Trailer for Joss Whedon’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING

     March 7, 2013


The trailer for Joss Whedon‘s Much Ado about Nothing has been released.  For those unfamiliar with William Shakespeare‘s play, it follows the trick to bring the bickering Beatrice (Amy Acker) and Benedict (Alexis Denisof) together, and the deception to tear apart the enamored Claudio (Fran Kranz) and Hero (Jillian Morgese) apart.  I caught the film at TIFF, and I was charmed by Whedon’s low-budget exercise in trying to tell a comedy without using his own snappy dialogue.  This trailer makes the film look a little more intense, but it’s understandable when trying to sell Shakespeare to a modern audience.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film also stars Clark Gregg, Tom Lenk, Ashley Johnson, Reed Diamond, Riki Lindhome, Sean Maher, and Nathan FillionMuch Ado about Nothing opens in limited release on June 7th.

Click over to Yahoo! Movies to see the trailer in HD.

Here’s the official synopsis for Much Ado about Nothing:

Leonato, the governor of Messina, is visited by his friend Don Pedro who is returning from a victorious campaign against his rebellious brother Don John. Accompanying Don Pedro are two of his officers: Benedick and Claudio. While in Messina, Claudio falls for Leonato’s daughter Hero, while Benedick verbally spars with Beatrice, the governor’s niece. The budding love between Claudio and Hero prompts Don Pedro to arrange with Leonato for a marriage.

In the days leading up to the ceremony, Don Pedro, with the help of Leonato, Claudio and Hero, attempts to sport with Benedick and Beatrice in an effort to trick the two into falling in love. Meanwhile, the villainous Don John, with the help of his allies: Conrade and Borachio, plots against the happy couple, using his own form of trickery to try to destroy the marriage before it begins.

A series of comic and tragic events continue to keep the two couples from truly finding happiness, but then again perhaps love may prevail.


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  • Matt

    I love Joss Whedon.

    This is going to be awful.

  • kps88

    Why such negativity? This is going to be great fun.

    • Jeffrey

      Uncultured fanboys…that’s why? The day any Shakespearean play get’s written off as a banal melodrama, is the day art is truly dead.

      • Bb

        I like Shakespeare a great deal, this however doesn’t seem good to me. Not because of the play, but the directing. The actors seem to not quite get the dialogue. It’s being read off as if it is being.. Well, read off.. The trailer didnt sound as if they were speaking a dialect they know, rather just spewing it out their like its a foreign language. The black and white effect is a nice touch, if not recently awarded in the artist… I don’t think this looks promising, Kenneth Branagh did a decent job with this and he seemed to play the part well.

  • Michael

    I like Joss Whedon enough.

    This looks wonderful.

  • Deadpool

    I wonder if there is a scene after the end credits that connects this to The Avengers 2?

    • Anonymous

      HAHA I hope so too! The Avengers had Shakespeare in the park, maybe after Coulson’s death he is now stuck in a color limited universe with Elizabethan dialogue. It be nice to have a Mr. Fixit cameo.

  • Elz

    Sooo looking forward to this, but the trailer doesn’t do much for me. Still going to see the film as I’ll be interested to see how this compares to Kenneth Branagh”s “Much Ado” which has its flaws but is a pretty enjoyable movie. Also for those surprised that Whedon kept the “original” dialogue, I’m not surprised at all. Whedon’s known for his dialogue, its intentional that he would keep Shakespeare’s, and play against type and expectation.

  • spongefist

    Looks FANTASTIC.

  • Lesser of Two Objects

    This looks kind…terrible and I love Joss.

    But that acting… oy. Feels like a warm-up routine in a central Florida community theater.

  • anonymous

    This looks so much better than the 90′s one, which would of been better without Denzel Washington or Keanu Reeves.

  • yfsy

    Why aren’t the paparazzo movie rumor geek sites jumping all over this one? Oh because it doesn’t have the word “Avengers” in it

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