Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says HESHER Has Not Been Renamed; Plus Updates on Rian Johnson’s LOOPER and I’M WITH CANCER

     June 26, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt slice

One of my favorite actors is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  While some of you might only know his work from the hit NBC show 30 Rock From the Sun, over the past decade he’s delivered some great performances in such films as The Lookout, Brick, Mysterious Skin, Stop-Loss, and I even loved his work as Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  So when I found out I’d be getting an exclusive interview with Gordon-Levitt for Inception, needless to say I was thrilled.

While I’ll have the entire interview online the week of release, I wanted to post what he said today about Hesher, Looper and I’m With Cancer (which is going to be retitled).  The quick info is Hesher has not been renamed to Rebel, he thinks Rian Johnson’s Looper is going to film early next year, and he’s not sure what is up with the sequel to G.I. Joe.  Hit the jump to watch part of the interview.  Look for a lot more coverage on Inception very soon:

update: Chase at gordonandthewhale informed me they had run a story back in May that Hesher hadn’t been renamed. I have taken out the word “exclusive” in our headline to reflect the new info.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Hesher has not been renamed.  It’s due to foreign sales.  They don’t have a release date yet.  For more on Hesher, click here.  I saw the film at Sundance and Gordon-Levitt is awesome.  He’s covered with tattoos and you won’t believe it’s him.
  • G.I. Joe talk – is he looking forward to going back to that franchise.  I ask if he’ll be getting a new Cobra Commander mask
  • 1:15 – Looper talk.  Says it’s a really great movie. Hopes to shoot early next year
  • 2:10 – I’m With Cancer talk – it’s still untitled.  Talks about what it’s about.  I ask about the music and did Jonathan Levine give him a mix tape. For more on the film read this.


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  • Germain Lussier

    I can't wait for the general public to see “Hesher.” It's a great movie that has a good chance of breaking big with a whole new audience. Fingers crossed it comes out sooner rather than later.

  • Grilled X

    such a likeable dude

  • Richard Lang

    FYI the series Mr Levitt was in was “3rd Rock From The Sun”, not to be confused with 30 Rock… please

  • Chase Whale

    Not to be a buzzkill but we reported this in May, direct from Spencer Susser –

  • WyldeMan45

    JGL my favorite living actor. He is a genius. Now if they could just get him teamed with the mad genius and my favorite director Guillermo Del Toro, than I'd be a happy man.

  • Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub

    I didn't see that story…but I still think a lot of people are like me and hadn't heard the name didn't change

  • Chase Whale

    Well I know you and your site fairly well so I know you read other sites. Film School Rejects, Slash Film, Cinema Blend, The Playlist, and a few others picked up our exclusive. I understand you probably missed it, but I don’t know why you didn’t check your sources before claiming it as an exclusive. If you could credit us for getting the initial scoop, that would be very scholarly of you.

  • Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub

    dude….I didn't mean it as an exclusive that the movie is still called Hesher. I meant exclusive because the interview is an exclusive. But I took the word out to avoid any confusion.

  • Chase Whale

    Ah, this is where wires get crossed. We don’t write “exclusive” in front of interviews unless we actually get a story that’s never been published; I feel like it really cheats the reader into thinking there is exclusive content that no other outlet has, and in most cases, that's not true. Again, giving us credit would have been nice. We have sourced you countless times on stories because, well, you were one of the big inspirations of GATW.

  • Videobacon

    Is the sound on this video messed up for anyone else? What are yall recording to?

  • Miguel

    30 Rock From the Sun? you're kidding right? 3rd Rock From the Sun sounds a bit more accurate…

  • Abhilash

    He should play Joker in the third batman… you all know why too. He looks like Heath, hes a brilliant actor… I think he'd do justice.

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