Joss Whedon Says No to Rumored PLANET HULK Movie

     March 5, 2013


Last month, it was rumored that The Avengers 2 would involve the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) being deemed too dangerous to live on Earth and he would get shipped into outer space.  From there, Hulk would get a solo Phase 3 movie based off Greg Pak‘s comic book arc Planet Hulk.  In the comic, Hulk becomes enslaved on the planet Sakaar, is forced to participate in gladiatorial games and eventually becomes a hero of the rebellion against the Red King.  Then the rumor continued that The Avengers 3 would have Hulk and his subjects returning to Earth and wreaking havoc, which would be based on Pak’s World War Hulk storyline.

At some point, it’s difficult to tell how carefully Marvel Studios has mapped out their movies and at what point it’s just fanboy dreaming masquerading as a serious possibility for future films.  Since Joss Whedon is one of the Marvel Movie Universe overseers now, IGN asked him about the Planet Hulk rumor.  Hit the jump for his response.

As you can see in the video below, when IGN asked about Planet Hulk, Whedon replied, “Well I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense.”

I’m sure those who back the rumors will cry, “Well of course he’s going to deny it!”  We won’t know who was telling the truth until 2015 when we see The Avengers 2.  It’s the part of movie blogs to report juicy rumors (that hopefully have some credible source behind them, and aren’t just cheap attempts to pull in traffic), and it’s the part of the studios to deny those rumors in order to maintain a surprise for the audience.  I’m inclined to believe Whedon since Marvel has already struck out twice with the Hulk for solo movies, and even though he was incredibly popular in The Avengers, it’s a tremendous gamble to make the character the bridge between The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3.


  • Michael

    Right, and Talia Al Ghul wasn’t in TDKR. Zack Snyder also denied that Zod is in Man of Steel. Directors lie/mislead all the time. Who knows though.

    • Thadeus

      You’re right but all I care about is getting a Ruffalo Hulk movie. With that said, the Planet Hulk storyline would be an amazing plot for a film. It would give Hulk something to do and things to smash.

  • Ramone

    Hulks turn as a hero in Avengers was one of the things that made the movie great. Personally, I’d be really disappointed if he was cast as a heavy. I also agree that kids should see him prevail inspite of prejudices WWH would only have him play into the reason he’s feared so.

  • ap30

    As a lover of comic book movies but not of actual comic books, I say this is a good thing it was just a rumor. I’m sure the comic book fans would love for this to happen because the storyline was awesome but on the big screen I can’t see this winning over anyone except them. Regular movie goers would probably hate this.

  • Mavro

    You guys need to stop sourcing latinoreview. They’re never right.

  • armenianmovieman

    Wanna make a proper Incredible Hulk sequel?

    Let’s go back to the beginning: What’s General Ross up to? What becomes of the Abomination and Tim Blake Nelson’s character? That was the biggest sequel tease I’ve seen in quite a while.

    I have no doubt you can make an awesome sequel if you continue the natural storyline… it will be unfair if they abandon\disregard The Incredible Hulk and its characters.

    Also, you CANNOT have a Hulk sequel without the love of Bruce’s life, Betty Ross.

    And whether or not they can find a way to tie this into the Avengers sequel(s), to me does not matter….. I just REALLY want a continuation of what happens after The Incredible Hulk.

    If Hulk goes into space and we never hear from the characters again, it will be a big mistake.

  • Ray

    I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t a planet hulk storyline in the next decade. the fact is he doesn’t have to stay as the hulk as the comic depicts. he can have his conversations with his warbound as Banner, and transform into the hulk during fight scenes…though this might be a problem with the ending of world war hulk.

  • TDot

    May 2012 actor Mark Ruffalo signed a six-movie deal to appear again as the “Hulk”. The deal included his recent appearance as the Hulk in “The Avengers”, with the remaining 5 films to include “Avengers” sequels and a stand-alone “Hulk” movie. Unless Marvel is paying Ruffalo to sit around and pick his nose, there will be a stand-alone “Hulk” movie that will show the character as being more than a brain-damaged green monster. “Planet Hulk” fits that bill.

  • batesmotel

    i thought that phase 3 Avengers was gonna be about the avengers civil war? but it could have changed by now

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