Josh Duhamel to Romance Katherine Heigl in LIFE AS WE KNOW IT

     August 4, 2009

Katherine Heigl  and Josh Duhamel.jpg

If you’re an actor and you’ve got at least one huge action movie on your resume, what’s your next step?  A romantic comedy.  And preferably one that stars Katherine Heigl.  According to Variety “Transformers” star Josh Duhamel will be following in the footsteps of Gerard Butler (who’s currently hitting on the “Grey’s Anatomy” star in “The Ugly Truth”) when he joins the Warner Brothers romantic comedy “Life As We Know It” starring, you guessed it.  Katherine Heigl.  More after the jump…

Katherine Heigl (8).jpgTo be fair, Duhamel had already made the leap to romantic comedy before the chance to work with Izzie Stevens came up.  He has “When in Rome” with Kristin Bell coming out in 2010, but these days Heigl is the brass ring of chick flick stars… at least according to Roger Friedman, and when is that dude ever wrong?

The synopsis for “Life as We Know It” goes something like this: two single, career-oriented adults have their lives turned upside down when their mutual best friends die in an accident and name then as caregivers of their young daughter.  And don’t say that it couldn’t happen in real life – did Diana Ross know that she was supposed to care for Michael Jackson’s kids?

Writer/producer Greg Berlanti (“The Green Lantern”) will direct the film with Katherine Heigl again serving as producer – because she’s been getting such rave reviews for producing “The Ugly Truth”.  It’s hard for a woman to pull off misogyny, but that’s her genius I guess!

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