Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Talks to Join THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     February 1, 2011


Fresh off the success of his recent collaboration with Christopher Nolan in Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly in talks to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises.  Since the former child actor showed he could hold a leading man role all on his own in (500) Days of Summer, his schedule has been piling up. This April, we’ll see Levitt teaming up with Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson in Hesher. Later this year, Levitt will battle cancer in the comedy Live With It. Next year he’ll join Bruce Willis in the futuristic mob film Looper, and headline the David Koepp (Ghost Town) thriller Premium Rush.

It seems there’s nothing Levitt can’t tackle, but the question of the day is: what will his role be in The Dark Knight Rises? We know Hathaway is set to strap on the Catwoman getup and Tom Hardy will become the brute force known as Bane, but how will Levitt complement this cast? (Deadline‘s report is short on details.) Out of all the characters in the Batman universe, which one do you think Levitt should embody?  The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20, 2012.  Click here for all our previous Batman coverage.

  • Nolan fan

    I bet he’s Deadshot

  • Kevin

    I’m not getting my hopes up until I hear an announcement or confirmation form Nolan, Levitt, or Warner Brothers. There’s been too much bullshit about this movie

  • Jonathan Bell

    ok ok ok dont attack me fan boys, but what if
    with his amazing story telling abilities, Nolan brings justice to the Character of Robin by using Levitt.

    i mean, i personally think that would be a great option to explore…

  • jrod

    Im taking a leap of logic and going Black Mask.

  • Strong Enough

    its Robin the next 3 movies from batman will be Batman & Robin trilogy by another director

    • Davis Grant

      Highly doubtful Nolan said he’s portraying Batman still fairly early and he has no plans to add Robin. However he might have changed his mind but it’s unlikely. I have no idea who Levitt will play especially since Nolan 86′d the Riddler rumors.

  • Mike91

    He’s great and I’d love him in Dark Knight Rises, but anyone else think that he’s a tiny bit overrated? His deep voice Christian Bale thing in 500 Days of Summer was irritating. His too cool for school Inception acting was fine but, not AMAZING like everyone said?

    • Grimcicle

      Watch Brick. It’s what made me a fan.

    • Kori

      Deep voice thing? In 500 Days?


  • Brady

    If the movie is anyway similar to the comic knightfall, the one were Bane breaks batmans back. Logic tells us that it is one of two people he will play, Black Mask or Robin. Since Christian Bale said Robin will NOT be in the movie the only Logical choice is Black Mask.

  • MC ATTAck

    Too soon to speculate possibly it will be some normal character like when a lot of people were thinking Anthony Michael Hall will be the Riddler and end up beign a television reporter.

  • the guy on the couch

    cast him as the joker. still crazy, but more reserved, as in the comics, joker is bat shyt crazy one minute and cool and calm bat shyt crazy the next. def. can be done well if they need him for a joker arkham flashback or something. i don’t wanna see anyone but him try to tackle the joker in any way shape or form.


      A younger JOKER FTW !!! I’ve said this since i heard Heath was gonna play him, Levitt looks just like a young Ledger, so therefore maybe a flashback to Joker perhapse? Maybe when he was Red hood?

      Tie in the early mischief of Joker with something current. Afterall, in Begins we saw plenty of flashback with Bruce and rachel etc..

  • Go Packers!

    Hugo Strange!


      hes way too young and scrawny in my opinion to play hugo strange. i think Tom Hardy would have been pretty good for hugo but can also do a good job at bane. i do think though that he is going to be a villian and not robin like some are saying because bane is not a big enough baddy to be the only one

    • film101

      I know that Hugo Strange has pretty much already been ruled out but my lord I wish that he was in and being played by Guy Pierce (former Nolan alum). Would be perfection.

  • Kroz

    I’ve always thought he’d be a good choice to step in for Ledger as The Joker but Nolan already shot that possibility down. If we now follow the Knightfall plot then its possible he’s going to be Jean-Paul Valley Jr, the man who tried to replace Bruce Wayne as Batman after suffering a serious injury from Bane.

  • Grimcicle

    Calendar Man.

  • dogg

    Cat… Or something. Damn, you all picked the good ones.

  • Jesse

    There are already enough villains. Clearly, the logical choice is Harvey Bullock.

    • turd ferguson

      bullock’s too old

      • Jesse

        Aside from the fact that I was joking, have you not noticed a trend of reinvention in Nolan’s films?

      • turd ferguson


  • junierizzle

    I don’t think NOLAN would crowd the movie with too many villains. I bet JGL just plays a young cop or something.

    • theCount

      In my opinion he still needs a villian. i dont think catwoman or bane are good enough to be the only ones

      • Dev1359

        Bane would function perfectly fine as the lead villain if he had to carry the film on his own. Especially with Nolan tackling the character…I’m expecting we’ll see a very different version of Bane from the brutish henchman everyone is used to seeing in the cartoons and in Batman and Robin. If Nolan plays up the intelligent strategist side of the character, with Tom Hardy playing him he could be a very strong villain.

        I agree with junierizzle, I think we’ll end up seeing JGL playing a very minor character of some sort…maybe something similar to Michael Jai White’s Gamble character in the second movie.

  • Sal

    He could play Jean-Paul Valley, also known as Azrael. If Bane does indeed break batmans back, Azrael takes over for awhile.

  • Sparky

    You know, he could pull off a Joker Cameo but I doubt that would happen.

    I dunno, does it have to be a villain?

  • Migz13

    Now that all the riddler and hugo strange rumors have been shot down again and again I don’t think he’ll play a MAJOR villain at all. Plus, If hathaway would’ve done the tights and gone straight all villain on this flick I think it has already TOO MUCH ANTAGONISTS already. Spider-Man 3 much?

    anyway.. true or not.. possible or impossible, I have faith in Nolan.

    I believe in Christopher Nolan.

  • Manu

    Gordon-Levitt as……..Zsasz ?

    • Dane

      he was in Begins.

  • Aubrey Titmuss

    Now they just need to include Rupert Thorne, Black Mask, Dr. Hugo Strange and Deadshot and this movie will have all the major villains it needs. Christopher Nolan is the undisputed best and greatest director in the world. The Dark Knight Rises will be the biggest movie of 2012. Watch out Avatar!

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  • Arun

    There was this time, when people had speculated Johnny Depp as The Riddler. But again, that idea was way too far fetched. And now speculations are around Levitt being Deadshot. I think it’s too early to come to conclusions, but yeah Riddler would be a nice psychopath addition to the series.

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  • wolfbane


  • Yahzee Skellington

    IF this turns out to be true…
    1. Stop trying to tie in the film with Knightfall or any other storylines… Nolan might take stuff and ideas from here and there, but he’s obviously done his own story.
    2. This is way off maybe, but still my big wish, that he could cameo as The Joker… other than that, I’m confident in whatever role Nolan puts him.

  • Dan


  • Film101

    Just a thought but Black Mask has been known as being an antagonist for Catwoman more so than Batman.

  • estrada42

    I would shoot a child in the face for a live action Nolan Hush movie, but that’s way far out in Batman story for this movie. We would need three Robins, and almost the entire Batman villain catalog to make it work.

    I would say bring back Ra’s al Ghul since the person playing him doesn’t need to be the same every time. Maybe have Catwoman try to rob Ra’s al Ghul?

    Or just bring him in as the new District Attorney to replace Harvery Dent.

  • christophercantos

    yeah he’s in talks to play the Riddler.. pheew, after those rumors about the Dark Knight Rises, i will never EVER believe this kinds of rumors. even with a rumor that seems legit like Tom Hardy playing Dr Strange. and the one basing it from the graphic novel Prey. HA!

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  • nekrotemor oscuro

    I believe that he will be Gil Mason in the new batman film. If I am not wrong, not only batman would be chase Jim gordon would too. And this actor is suitable for that role.

  • nekrotemor oscuro

    I believe that he would be Gil Mason. If I am not wrong, not only batman would be chase by the police. I guess they will try to suspect from jim gordon and that’s the job of Gil Mason to look up the conection between batman and Gordon. So that’s why i guess he will be Gil mason.

  • your mom

    Fuck yes!!!!!! Best news I’ve heard all month.

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  • mason

    The new DA would probably be the most sensible route to go. any villains would crowd the story.

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