With ‘Tron 3’ Shelved, Joseph Kosinski Moves on to Wildfire Drama ‘No Exit’

     January 29, 2016


Whatever you think of Tron: Legacy, there’s no denying that that movie is gorgeous. Director Joseph Kosinski may not have had as strong a handle on the story or characters as one might have hoped, but the Disney sequel was visually stunning. So when Tron 3 came back to life last year with Kosinski directing, there was reason to be hopeful—maybe there’d be a better script, and at the very least we’d be getting another Daft Punk soundtrack, right? However, the hope was shortlived. Just one month later, Disney pulled the plug on the sequel over budget and script concerns, and Tron fans the world over died a little inside once again.

But Kosinski is moving on. Per THR, the filmmaker has signed to helm a film about wildfires called No ExitLorenzo di Bonaventura, who produced the upcoming oil rig disaster drama Deepwater Horizon, is producing No Exit with Black Label Media financing the picture.The movie is based on the true story of the tragic 2013 wildfire in Prescott, Arizona—known as the Yarnell Hill Wildfire—that almost killed an entire crew of firefighters. Black Hawk Down screenwriter Ken Nolan wrote the script, which focuses on a group of firefighters known as the Granite Mountain Hotshots who became trapped due to fast-changing winds and extreme heat. When all was said and done, 19 of the 20 men perished.

This marks a considerable change of pace for Kosinski, who followed Tron: Legacy up with the Tom Cruise sci-fi pic Oblivion, another gorgeous but uninvolving feature. It appears the filmmaker is eager to take on something more inherently human, and indeed in 2014 he became attached to direct the true crime drama The Trials of White Boy Rick. Kosinski is also set to direct the Gran Turismo movie for Sony Pictures, but THR reports that No Exit is moving quickly and could be shooting as early as this summer.


Image via Universal Pictures


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