Joss Whedon Slays Giant Monster in Short Film SCARY SMASH Based on a Story by a 5-Year-Old Kid

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What do you do after co-writing one of the best horror films in years, directing an incredible superhero movie, and presiding over a highly-emotional Comic-Con panel?  If you’re Joss Whedon (and I don’t know anyone else who has accomplished those three feats in a row), then you star in the short film, Scary Smash, which is based on a story by a 5-year-old kid named Brett Baligad.  To Brett’s credit, his story about a S.Q.U.A.T. leader (Whedon) facing off against a giant one-eyed monster (leave your sick minds at the door) after the death of a milkman (Dave Foley) is more entertaining than most movies you’ll see.  It’s got a good set-up, strong dramatic tension, obstacles, and a clear resolution.  Some screenwriters would do well to take notes from young Brett.

Hit the jump to watch the short film, which was directed by not-a-five-year-old-kid, Daniel Strange (The Ballad of G.I. Joe).  If you need more convincing to watch the short, it was produced by Felicia Day (The Guild).


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