Joss Whedon Talks S.H.I.E.L.D., Consulting for Marvel, HULK Spin-Off Movies, WONDER WOMAN and the Films of the DC Universe

     March 8, 2013


During a recent interview for his take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Joss Whedon also fielded some questions on comics-related projects.  At the forefront of that discussion was the upcoming ABC series Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., but The Avengers director also addressed his consulting work for Marvel and just how the eventual stand-alone Hulk movie could work.  Whedon also commented on films in the DC universe, including his work on a Wonder Woman feature and just how far he progressed with it.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say. 

shield-tv-pilot-set-photo-joss-whedonIn a recent interview with Deadline, Whedon fielded a variety of comics-related questions, starting with his experience on the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series:

“That was fun to do, but again, too much work. The idea of the Little Guy is something that I am very fierce about, and there has never been a better Little Guy than Clark Gregg. That intrigued me, this world around the superhero community. It’s the people whose shop windows get blown up when the Destroyer shows up. It’s the more intimate stories that belong on television that we can really tap into the visual style and ethos, and even some of the mythology, of the Marvel movies. I think we’ve put together another really great ensemble headed by Clark. And how much it’s actually seeding or hinting or reacting to what’s going on in the movies is something we’ll let play out as we go. For me the most important thing is that people fall in love with it on its own merits, rather than constantly asking, “Is there gonna be an Avenger?” Well, there’s not gonna be a Hulk because that guy’s too expensive.

“I will be as involved as I can be – mostly on a story level. On the TV show I can say, “No, do it my way.” I’m just trying to keep it exciting and meaningful and surprising.”


Whedon went on to talk about his work with Kevin Feige and how his consulting for Marvel operates:

“I understand what Kevin [Feige] is going for and where he’s heading, and I read the scripts and watch cuts and talk to the directors and writers and give my opinion. Occasionally there could be some writing. But I’m not trying to get in anybody’s soup, I’m just trying to be helpful. Every time you work on a project it’s a little vacation from the project you’re working on the other 23 hours. That’s the thing – it replenishes you to do something else. And they’re very aware that if I’m too tired or busy to help with anything, that’s fine. But if I can help and not get in the way of the actual filmmakers, that’s what I’m going to do.

the-avengers-mark-ruffalo-joss-whedon-imageWhedon also addressed the recent Hulk rumors and talked about his vision for how a stand-alone movie would work:

“The Hulk is the most difficult Marvel property because it’s always about balance. Is he a monster? Is he a hero? Are you going to root for a protagonist who spends all his time trying to stop the reason you came to the movie from happening? It’s always a dance. I don’t think the first two movies nailed it, but I don’t envy them the task. It was easier to have him in a group than to build everything around him. I don’t think there would be any problem getting a movie together that had enough Banner, even if there was also Hulk. But if he was only Hulk for the entire movie I think Mark [Ruffalo] at some point would go, why am I here? I would be less inclined to pursue a storyline where the Hulk is only ever the Hulk. Mark [Ruffalo] and I loved the Hulk and went over and over the concept of rage and how it should manifest, and that part of it was fascinating to both of us. But when it comes time for the Hulk he has to put on the silliest damn pajamas you ever saw, a tiara made of balls, and a bunch of dots on his face and growl around like an idiot. The real heart of the experience ultimately becomes playing Banner. And people fell in love with Banner because I think Mark has you from the first time he shows up.”

Finally, Whedon comments on the DC films and his work on Wonder Woman:

“I don’t keep that close an eye on it. But I loved Batman Begins so much and thought Christopher Nolan nailed Batman in a way that nobody ever had. It couldn’t be more different from The Avengers, and the Marvel and DC universes are different animals. If they actually crack the code which has not been done in terms of creating a shared sensibilities where all the movies are interesting and come together, I’m going to be thrilled. I have no fear that we’re going to be stepping on each others’ turf.

“It’s not easy. It’s not a simple trick. The Marvel properties with the exception of Batman who has often been described as the Marvel character in the DC universe are much easier to translate to a modern audience. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern are so far above us and their powers are amorphous and that makes it 10 times harder. Even when you’re doing a fight, it’s harder to write a fight for Thor than it is for Captain America because he’s that much stronger. I loved what I was doing on Wonder Woman. Clearly I was an excited party of one. I wrote the movie, I felt good about the characters, the structure needed work, I did another outline, they read it and were done. There wasn’t even a phone call.”


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  • Ramone

    I seriously hope the dopes at Warner/DC are kicking themselves for letting Wheadon go to Marvel. It’s their own fault for letting their universe fall into a constant state of development hell.

  • Gambit

    God I wish we could read that Wonder Woman script…

  • Angel of Death

    It’s karma. You screw over a talent like Joss Whedon, and you get your Justice League movie stuck in development hell because of the writer of the terrible Gangster Squad. You deserve to suffer for your poor decisions and inability to recognize talent DC/WB!

  • Strong Enough

    Even Joss praises Nolan …….nuff said. I’m gay for Nolan.

    all bow down to Nolan

    • Chad

      Technically, he praised ONE film – Begins – the first and only great film in the trilogy. So at least he got that part right.

      • Mike

        I completely agree with him, Begins was the only stellar movie of that trilogy.

      • The Blue Elephant

        The first one was definitely the best. The dark knight rises was a turd.

      • Van Iblis


      • Ryan

        Yeah the first one was probably be the best, but how could you say it was the ONLY good one in the series? The Dark Knight was awesome! One of the most memorable villains ever!

    • dogg

      Man, I would love to hear his honest appraisal for TDKR. It was pretty telling that he singled out Begins. Without Heath Ledger, TDK would also have fallen flat.

      • stefan_san

        you nolan haters are such losers!

        Please explain in whole sentences what was bad about the Dark Knight and “Rises”.
        I doubt you can form any.

      • dan

        But TDK did have heath Ledger, which made it one of the most memorable films that year.

  • Jared

    Warner needs to get Geoff Johns on board. And if try use the Justic League as the platform to launch the other properties, then they should go with the “New Frontier” story line; as Superman is already an established hero in it and it gets the others’ login stories out of the way in the process. Leaving more room to character development and good story tdoling for the following solo films. Green Lantern can be such a great series, if only they do it right.

  • Smashing

    Hard to believe Joss hasn’t seen Mark Waid’s Indestructable Hulk: it seems like a great set-up for doing a Hulk movie while giving Banner equal prominence. And actually Joss himself already hit on it in Avengers:

    Banner’s a scientist, man! He’s the brains. He can set the pieces up and then let the Hulk knock them down.

  • Smashing

    Hard to believe Joss hasn\’t seen Mark Waid\’s Indestructable Hulk: it seems like a great set-up for doing a Hulk movie while giving Banner equal prominence. And actually Joss himself already hit on it in Avengers:

    Banner\’s a scientist, man! He\’s the brains. He can set the pieces up and then let the Hulk knock them down.

  • LEM

    Will Lizzy Caplan be in the S.H.I.E.L.D series?

    • Ur mom

      She said washed would love to be in the show, but I don’t think anyone has confirmed if she’ll be in it or not.

    • Ur mom

      She said *SHE* would love to be in the show. My mistake.

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