brazil, and so much more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Robocop stars Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel and Jackie Earle HaleyRoboCop opens February 7th, 2014.

robocop-remakeJose Padilha:

  • Michael Keaton liked the script, so it was easy enough to get him into the movie.
  • 0:40 – Compares the creative freedom working in Brazil to working in the studio system in America.
  • 2:00 – Movies constantly evolve throughout production, but he feels he made the movie he set out to make.
  • 4:30 – Says it’s impossible to make a futuristic movie “real.”  For instance, no futuristic movies in the 80s had the internet.
  • 6:35 – Explains RoboCop‘s expected PG-13 rating.  Padilha is fine with PG-13, and the studio would prefer it.
  • 8:50 – He’s still cutting the movie, they haven’t shown it to an audience.  The first cut is 2:20.
  • 10:15 – “I’d buy that for a dollar” made it into the script.
  • 11:00 – Talk about RoboCop and the state of Brazil.
  • 12:00 – The first trailer will be attached to Elysium.
  • 12:30 – He was focused on shooting the movie, and so didn’t worry too much about leaked set photos/video.

EM-208 robocop

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  • Christian

    Well, with a PG-13 rating, I guess they didn’t get the whole satire angle after all.

    • AlexTheKaiser

      What does satire has anything to do with an R rating?

      • Christian

        Because a lot of the original’s satire was R-rated – the profanity of capitalism, the brutality of authority, the vulgarity of sexism. You can’t really dull that stuff and get the same sting.

    • Jay

      They should have just gone for a PG rating and gave Robocop a talking Robodog and a goofy/ nerdy sidekick.

      • AlexTheKaiser

        But what does any of those things have to do with the fact that the movie will be PG-13? Does all PG-13 movies have stupid shit? Did The Dark Knight, or Man of Steel or Skyfall had all those things?

      • Norman Eschenfelder

        PG-13 was first used as guidance in “Temple of Doom”, which was dark and had some blood, even gore. It means for this movie that there’ll be only one “fuck”, no fucking and full frontal nudity. As a teacher I would want to watch this movie with my students… PG-13 is fine. I prefer a decent made PG-13 movie over any NC or R rated brainless splatterfest.

      • Daniel O’Reilly

        You can actually get two F bombs into a PG-13.

      • Jay

        The original Robocop was scary. It showed tense, graphic scenes of murder and distress. Seeing Robocop’s skin stretched and pinned over a metal frame is terrifying, especially given the man’s gentle nature and adherence to love and family. It’s about contrast. “Blockbuster” movies today don’t seem to understand that. Movies today are ‘safe’. They don’t take a risk with big ideas or high concepts (for the most part) – they blunt all the edges so that no one gets offended, or worse; they blunt the edges so that they can target children and make money on a toy line and merchandise. Don’t get me wrong, I love toys and models and I’ll probably pick up a few Robocop toys when the come out, but that doesn’t affect my opinions on movies.

        If they’re going to make Robocop PG-13 then they’re only doing it to appeal to young kids for the toys and merchandise, so they may as well go full-kiddy and target them directly, with no pretense. It may very well be a good movie, regardless of its rating, but the sharp knife that was Robocop ’87 will instead be more like a slightly pointy spoon, as was Nolan’s Batman and the latest 007.

        The Dark Knight (all of them) and Skyfall bored me out of my mind. I’m not saying that graphic violence would have made those movies better, but it definitely would have made me feel SOMETHING. People standing around talking politely about how they feel is a fuckin’ rollercoaster of a time for some people, I’m sure, but my eyes glazed over and I couldn’t wait to get home and fold laundry, which would have been way more exciting. I haven’t seen Man of Steel yet, but I hope it at least keeps my attention.

      • AlexTheKaiser

        Then I reccomend to you the Violent Shit series, they have tons of gore, violence and kills. Because apparently having character development is the same thing as appealing to kids.

      • Jay

        Thanks, man, but I don’t like violence.

  • Christian

    Well, with a PG-13 rating, I guess they didn’t get the whole satire angle after all.

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  • Norman Eschenfelder

    I like this guy.

    • Red Leader

      You should. The man is a genius and has very solid opinion about the facts of life. He’s the reason why I’m not worried about the changes. In fact, the changes that Padilha did are the reason why you should watch this movie. I’m pretty sure he’s got something very bold and very smart in his sleeves.

  • Mezmero

    I’m not seeing this anymore! What IS THE POINT OF A REBOOT

  • aya

    Lets judge a movie before we see a trailer! yay!

  • Colin Christian

    I will give it a go for one reason only- Joel Kinnaman.The guy is amazing in The Killing,a solid choice for the role.I can’t say I like the reboot idea or the rating,but I’m sure he will do great.

  • Maximo Cunillera

    Padilha, certainly looks like a very smart man.
    this is my opinion

    When a guy like Padilha who have the choice to keep on doing a series of films that are incredibely popular in his country like the elite squad movies, projects thats gives him a lot of creative freedom and why not a lot of money, so he can decide about any project in his own country, takes the option to come to USA and responds to the task to make a reboot of a movie like Robocop a film with so many loyals fans me included.

    Its simple:
    the guy is an inspired genius or a total lunatic.

    hope for the first.

  • The_Incredible_Mr_Pricklepants

    The first trailer will be attached to Elysium.

    Let the sucking commence.

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  • Helder Oliveira

    “boo hoo hoo where’s the gratuitous violence? i’m not a true Robofan, i’m just fan of the gratuitous violence in the original”

  • Helder Oliveira

    “boo hoo hoo where’s the gratuitous violence? i’m not a true Robofan, i’m just fan of the gratuitous violence in the original”