CHRONICLE Director Josh Trank to Helm Video Game Adaptation SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS

     May 23, 2012


Director Josh Trank turned quite a few heads when his found-footage superhero pic Chronicle was a critical and box office hit earlier this year.  Understandably, he was quickly flooded with offers to some big name properties.  He’s currently developing a reboot of Fantastic Four at Fox, an adaptation of Red Star at Warner Bros., and the Spider-Man spinoff Venom for Sony, but he’s now become attached to yet another high profile property.  Deadline reports that Trank has signed with Sony to direct a feature film adaptation of the video game Shadow of the Colossus.  Hit the jump for more.

shadow-of-the-colossus-moviePer Deadline, Sony is currently interviewing writers to work with Trank on the big scale live-action iteration of Shadow of the Colossus.  The story centers on a young man who enters a forbidden land in the hopes of resurrecting the girl he loves.  In order to bring his love back, he must defeat sixteen massive beings known as colossi.  I haven’t played the game (I own an Xbox), but the story sounds intriguing and the gameplay looks pretty great.  Apparently Trank has been a fan of the game for years and sought out the directing job himself.

Sony has actually been working on a big screen version of Shadow of the Colossus since 2009 with producer Kevin Misher (The Scorpion King, Public Enemies).  Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) was initially brought in to draft the script, but given that Sony is currently interviewing writers I’m assuming Trank will start over from scratch.

It’s still unknown what Trank’s Chronicle follow-up will be, but when Steve recently interview Fox CEO Tom Rothman the exec seemed eager to get going on their superhero properties following the success of The Avengers.  I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Trank makes Fantastic Four his next project while he continues to develop these other properties, though it’s also possible that another film is further along.  Either way, I’m eager to see what Trank does next.  Watch a trailer for the game below.


  • tarek

    this could be a very interesting adaptation if done well.

  • Sugreev2001

    It is one of my favorite games ever,definitely THE favorite of last gen.Anyway,I don’t think a movie adaptation could work…it’s nigh unfulfillable.

  • Reijanrobo

    Wow, I always wondered if this would be turned into a movie. The video game remains to be my favorite and most epic on the PS2 platform. It could be awesome!

  • Anon

    God I hope Trank gets rid of Misher and Marks. Their past work is atrocious. Studios almost always get untalented people to work on video games and then they seem surprised when the movie turns out to be a bomb. The only real exception is Prince of Persia but that failed because they didn’t get good writers. They should get Steve Kloves to write this.



  • aaronsullivan

    I don’t get this. Yes, the game is cinematic. Yes, it comes up in arguments about games as art. BUT, it comes up in discussions like that PRECISELY because the actually playing of the game causes you to question what is going on and if you should even be doing what your doing. The playing of the game is a big part of the art.

    Take that away and you essentially get big monster fights and a lot of horse riding. If you add story/dialogue/characters it takes from what made the game special as a story.

    Seems like a very odd choice to me. There are so many more fertile video game franchises to pull from.

    That being said, I’ll be interested to see why someone chose this and would love to be proven wrong!

  • yurine

    i’m still kind of iffy on this one. The main character barely even talks through out the game and it might turn off people who’ve never played or heard of the game.

    It would be cool to see all the colossi (give or take a few)fights on the big screen. But, i think that’s all it’s got going for it. (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing)

  • Radikum

    NOOOO! I dreamed of making an adaptation of this film when I make it big in the film industry. Well, there’s always ICO and The Last Guardian from the trilogy.

  • Aaronsullivan

    So how on earth did you dream of adapting it? I’m genuinely curious.

  • Azzamislegend

    If they attack it like a Terrence Malick flick that has epic monster fights and just layer enough story that an audience can keep up it might be the first video game adaption made that could receive good reviews. Trank is a fan which says ALOT. I have always said this a Metal Gear Solid are the watchman of video games. They are meant to stay that way but with a good script it could be done.

    • Azzamislegend

      A script by Hossein Amini and Steve Kloves with a look over from the games creators would be sick but that would only happen in a dream world.

  • Jonathan

    Ok considering that this games is all about climbing on to these monsters and running around in their stone armour the special effects are going to have to be something. In my opinion this game broke boundaries by eliminating all the standard game elements and just focussed on killing giant sky scraper monsters. So the movie has to be equally ground breaking. I see it more like an anime than a live action film but then again ‘Chronicle’ was extremely ground breaking in it’s story telling. If anyone could do it this Josh T could. The only problem I see is that true fans of this game, me included, maybe be very sensitive about getting it right.

  • aromcath

    Someone in charge of this does understand that this is like taking 12 Angry Men and making that into a video game.

    Look, you can make a good movie out of anything, but the core story mechanics in SoTC isn’t told through its story, its in its gameplay. The interactive element unique to its medium.

  • gjgg


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