Joss Whedon Talks THE AVENGERS, Will he Return for the Sequel, and Reveals the Blu-ray/DVD Will Have 30 Minutes of Deleted Scenes

     May 5, 2012


With The Avengers now playing, Marvel/Disney recently held a massive press junket in Los Angeles and I was able to interview most of the cast, director Joss Whedon, and Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President).  If you missed the interviews I’ve been posting all week, here’s Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Chris Hemsworth with Chris Evans (Thor/Captain America) Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Scarlett Johansson with Jeremy Renner (Black Widow/Hawkeye), and Clark Gregg with Cobie Smulders (Agent Coulson/Maria Hill).  And the final interview from the junket, I’ve got Whedon.

During the quick interview, Whedon revealed The Avengers Blu-ray/DVD will have 30 minutes of deleted scenes and that his first cut was three hours!  We also talked about what was cut and whether he’d be back for the sequel.  Hit the jump to watch.

the-avengers-joss-whedon-captain-america-shield-imageFinally, as you’ve probably seen me say on again and again on Twitter, I absolutely loved The Avengers.  It’s now my favorite Marvel movie.  If you were nervous a movie loaded with so many characters couldn’t work, don’t worry, it does.  Whedon really has accomplished a small miracle getting everyone enough screentime to make it all work.  He’s also cast the perfect Bruce Banner/Hulk in Mark Ruffalo, who steals the movie and delivers some of the best lines.  Trust me, you’re going to love The Avengers and you’re going to want to see the sequel immediately.  Also, make sure you stay through all the credits…

For all of our Avengers coverage which includes our set visit, on set interviews, clips, TV spots, posters, images and more, click here.  You can also read Matt’s review here.

Joss Whedon

  • After telling him how much I loved the film, I ask if he’s been able to feel the love from fandom
  • Deleted scenes talk about Captain America.
  • He mentions he had a 3 hr first cut and the Blu-ray/DVD will have 30 minutes of extras
  • Does Marvel have an option for him to direct the sequel



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  • Spock Jenkins

    He’s tired and needs a rest ( rightfully so ), but I’d hate it if Joss now DID NOT direct or write the next film…

    Let’s not rush it out half-baked. I really hope Marvel do their all to keep good relations with him as it will a tremendous blow to lose him and what he has achieved with this movie…

  • Ash Talon

    I think they could keep him on as screenwriter, but they really need to focus on making a better story next time.

    I just don’t find Whedon to have a very cinematic storytelling style. Avengers looked like a tv show, albeit a very expensive tv show due to cast and effects. There’s just a flatness to it and a generally uninteresting visual presentation to the storytelling.

    It was funny, though, and a good time. It just could have had more weight to it. I don’t even think the alien army killed a single civilian.

    • T. Van

      Not to slam you, but your post gives me the sense that you bought in to the “not cinematic” rumor before seeing the movie, and simply don’t want to de-commit from that stance. In fact, a person could’ve written your post without even having seen the movie. Can you, by chance, provide us with a couple of examples of the “visual flatness” you describe?

      • Dave

        No, I agree with him. I am not familiar with Whedon’s work but the Avengers was not made by a visual director. There was one shot where the camera floats around the city capturing all the individual action set pieces but beyond that this did not seem like it was made with any particular style. The shot compositions and coverage was competent. What made the film decent was the banter and Hulk’s funny moments.

        People like Fincher, Cuaron, Raimi, Jonze, Burton, Sonnenfeld even Bay etc. have a particular style and film language they are developing. EVen with huge budgets their style and vision will come through. Directors like Nolan, Whedon, Wyatt, McG are competent directors but they really have no distinct style, voice or vision. They have a very corporate by the committee shot for coverage and edited feel to their films. Which is not to say they cannot make great films. MIchael Curtiz who was a studio favorite but hack director made Casablanca, one of the most loved films. Still, Curtiz cannot hold a candle to greats of his time like Wilder, Ford, Hitchcock, Stronheim, Lang, etc. who were all great auteurs with a distinct style. Casablanca like a lot of these big budget films had great moments but was shot for coverage.

      • mattinacan


      • T. Van


      • dan

        As far as cinematic storytelling I think the previous Marvel Studios movie directors all did a great job especially Louis Leterier and Kenneth Branagh I feel like a Co-directed Avengers movie by those two and written?produced by Joss Whedon Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. (maybe Joe Johnston) would be the perfect Avengers movie , after all these men went through to make the individual characters develop in their respective films it was a shame not to see all of them involved I like Joss Whedon and I liked Buffy Angel and Dr.Horrible but I don’t think he should have taken this on all by himself not without Louis Leterier and while mark Ruffalo was a very impressive Hulk the los of Ed Norton in a creative aspect is devastating

      • Donovan McLean


        The fact that you lump Nolan and Whedon in with McG, and Bay in with Fincher just highlights how unaware of a directors style you really are.

      • JayF

        Wait, McG, competent? have you seen ANY of his movies? Terminator Salvation sucked. Both Charlies Angels sucked. Tower Heist sucked. You might as well mention Uwe Boll while you’re at it.

      • T. Van

        Does anyone yet have some examples of Whedon’s supposed “visual flatness?” That claim has yet to be supported…

      • Mike

        @Dave My god man. Your post began without a shred of credibility, then you went and labeled McG a “competent director” and you actually lost further credibility. You have negative credibility.

    • Nayka

      My initial reaction to your comment was… shock and a peppering of rage.
      The thing is that when the movie is looked as a stand-alone, yes it does feel lacking and borderline confusing (specially if one is not entirely in the loop of the comic world).
      But this movie is supposed to be watched after you see all of the other movies (Thor, I think the second Ironman made a reference, Hulk II, Capt A). I have not seem Capt A and I was a little lost with the whole Thermathingy. Also Hawkeye was another loophole, he is just thrown in your face (those of you who know him from the comics, I bet you recognized him asap. I didn’t hahaha) I would’ve loved to have a movie about Hawkeye and/or BlackWidow, in order for us to have experienced a sense of betrayal when Hawk was turned evil.

      The point is that the movie was amazing. I went to watch the movie with tightly held expectations and I left the theater on the tips of my toes (from exaltation, apart from the fact that it was jam-packed). I was not disappointed with Whedon with Firefly and I certainly was nowhere near disappointed with The Avengers. I truly hope he is chosen to direct, or at least be part of the sequel.

      • Pyrceval

        BTW Nayka, Hawkeye (as well as Dr. Selvig) appeared in the Thor movie, so no if you’d watched all the lead up movies you don’t have to know him from the comics, just the movies.

    • Drew

      If you didn’t like Avengers Assemble’s visual style, you might consider laying that at the feet of Seamus McGarvey. Not every director can be their own DP.

  • JK

    Bloody hell interviewer, try to come across more as a, y’know, interviewer, and less of a fanboy.

    • Gazz

      There are hundreds of interviewers out there that sound just like interviewers. In the case of these sound bite mini-interviews I would much rather the interviewer sound emotionally invested in the product than flat any day of the week. Plus Joss would have been doing 30 of these things a day for the last few weeks. It probably helps for him to encounter someone with a little bit of genuine passion behind their voice.

  • your dark knight ends

    i have a feeling he’ll be back maybe not directing it but involved none the less, i just hope they keep this the HELL away from m. bay.

  • excpired

    A better story? Ash, are you trolling? The movie has a 93% fresh-rating. The movie is on-par with the first Iron Man, and is one of the best reviewed super hero films ever. It is also set to make possibly the most money out of any superhero film ever.

    Compare that to expectations, where many people doubted Joss’scapabilities, or whether Avengers could even work on screen at all (even with Joss’ wonder-hand) and I’d say this movie is a smashing success. It is all owed to the fact that Joss wrote and directed it.

  • Sean

    Joss Whedon says in the video interview that there’s 30 minutes of Deleted scenes from the Avengers! That is going to be totally awesome to see on the Blu-ray release, because the Deleted scenes will likely reveal even more about multiple Marvel characters and reveal more things from the Avengers movie, that could of been kept in the Avengers movie if Joss kept the Avengers movie at just under 3 hours long, like maybe about 2 hours and 45 to 55 minutes long.

  • ozzie

    i was expecting very little from this movie as it really is a departure from the comic books … until the end where they threw us a HUGE comic book character bone.

    from just a production standpoint this is one of the best action flicks of the last 20 years.

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  • Avenging Bugaloo


    • One of us

      Remember, the Japanese like poop jokes.

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  • ATSPod

    I would be incredible disappointed if Whedon didn’t do the sequel. I mean who else could have pulled The Avengers off? It was everything and more

  • Carlos

    there better be a sick “Making of” and it better be more than 90minutes long!!!

  • traviscummins

    ASH::: try using ur real name, people might actually care what u say and carry it with some weight.. that being said, its clear u have a pre conceiving notion about the director which blinds u to accept this movie will break records due to people spending their hard earned money to see this many times. not including booted copies being of course which would only lead to more cash for what is a top 3 super hero movie that has been made of so far. Glad I saw this movie!

  • traviscummins

    Let’s all remember a director releases a DIRECTORS COPY because of edits done to a movie by a editor, and a company who invested deeply for a movie, who wants it it fit into a specific time slot

    • JG

      I saw an interview with Joss were he said that he wouldn’t do a director’s cut. I can’t remember his specific reason…

      Still, never say never in this business.

  • ESBmike

    just saw the movie today, and as high as my hopes were, it outdid them. will definitely go see again and soon. finding the balance of putting a demigod on scale with a rich dude and a super soldier and a few assassins, but making it all work? amazing. you even get a little bit of sadness to the villain, who is basically just a spoiled brat that made a deal with the devil. the scene with hulk and loki? made the f’ing movie. cant wait for iron man 3, i hope Scarlett gets her wish and she gets her own movie out of this, and hope actually that they all keep coming. would be really cool to see some cross-over stuff, like throw wolverine and the hulk together or something old school style, but not holding my breath on it. but i mean seriously… could you imagine the craziness of hulk and wolverine in the same movie? would probably kill even the avengers in the box office.

    one more thing about this…. the hulk was, in its own right a really cool movie, but obviously the weakest when comparing to iron man and thor. this movie made the hulk the king. obviously the box office numbers and eventual dved and blu ray sales will show how much people loved this movie. and joss? well i already dug the guy but now i have respect for him like no other. they need to do what they can to keep him on board for future marvel movies, its not like money will be an issue, just give the guy the room to do what he wants. f’ it, let him release a 3 hour avengers 2.

    as for new villain, as cool as thanos would be, its kind of like… the same movie. alien fighting earth and the avengers come to stop it…. and then a different alien comes to fight earth and the avengers come to stop it…. would be cool to see the avengers in asgard, or in a different realm than earth.

    • Matt C

      Marvel Studios won’t be able to pit Wolverine and Hulk against one another — since obviously, Fox has the movie rights for the X-Men. But I agree with everything else you said.

      • Professor_Zoom

        I don’t think we’ll see the Fox and Sony Marvel characters with their Disney bretheren anytime soon. But, we’ve all been saying how we want to see all these characters together for a while now, and now with the success of The Avengers, I just think that no matter how good the future Sony and Fox movies may be, the 800 pound gorilla in the room is going to be that those characters aren’t where they belong.

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  • Heyward Watford

    The Avengers was a very good Marvel movie but certainly not the greatest super hero movie. It did not flow totally and lacked cohesion and coherence but it is a very good movie and the dialogue in the script was outstanding. Please think before you write because Michael Curtiz is far from a hack. I would like to shed light on this ingnorant statement of classic Hollywood. Curtiz like Fritz Lang was a master of German Expressionism is Hollywood. Curtiz directed many other claissic films of all time for Warner’s besides Casablanca including The Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood, and the Sea Hawk effectively establishing the genre of swashbuckling pirate movies. Not to mention, he directed the gangster classic Angels with Dirty Faces and the epic The Egyptian for Fox later in his career. He was a master and made movies at every genre except sci-fi. He had his own sense of self paced style and fast action and was certainly not even close to a hack. You could argue his style defined Warner Bros through the 1930′s -1950′s and made Erroll Flynn and Bogart stars. He is the top or at least twenty of the greatest Directors of all time.

    • JayF

      Yup, 93% of critics are wrong. No story at all. Right.

  • Trololo

    Really wish they didn’t get rid if Edward Norton.. seriously think they dropped him cause he’s a better actoe than anyone in the cast.. new dude playing banner is a pos

    • Jason


      In case you’re serious though, you’re wrong. Mark Ruffalo is the best hulk by far in my opinion.

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  • Dave

    Rottentomatoes is a terrible indicator for the value of a film. First off, many of those fresh and rotten tomatoes are straddling the middle and it’s really a shortcut to thinking critically. Second, almost all great movies before the advent of the web and it’s blogs and amateur review sites built mostly on hype, had very divisive responses from the critical community. Movies in the past that had unanimous favorable responses did not age well. Movies like 2001, Raging Bull, Blade Runner, always divided the critics.

    Also, I did not say Bay makes better movies than Nolan. I was discussing the idea that directors like Bay, Gilliam, Sonnenfeld, Burton, Fincher have a particular style/voice/perspective that supersedes sotry or budget that have connected with the masses. Directors like Nolan, Whedon, McG, Wyatt do not. They create their films through coverage and editing. Which is not to say they make similar products, obviously Nolan’s films are far superior to McG’s, but neither of them have a particular cinematic perspective beyond competent coverage and massive budgets for post. Nolan’s sense of story and pacing is probably the best out of all the directors I mentioned. At least to me.

    There are many particulars to discuss in film. Don’t just start clumping everything together or you become a factoid in their hype machine.

  • weux

    Anyone who says The Avengers didn’t have a story probably doesn’t know what a “story” is.

    And Mark Ruffalo a bad hulk? You, sir, have peas for brains.

    • Gabe

      I don’t think anyone is suggesting that The Avengers had zero story. It’s just that when you have to juggle 5+ larger-than-life screen devouring demigod characters, the story ends up getting stretched thin as it’s forced to bear the load of all their banter, in-fighting, man-drama, and mindless alien slaughtering. I mean, we all give Joss Whedon credit for reworking Zak Penn’s screenplay and infusing it with some genuine wit, but the story is literally as simplistic as: a secret organization we never learn much about assembling a team of bickering superheroes to defend the earth against anonymous aliens… that we never learn much about. It really doesn’t get much more sophisticated than that and Whedon didn’t push the envelope or challenge *any* conventions along the way. Didn’t Inception teach Hollywood anything about the potential for innovation in summer blockbusters? How many more full scale alien invasions of New York city are we going to have to endure? The final act of this film is something we have seen over and over again for decades now. Sure, the costumes and character names change, but this plot coda is getting so old now. Did you ever for one second feel any sense of heft, danger or suspense during that final CGI destructionfest? I didn’t. These characters are all practically invincible, apparently unable to even sustain scratches or disturbed hairdos and I couldn’t have been more bored as everything played out exactly as I predicted they would 2 hours earlier… every i dotted and every t crossed. I would take 10 more scenes of Black Widow’s hand-to-hand combat over that cartoonish video game battle any day. I sure hope the DVD director’s cut results in a film that is actually allowed to slow down a little bit and breath.

      Oh, and can someone please explain to me how The Hulk, the literal embodiment of uncontrolled rage, fury and chaos, went from being a random time bomb of destruction on the airship to being a cognizant collaborative team member in the final act? That transformation came out of nowhere and made absolutely no sense to me, though it was definitely a convenient deus ex machina.

      • chava

        Actually the Hulk its not mindless, he has some kind of intelligence and Banner can have a lil grip on the hulk actions. The mindless part was how it was developed in the past movies even if at the end of norton’s Hulk you get a glimpse that banner already has some control on the Hulk.

        Since all that was scrapped and with the lack of time to make a Hulk movie i think Wheldon takes this into granted, and even if he doesn’t do it in a transparent way its great to see the true comic Hulk in the Avengers. They would have to make another movie of the Hulk just to explain this and the Avengers was not the place for it. And think of the option of going with the boring Hulk that was made in Norton’s and Lee’s version. BTW Norton made a great Banner but not a great Hulk.

        About the alien invasion, well it may seem generic, but its a great way to introduce Thanos and give the possibility of expanding the Marvel Universe in movies to heroes/villains out of Earth, something that is most of the times cut out cause of the budget or time. Also the aliens do exists as the Skrull’s of Marvel Ultimate Universe, which was the original race to be in the movie but had to be modified due to licence problems.

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  • jonathan

    the movie was amazing! And yes, this guy is the best hulk of them all! Great find! Ed is difficult to work with and he would end up sticking the fans, Nortons days in holywood are numbered, any way back to the movie, great job! I would pay big time to see an avemgers 2, 3 hour movie! things i wish were in this movie: 1 captain americai saying avengers assemble 2 hulk picking up thors hammer 3 chitauri shutting down like droids was like star wars phantom menace and very lame, however cant wait for ultron to be made from alien robotic technology, and I heard Dr. Doom will be in part 2!!!!

  • Agent of Chaos

    I was hoping we could find out what his favorite Karaoke song was..

    All Hail the JOSS tho, still geekin out over the movie.

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  • adelaide hot water

    I delight in, cause I discovered just what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • Yes!!

    They have two deleted scenes of Maria Hill interagating someone..
    i really wished they kept atleast one in. Cobie Smulders was awesome as Hill and I would have loved more of her!

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  • J-Jam

    Good to hear there will be a slew of deleted scenes on the home video release. I wonder if this will be a directer’s cut or will those extras just be tacked on the side?

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