Josh Brolin Confirms He Was in Talks to Play Batman in MAN OF STEEL Follow-Up

     September 7, 2013


When Warner Bros. first announced that director Zack Snyder’s follow-up film to this summer’s Man of Steel would be bringing Batman into the picture, many figured that we would sit through months of speculation and rumors with regards to who would don the cape and cowl.  Thankfully an official announcement came last month when Ben Affleck was tapped to play Batman in the pic, but we did hear a few casting rumors along the way.  Chief among them was word that Snyder had originally been eyeing Josh Brolin to tackle the character.

While speaking about his new film Labor Day at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, Brolin indeed confirmed that he was in early talks to play Batman in Batman vs. Superman, but things didn’t “turn out.”  Hit the jump for more, including Brolin’s thoughts on the reaction to Affleck’s casting.

josh-brolin-batman-supermanTalking with the Huffington Post, Brolin was asked if he had conversations with Snyder about playing Batman in the Man of Steel sequel:

“We did. I didn’t have conversations about it, but Zack [Snyder], that was part of his idea. It just didn’t turn out. It’s OK. It is OK. You know, another scenario might have worked better, but I’m happy for Ben.”

We had previously heard that Snyder wanted Brolin for the role of Batman as early as July, but it appears that the talks never lead to a firm deal.  Brolin certainly feels like he would’ve been a great Batman, but I feel that Affleck will do a fine job as well. Speaking of which, Brolin commented on the fan outrage over Affleck’s casting:

“I’ve never seen such a global reaction in my life. I feel for him, truly. I would not want to be him right now. The reaction becomes so personal. It’s like, ‘Fuck this guy, I wish he was dead.’ And you’re like, ‘What? Dude, seriously? This guy is just working like you are. He’s doing the same thing you are. He’s trying to make the best choices he can.’”

The reaction to Affleck’s casting seems like it has calmed down over the past few weeks, so hopefully fans have decided to reserve judgment until they actually see the performance.  Snyder’s untitled Man of Steel follow-up will start filming in Michigan in early 2014 in anticipation of a July 17, 2015 release date.


  • Guest

    Very interesting! Do you guys think it comes down to who Zack Snyder wanted vs. who Warner Bros. wanted? I’m still happy with Ben Affleck’s casting, but I know a lot of fans got excited by the Brolin rumors.

    • Griz

      Anybody will be better than Bale’s ham-filled, scenery chewing performance as Batman. “WHERE’S THE TRIGGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!” It was embarrassing to watch and all parties involved should be ashamed of themselves. Thank God Nolan’s shite adapations have expired.

      • Strong Enough

        Are you aware that there are people in this world that have a severe medical condition which causes them to be that way? My mother for instance is one of those people. She is a truck driver that has bad knees and a bad back from driving the truck but you probably do not care about that case either. Oh well I am not one of those people I am 6’4″ 245lbs and I exercise every day. I would love to see you say something like to my mother in front of me. Probably never happen though you are probably just an internet tough guy. I doubt very seriously you would say that to someones face. Just my thought.What do you think. Oh I am sorry you probably do not have a brain. I on the other hand will be happy to buy you a plane ticket to come here and see if you have the nerve to say that to someone I know.

      • DNAsplitter

        Joel Schumacher please stop posting on this site. You’re the minority here w your bat nipples and homo erotic ass shots.

    • MarvelWatch

      There was some gossipy talk that Brolin didn’t do it because of his rather recent divorce from Diane Lane (who returns as “Ma Kent” in the upcoming sequel.)

    • Griz

      Also, does anybody know if there is a Chris Nolan impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like CORN. ;-) Lulz!

      • Observant

        I remember reading this – almost verbatim – in some other forum. Are you recycling your old material already or are you plagiarizing?

      • anders

        same dude, he goes around thinking “oh! a batman post! time to pull out that ONE batman joke I have that is pure comedic gold!!!” he’s not the hero collider need. he’s the hero collider deserve.

  • Theodore Trout


  • Nomis1700

    Glad he didn’t got the part. He’d make a terrible and unlikeable Bruce Wayne who’s not attractive at all. Probably a decent Batman but that’s not enough.

    I’m really interested in Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, very curious at his performance! While he was not my first choice, I do give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • TJ

      Please spell check.

    • anders

      I think he would’ve been better if they really wanted to drive home the older and more experienced Bruce Wayne. Brolin can play characters that walk into a room and own that room. I haven’t really seen Ben Affleck do that quite as well (maybe Boiler Room). Brolin I could see walking up to a godlike alien and saying “Hey. I’ve seen some shit. I’m better than you are.”

      • Bob

        In The Town, Affleck was really good imo. The scene were he told the old guy he would come back and kill him, and then later on he comes back and kills them. Those some great scenes. Love that film. Imo, Blake’s best performance of her career as well. And Renner was great to.

    • brNdon

      I’m just curious if Ben actually read for the role and they got to see his Batman, or if Warner Bros. just cast him blindly.

  • Nate

    Damn. I feel like I just married the half-way decent chick I settled for when it turns out the smoking hot blonde I work with wanted me all along.


    i agree with others in that he would have been a great batman, but probably a mediocre bruce wayne. I felt exactly the opposite when I first heard about Affleck being cast but after rewatching the town i’m feeling more optimistic. I just hope his bat-voice doesnt sound as forced as bale’s

    • Bob

      ^^This!!! Watch The Town, Affleck is fit and can play badass convincing.

  • Raptor Jesus

    MOS was pure crap from beginning to end so worrying about who is playing Batman is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • stylus59

    nah, Brolin wouldn’t fit the part. too southern accent for me

    • Should be New Yaawk

      Well, Affleck’s got “Bawwh-stuhn” in his accent, too…

  • TJ


  • bill

    An unknown actor, 6’5 muscular, a well built monster with acting chops….would have been more accepted than any of the names that were ever mentioned throughout the world for the Batman role!!!

    • Polarboy

      Batman is 6’2, it wouldn’t be right to have Batman towering over Superman, Clark is 6’3.

  • Sean

    Josh Brolin would have been a better Batman then Ben Affleck, but I guess Ben Affleck is good choice for the role as well. I’m looking forward to see Batman vs Superman or Man of Steel 2 or what ever they decide to call it :) .

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  • Jay

    I have a feeling Ryan Gosling turned this offer down on site.

    • Sean

      That’s a good thing! Ryan Gosling is a terrible actor!

      • Bob

        That is a wrong, false, and uninformed statement. Watch The Believer, Half Nelson, Fracture, Blue Valentine, The Ides of March, Crazy Stupid Love, Drive, and The Place Beyond the Pines.

  • LEM

    Brolin was the better choice but WB is in bed with Affleck and they couldn’t care less what the fans want.

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  • Jones

    After seeing “Runner Runner”, all of us / every fan will surely start hating on poor Affleck again. For sure.

    • sense11

      have you seen it

  • Ripper

    true story…heard they went into meetings with Josh to discuss his role as Batman…but put it this way….his drug habit had him lose the role.

  • Ziro Da Hutt

    Its fine, lets get him for Star Wars or Dr Strange

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  • Shutyamuncher

    Does no-one else remember Josh Brolins other attempt at a DC character, Jonah Hex. That movie was way worse than Daredevil. I’m glad he’s not Batman.

  • poppincherry

    When Ben’s characters get flustered they sound like their getting anal.
    This is going to spell the end to all this superhero bullshit. Thor will bomb, so will Captan America.

  • Mike

    Some of you people on here are truly fucking pathetic. I’m glad your opinions on cinema don’t count for much. If that was the case, movies like Scott Pilgrim and Kick-Ass 2 would actually make some money.

  • SG999

    Josh was Jonah Hex, did great but the rest of the movie sucked. Ben was Daredevil, did okay but rest of the movie sucked. Ben has mean directing chops that can help a bit in fixing Goyer and Snyder’s mistakes. I say Ben.

  • Batman

    Michael Ironside

  • George Shapiro

    Whaaaa! Anyone who doesn’t like Nolan is a hipster WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    U B Gotten 2 bro. LULZ ;)

  • lol

    Also, does anybody know if there is a Chris Nolan impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like CORN! LULZ ;-) (drops mike, walks off stage)

  • George Shapiro Jr.

    Hahaahaha. “convoluted reasons”? Are they convoluted or is it that you are too stupid to understand very clear, very well-argued critiques of Rises plot, dialogue, narrative inconsistencies, and characterization? Also, not everyone “loves” Rises considering many fans rightfully hated it and even on metacritic it only score “generally favorable reviews” not “universal acclaim”. I think your to blinded by your love of the taste of Nolan’s salty nads in your mouth to get over your own fanboyism. That’s right: you’re a fanboy. A fanboy so obsessed and blinded by your love of someone else’s accomplishments you fly into a blind range whenever someone even thinks of questioning them. It’s very, very sad.

  • Lulz all around da world

    Blah blah blah, I love to gurgle Nolan’s scrotum, blah blah blah, it tastes so good, blah blah blah, like salty, oily peanuts. It’s so goddamn easy to troll this place. I love it ;)

  • Lulz all around da world

    Also, does anybody know if there is a Chris Nolan impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like CORN. ;-) Lulz!

  • axalon

    You’re wasting your proverbial breath man on these people, man. Just find comfort in the fact that they will be in line just like every one else opening weekend to watch whatever new movie Nolan comes out with.

  • Why so stupid?

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHa. Fuck you pricks is stupid. So which is it? You cite the endorsement of the critical community as proof of Rises quality and then in the same breath discredit the critical community. Fuck me please stop being dumb. I want someone with a modicum of intelligence to defend Rises; it would make it all this much more interesting. The IMDB movie listing is biased towards new releases as retards like yourselves, who have evidently only seen 10 movies tops to consider Rises a quality film, skew the results. Let’s list some of the films Rises beats on the IMDB top 250: Taxi Driver, Chinatown, 2001, Raging Bull, Yjimbo, The Seventh Seal, The BIg Lebowski, Jaws, Wild Strawberries, The 400 Blows, Stalker, Rocky and 8 1/2. Now, plop them Nolan nads out your fucking mouths for one second, take a step back, spit out their salty juices, look in the fucking mirror and honestly tell me that Rises is a hair on the ass of any of the films mentioned above. Feel free to reply to this comment and expose yourselves as cretins.

  • Smartest Guy in the room

    @891b3fc06b0c5d85bbe762cb7b0ef835:disqus, I only cite Metacritic because you fucktards use the fallacy of appealing to authority to lend credence to your flimsy arguments. People point out legitimate critiques of the film: “you’re nitpicking, derp”. When asked to counter said critiques: “Derp, alot of people liked it derp,” A lot of people like Revenge of the Fallen. Is that good? Ass clown.

    What’s really funny is that you all hold having low standards toward movies as some badge of honour. “You’re nitpicking. You should never question or criticize a movie because if you don’t like the thing I like then you must be a hater, or to full of yourself, derp.” I enjoy many movies. Loads of them. Rises was terrible and I don’t see the logic in me forcing myself to like an awful movie because others thought it was good. Can you all at least admit there were flaws with Rises? Can you even concede that it wasn’t a flawless masterpiece above criticism? It’s the group think of the Rises defenders that’s the most offensive part. You liked it: great! Enjoy watching shitty movies. No one is stopping you. But don’t label people who didn’t liked it trolls or haters. It’s your obnoxious obstinate insistence that its some masterpiece that’s causing such a harsh backlash (a stance I’ve yet to hear credible argument in favour for).

  • Lulz @ Blank Check

    Great rebuttal Blank Check. You totally destroyed my arguments and made me feel ashamed for even questioning the majesty of the Dark Knight Rises. Oh wait….

  • Reformed Nolan Hater

    Good one Blank Check. Are you a Rhode scholar? You’ve totally undermined my whole thesis that Rises defenders can’t logically defend why it’s a good movie (their opinion must totally not be influenced by the WB marketing campaign around the film). I mean “go outside”. Wow! You’ve shown that me the error of my ways and really, really deflated all questions anyone may have about Rises. Holy Cow! Way to refute all plot holes! I feel relieved someone could actually show me the error of my ways. “Go outside”! I might actually do that! Thank you! Thank you so very, very much for proving why Rises is a good film. OH HAPPY DAY!!! I shall never troll this forum again. I’ve finally won the war against myself. I’ve finally learned to love the Dark Knight Rises. HOO-RAY!!!!! “Go outside”!!! Happy, happy Joy Joy!!!!

  • Nomis1700

    I said he’d make a terrible and unlikeable Bruce Wayne. And in addition to that that he’s not attractive at all. So that doesn’t mean that terrible and unlikeable is the definition of not being attractive. I’m not so narrow minded. And Bruce is a handsome man, playboy, millionaire and the goddamn Batman. Brolin does not fit.
    Shame to me call names. Says more about you than me.

  • Nomis1700

    It has something to do with it, not everything, and I never said that. And about that shallow way, I’m not judging him purely by that as I said before, you are doing that and it’s not true.

  • Nomis1700

    Sure, because looks are probably all that matters only when I describe Brolin as unattractive in addition to that I think he’d make a terrible and unlikeable Bruce Wayne apart from his unattractiveness.
    And about Tatum, I never named him and personally don’t think he’s so pretty either, you do I see.

  • Sean

    Those movies you’ve mentioned of are terrible and Ryan Gosling is a terrible actor. How do I know: Well he’s only been in small movies as of late, such as the ones you’ve mentioned, and hasn’t been in any big good movies that everyone has seen and liked.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Too soon?

  • TheMonarch

    …For two and a half hours? You might drown.

  • Bob

    Yes, pretty much. They just write andsound like pure hipsters.

  • Bob

    You seem to not get it; you are simply wrong.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Was your Mom on the Titanic? Gee, sorry.

  • Vertigo

    I dont think he’s turning anything around motherfuckjng cunt :)

  • lulz

    I’ve banged so many women it’s ridiculous. And that’s not just internet hyperbole. Way, way more women than yall could dream of because I’m a very attractive man. Also, physically, I’m sure I could handle the bulk of the posters here. Plus I’m smarter than yall too. Damn it must suck to be you guys.

  • A plea for sanity

    hahaha. Not thinking a comicbook movie was the greatest achievement in history = hipster. Got it. Thanks for setting everyone straight. Fuck, fanboys are much more annoying than hipsters. At least hipsters are receptive to debate and aren’t just blind, obstinate dickheads. Fuck, if you could concede Rises wasn’t Citizen Kane and some of the criticisms (oh my god! It’s not perfect! the universe may implode!) are justified I’m sure the trolling would be a lot less harsh. Instead, anyone who says they don’t like it “you’re a hipster”. Why are you such assholes? Why is so much of your self worth tied into a comic book movie? People aren’t criticizing your kids for fuck sakes. You have literally NO stake in Rises popularity. Why is it so hard to admit there were flaws? I really don’t get it. I like stuff people could criticize to and I’ll be like “oh fair criticism, I liked it despite those failings.” It doesn’t bother me because I recognize there are many different kinds of people in the world and just because someone’s outlook differs from mine I don’t dismiss them outright. You people are really twisted and weird. Get over it. It’s a movie that some people didn’t like. No crime in not praising it. Liking something other people don’t doesn’t mean you have to hate on them. Please, please grow up.

  • Awake

    Rises is probably my all time favorite movie, and that’s next to my other faves such as There Will Be Blood, Donnie Darko, Jaws, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, No Country for Old Men, Cloud Atlas, The Dark Knight and Inception. It has a mood and tone and emotional drive that’s stronger than The Dark Knight and what most people call plot holes or inconsistencies can definitely be explained away. It’s a great movie and I go back to it more than I go back to the others previously mentioned.

  • Sean

    Yes, It most certainly does mean quality! You’re wrong! No my profile pic isn’t crappy, you just think it is because you have bad attitude! What you said about Alice in Wonderland and Oz: The Great and Powerful, Alice in Wonderland was terrible. Oz: the Great and Powerful was much better then Alice in Wonderland.

    Mark my words: You’re going to get banned by the mods from this website, if you keep it up with your rude comments.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Yeah, you’re supposed to wait one hundred and TWO years, not one hundred and ONE! Sheesh!

  • Norman Dostal

    come on, dude-cut it out-attractive people dont claim theyre attractive-we just ARE

  • matt

    hahaha everybody watch out! we have a real tough guy/ladies man here. Women cannot resist a guy who trolls batman movie news stories on the internet after all. Also im sure that keeps you in great shape sitting on your fat ass doing nothing you worthless chode. im sure any actual woman you’ve “banged”(are you 12?) are super hot and not skanky gross cows or anything like that. two words as to why it sucks soooo much more to be you: inferiority complex. (aka a terminal case of baby dickitus) also…just thought i would point this out…”plus I’m smarter than yall too.” yes…you did actually type that you sweaty mongoloid.

  • David Finnila

    What you seem to be missing is perspective. I do not think Nolan is the end all be all of directors, but he took something that typically does not turn out very good (the comic book movie) and showed it could be done very well. Begins and Dark Knight were well paced, well written and a very somber look at the genre. It showed a side of comics not seen yet in film, The Crow would be the closest to get to that simpleness, where before comic movies were about over the top in all forms.

    Rises is the weakest and most comic-bookey of the entire trilogy, with huge plot holes and honestly some pretty painful moments when comparing it to the previous two movies. Comparing it however to most comic book movies it is still leaps and bounds over most, and still deserves recognition as the third in a trilogy that actually wasn’t half bad (very few can say that) and for bringing about better comic book movie stories all together. Without this trilogy, I seriously doubt Hollywood would be backing Marvel and DC as much as they are, I doubt Avengers would have even been made because the only real marvel success was Iron Man at the time.

    So hate the movie, or movies, but look at the context before bashing a team that actually made a lot of future movies possible.

    Like I watched and didn’t like The Wolverine, it was just okay, but I could not get past the fact his hands healed when the rest of him didn’t, and the fact he was more powerful without the claws than with. There were a lot of flaws, but I can still say it was a decent overall film, 100% better than origins, but for me was too flawed to grab me. I also didn’t think Man of Steel was as amazing as everyone else, but I still am amazed at the attempt and saw real potential.

    Opinion vs hatred, makes a difference.