Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki Awaken to RED DAWN

     June 16, 2009

adrianne_palicki_josh_peck_red_dawn_01.jpgAccording to THR, it looks like the Wolverines are assembling for Dan Bradley’s upcoming remake of the 1984 Cold War action flick, “Red Dawn”.  Chris Hemsworth (who is also playing Thor in the upcoming Marvel film) was already cast in the Patrick Swayze role of Jed Eckhert.  Now THR says that Josh Peck (“The Wackness”) and Adrianne Palicki (“Friday Night Lights” the TV series) have joined to play Matt Eckhert, Jed’s younger brother, and Toni, a tough fighter who eventually becomes the lover interest for Jed.  It’s not bad casting and I think the FNL cast is a great pool of talent as long as you avoid Minka Kelly (very pretty, can’t act her way out of a paper bag).

Of course, the question remains about whether or not this is an update that can work.  I haven’t read the script (and I usually don’t) so I’m not sure if the film is set in the 80s or the present day, but no matter the date, I think it’s going to be a hard sell to have the villains be commies.  And if it’s terrorists, well, they don’t really have an army.  That’s kind of one of the reasons it’s so difficult to fight them head-on.  Maybe it will be the gays.  I hear they want to do stuff to your kids.  They’re also very easy to identify if the inciting event is one of their so-called “parades”.

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