Fox Wants CHRONICLE Director for FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

     January 13, 2012


As the superhero franchise boom shows no signs of slowing down, 20th Century Fox is looking to get moving on their Fantastic Four reboot. We knew the reboot was coming, as Fox is in danger of losing the property if they don’t produce a Fantastic Four film every few years. Now the studio has apparently honed in on their choice for the film’s director: Josh Trank. The director is set to make his feature debut with the found footage superhero movie Chronicle, which has been generating a good deal of buzz ever since the first trailer debuted online. The studio won’t make a final decision on Trank until after seeing how Chronicle fares once it hits theaters, but Variety says insiders at Fox are very keen on the young director. Hit the jump for more.

fantastic_four_comic_book_cover_01Michael Green (Green Lantern) penned the script for the reboot, and Akiva Goldsman (Batman and Robin) was previously onboard to produce but Variety’s report states that he’s since left the project. Tim Story directed the first two Fantastic Four movies, which were pretty damn terrible. There’s no word on what direction this reboot would take, but given the nature of most superhero properties currently in development I wouldn’t be surprised if they say they’re going the “darker” or “more realistic” route.

Personally, I think moving as far always as possible from Story’s films is a great place to start. Obviously I haven’t seen Chronicle yet so I can’t really judge whether or not Trank is the best man for the job, but Fox seems to be really high on the guy so they must think they’ve got something special with the found footage flick. If the internet buzz is any indication Chronicle is in for a pretty successful run at the box office, so it’s a pretty safe bet that Trank will land the job. Obviously we’ll know more after the film’s opening weekend. Chronicle hits theaters February 3rd.

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  • Miss Mash

    Looking forward to this like a bad case of herpes.

  • brandon

    Sounds good to me, as long as they don’t cast January Jones as Sue Storm.

  • jake

    Jon Hamm for Reed Richards
    IDK for Susan Storm
    Garrett Hedlund for Johnny Storm
    Bruce Willis for Ben Grimm

  • Errol

    Oh, it was written by the same guy who wrote the masterpiece that was Green Lantern? And they were considering the guy who produced Batman and Robin? Wow, sounds like a real dream team. That’s all I need to know about this potential shitfest. I hope they just let it die before they’ve wasted any more time and money developing it.

    • dbrock

      Yeah I read that and I am really hoping they mean that those people have worked on the comics Green Lantern and Batman and Robin.Because if they worked on those movies,this FF reboot will be worse than the originals!

      • dbrock

        uh oh…just googled them…Goldman:”In the late 1990s, Akiva Goldsman wrote screenplays for A Time to Kill and Batman & Robin, which were considered subpar quality and got him nominated for the Golden Raspberry Awards. Goldsman came to the realization, “I sort of got lost. I was writing away from what I knew. It’s a little like a cat chasing its tail. Once you start making movies that are less than satisfying, you start to lose your opportunity to make the satisfying ones. People are not serving them up to you, saying, ‘You’re the guy we want for this.’” Yet he also won an Oscar for the A Beautiful Mind screenplay.Huh. Aaand it gets worse with Green…the Green Lantern may be his best work and thats not good..he was a producer\writer on Everwood,Smallville,and Heroes. So I guess we have Fantastic Four:Stupid Teenage Angst to look forward to. If Fox had half of a brain, they would pay Marvel money for the rights to adapt Ultimate Fantastic Four. They don’t need crappy screenwriters,they just need to adapt the first couple books EXACTLY and it would be one of the best reboots ever.

  • Ringbearer1420

    So they still don’t want someone experienced or talented.

    • Ruprect

      Talented? Sure. Experienced? Not a chance.
      They want someone who is too scared about his fledling career to tell the “creative” suits at Fox to shove their “notes” up their ass. It’s Alien 3 all over again.

  • Mr.Rich316

    Can this atrocity be delayed until Marvel gets the property back? This needs to be rebooted in the style of The Incredibles, not The Dark Knight. I think Disney/Marvel is much better suited to do this than Fox.

  • Salfie

    I’ll just say this: Okay, I don’t think that Tim Story’s Fantastic 4 films were great but they weren’t the abominations everyone makes them out to be. They were certainly better than Ghostrider & Daredevil and fit more with the tone of the comics than a lot of other comic movies. That being said, has anyone stopped to consider that maybe don’t lend themselves to compelling films? They’re not really dark and gritty heroes in the same way as Batman or the X-Men. Just my thoughts.

    • Ruprect

      Not an abomination? I have three words for you … Reed Richards Dancing. ‘Nuff zed.

    • Evan

      I wonder in what universe either of the FF films were better than Daredevil (whose Colin Farrell’s Bullseye alone was better than anything in FF) or Ghost Rider (not good, but has a zany charm) were better than the soulless, bloated FF films. Glad Chris Evans proved to be a worthwhile actor in Scott Pilgrim and Captain America, but he was an awful Johnny Storm.

  • spongefist

    Green Lantern was a thousand times better than Captain America.

  • Dane

    Green Lantern sucked ass

  • Narcisist

    “Michael Green (Green Lantern) penned the script for the reboot, and Akiva Goldsman (Batman and Robin) was previously onboard to produce…”

    Thank god, those movies sucked badly.

  • Brad

    Am I the only man who wants to see this approached as more heady sci-fi? Not necessarily gritty, but done in a more ‘prestige’ manner. You can’t out-incredibles the Incredibles in Live Action, and I think they should dump the jokey feel altogether. As much as I enjoy the recent crop of marvel movies, they are sort of fluffy and forgettable, almost generic, FOX has, in my opinion, a strength in not being attached to a shared universe. I’d like to see an FF movie that felt more like Solaris, 2001, but with a dash of high stakes adventure. There was an element of speculative fiction to Fantastic Four, and I don’t think its a coincidence that Jack Kirby did the comic adaptation of 2001. Just sayin’.

    Reed Richards: Jon Hamm
    Sue Storm: Alice Eve
    Johnny Storm: Sean William Scott (maybe too old… meh. i think he’s got charisma and more chops than he might be given credit for)
    Benjamin Grim: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (old enough to be a peer of Richards, gruff voice, and handsome enough for it to be a tragedy)

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  • talan7

    F4 has always been one of Marvels most cheesiest titles. Just going the “dark” route won’t work for this title.I mean, 1 guy stretches and another one is a talking rock. It’s always been a lighthearted comic, that just doesn’t work these days.

    Finally, they already ruined the Surfer, my favorite hero.

  • bill de maio

    I as like many others enjoyed the first 2 FF.To say say they were terrible is stupid.

  • Richy Rich

    So they are having part of the creative team that ripped off the really bad cloud version of Galactus from FF2 and made him the villain in GL…wow… Hopefully Trank will bring something to the table.

    I disagree that FF can’t translate to film. So many epic stories that are worthy of plunking my ass down in a theatre seat. I would like to see the classic stories …and those are the ones where the FF interact with not straight villains but other cultures/civilizations. I think the FF would work best as ways to introduce other great potential franchises . I would start off with the Black Panther story..that would be a great way to reboot…the science the exotic setting and the sounds creatures Klaw controls are so CGI friendly..then next the Medusa/Inhuman story….and then the Galactus/Silver Surfer story done right….that would be and awesome trilogy . Could you imagine if a creative team that could envision these three stories and see them thru as well as TLOTR trilogy. The fanboys would be drooling.

  • Evan

    I would love to see a great Fantastic Four film – the source material has boasted some incredible stories (and why the filmmakers werent ballsy enough to actually have Galactus be in a movie is a mystery to me – and yet they hire a guy who took the Galactus storm-cloud idea and applied it to the Green Lantern space creature, great!), but this creative team so far looks blech.

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