Joss Whedon Talks THE AVENGERS & THE AVENGERS 2; Over 2-Hour Runtime, No Skrulls or Kree, Easter Eggs, and “Smaller” Sequel

     March 11, 2012


Joss Whedon is a very popular man. If he wasn’t also the writer and director of The Avengers he would still be a very popular man, but given that he is the guy bringing the all-star superhero movie to the screen, fans have been dying to soak up every nugget of info he gives out about the much anticipated Marvel pic.  Such an opportunity arose this past weekend when Whedon and director Drew Goddard premiered their new horror film The Cabin in the Woods at the SXSW Film Festival.  Whedon serves as co-writer and producer on the pic which is garnering intense positive buzz (read Matt’s review here), and members of the press got the chance to talk to Whedon about the genre bending film during the festival.  As expected, questions didn’t exactly stick only to Cabin in the Woods, and Whedon talked quite a bit about The Avengers and The Avengers 2 over the course of the weekend.

Not only have we gathered all the noteworthy quotes from Whedon regarding The Avengers and its sequel in one tidy article, we’re also including some information on the film that Whedon revealed to Steve earlier today including the current runtime of the movie, what kind of extras we can expect on the DVD (including whether or not we’ll get a “Director’s Cut”), the prevalence of songs in the film, Easter eggs, and much more. Hit the jump for a Whedon/Avengers extravaganza.

the-avengers-joss-whedon-samuel-l-jacksonRegarding the runtime of the film, Whedon revealed to Steve that his first cut of the movie was three hours long, but he’s found the sweet spot at just over two hours:

“My first cut was three hours long and it’s now down to 2 hours and 15 minutes, and I’m extremely proud of that. I had always intended to go over two, under two and a half. There was no way a movie with this many great actors and this much epic scope was gonna clock in under two and not feel a little anemic, somebody wasn’t gonna get their moment if that happened. But at the same time, I get very angry that romantic comedies run over two hours long, it’s like ‘Guys, that’s not okay.’ More isn’t more. I don’t want anything in the movie that shouldn’t be.”

the-avengers-2-joss-whedon-imageGiven that he’s shaved 45 minutes off his initial cut, there’s quite a bit on the editing room floor. Whedon talked a bit about what kind of stuff he removed from the movie:

“There’s a lot of me that got cut out, but I think part of the process in a situation like this is you make the movie, you make your movie, then you remove yourself out of the equation. At some point you stop looking beyond The Avengers movie at your own stuff, you don’t look at that horizon you look at this movie and you go, ‘You know what, The Avengers are more important than I am so these things that I’m obsessed with aren’t necessarily moving the story forward, and therefore they are baggage.’ You can do that in a TV show, you can bring your baggage and sort of lay it out because you have a season to do it, but in a movie you actually have to remove yourself from the equation a bit and when I was finally able to do that, I saw a much clearer road to how to get the best experience for the audience.”

the-avengers-joss-whedon-scarlett-johanssonFor those hoping to see Whedon’s three hour version as a director’s cut, don’t hold your breath:

“No [there won’t be a director’s cut on the DVD]. I… believe very strongly in putting the director’s cut into the theaters. I believe that the director’s cut is the best movie for the studio and the best version of the movie for the audience. I’ve never really been in a situation where I had to pull the beating heart out of something that I did. I think people get to see a lot of extraordinary extras because I did shoot a bunch of stuff that I love, but the movie is the movie I want it to be.”

Fans have been rewarded with quite a few Easter eggs planted in previous Marvel films to spot, but Whedon said not to expect any winks at some of his other works outside the Marvel universe:

“I am not a fan of referencing your own work when it’s in a different universe than what you’re doing. That, to me, is a wink at the audience and winking isn’t actually cool when you’re not, like, 10. When I was 10 my girlfriend thought it was super cool that I could wink, but now you’re just sad if you do that.”

the-avengers-hawkeye-captain-america-black-widowThat said, The Avengers won’t be without a few nods to the Marvel universe itself:

“There are a couple of mentions of things; we were preserving the continuity and I threw in one or two things where I’m like, ‘Well this is something one of them would say because it’s part of the Marvel universe even if it’s not a part of this movie necessarily.’ I had such a job just making the thing coherent that I didn’t have time to play a lot of games, and I’m not really a fan of that. I do think fanboys will see more in certain bits than everybody else, but ultimately I want them all to have the same experience.”

the-avengers-movie-image-chris-evans-robert-downey-jrAs for the music, Whedon said there won’t be many popular songs in the film. He revealed that there’s a scene in Tony Stark’s place that needed music and he suggested a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers” by Jeff Beck, but the studio said the song was too expensive. Nevertheless, Whedon seems happy with composer Alan Silvestri’s score:

“The score is very old-fashioned, which is why Alan was letter perfect for this movie because he can give you the heightened emotion, the [Hans] Zimmer school of ‘I’m just feeling a lot right now!’ but he can also be extraordinarily cue and character specific, which I love.”

tom-hiddleston-the-avengers-movie-imageRegarding the film’s plot, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) appears to be the main villain but judging from the trailers, we can surmise that he’s got a bit of help. Rumors have swirled that the film includes the alien character races of the Kree or the Skrulls (and that alien ship in the trailer seemed to confirm their inclusion), but Whedon flat-out denied their involvement when speaking with EW:

“I will say only this: It is not the Kree or the Skrulls… Those two aliens are Marvel mainstays and have enormous backstories. They have a big life of their own that just could not be contained in a film where I already had seven movie stars… The Skrulls — they can shape change. That’s a whole thing. I’ve already got Loki. He’s got magic. Once you got magic along with your Iron Man and your Black Widow — it’s a real juggling act.”

I’m pretty clueless as to who the mysterious creatures could be now that Whedon has ruled out the Kree and Skrulls, so hopefully some of you more knowledgeable fans can get to work in the comments.

scarlett-johansson-the-avengers-movie-imageThough Whedon is still putting the finishing touches on The Avengers, he’s already thought a bit about what he’d like to see in The Avengers 2. When asked by SFX how the follow-up could top the first installment, he answered candidly:

“By not trying to [go bigger]. By being smaller. More personal, more painful. By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself.”

That’s certainly a refreshing approach to hear in this exhausting climate of “bigger means better” sequels and threequels (see: Transformers franchise). Marvel has already confirmed that their film slate following The Avengers will hopefully culminate in The Avengers 2, just as their slate following Iron Man led to the first Avengers film. If the pic is as good as it looks, hopefully Whedon will return for the follow-up to make his intimate, character driven sequel a reality. Until then, expect much more on The Avengers in the coming weeks as we count down the days until the film’s release on May 4th and look for more of Steve’s interview with Whedon soon.


  • Animationy

    Joss rocks “‘You know what, The Avengers are more important than I am so these things that I’m obsessed with aren’t necessarily moving the story forward, and therefore they are baggage.”
    A few of the mega-directors could take this approach.

  • Strong Enough

    It simple really

    The Avengers= 14 year old puberty ridden virgin fanboy with bad acne who wet their bed every night movie

    The Dark Knight Rises= Intelligent, Serious, mature, dark, gritty, movie

    And i don’t even read marvel or DC comics either

    • jymmymack

      That’s crazy that the studios let you see exclusive cuts of both movies before anybody else! Did the directors ask you for notes? Was there complimentary popcorn?

    • the dude

      Dark and gritty doesn’t automatically mean better. The Incredibles is the best superhero film, not Nolans Batman movies.

      Avengers will be more like Incredibles. Fun, escapism, cool characters, well shot action scenes.

      I find it laughable that people think Nolan’s films are better because they are dark and depressingly similar to the real world and remind us how crap it is.

      Sorry, but when i watch a superhero movie i don’t want to be reminded that the government is corrupt and we are in the middle of one of the worst economic depressions ever.

      As for mature, your post wasn’t very mature. It was juvenile and ignorant. Well played.

      • Christian

        Haha the stupidity of this comment made my day. Read ANY Batman comic and you’d see that the series is very dark and grounded. So if fans like it, its because its suppose to be that way. A man can’t go around in a bat costume without having issues, and Batman in the last 20 years has transformed into that darker entity.

      • excpired

        Sorry, but The Incredibles was not a great movie. It was cookie-cutter rehash, entirely derivative and only mildly entertaining.

        If that’s your thing then fine, you enjoyed it. However, The Incredibles is NOT the best superhero movie.

        The Nolan Batman trilogy is great for what he said, but it is also great because the films treat their audience with some respect. Films that treat you like a child only work for those people who just want to be comforted by their movies. Seeing as how movies have all but replaced books as the form for the masses, it is important that films now convey a sense of reality in them and portray real-world issues. When a big-budget film like Batman can really tell society what it’s feeling in the context of a safe environment then they have nailed one aspect of what makes a great film. Which is why I think people connect with Pixar’s films, because they talk about real issues in the context of an adventure story in a safe way.

        Ex: Monsters, Inc. explored the division of the world between fear and joy, which is more effective, which adds more to the world, and it taught our children to fight for happiness.

        Toy Story talks about the strength of friendships and lasting bonds, and dealt with a multitude of issues throughout the trilogy.

        Finding Nemo, the lengths a father would go to in order to find his son – literally across the entire ocean.

        The Incredibles didn’t really say much, it was just trying to be funny the whole time and made no attempt to drive at any point other than family have fun time together and beat the bad kid who looked up to dad. Not to mention its pretty frustrating watching a bunch of Freakazoid + Fantastic Four rip-offs do a ton of stuff I’ve seen in a million other family-friendly comic books across the decades.

        Of course Nolan’s films (not just Batman), are good for many other reasons. He is an excellent director, and has a well-rounded team that consistently puts out quality films. My only real complaint is their composer, who really should be fired.


        But I have a lot of respect of Whedon’s ability to handle ensemble casts, and his ability to turn what would otherwise be a bit of a joke into something very thoughtful and worth engaging. I wasn’t a fan of Thor or Captain America, they both seemed uninspired – but I think with Whedon’s hand in it they could come to life in The Avengers we will see soon enough.

    • AlexHeyNa

      The Avengers is a “classic” action/adventure film. Escapism at its finest.

      The Dark Knight Rises is [hopefully] and Oscar contender*. Filmmaking at its finest.

      *If it doesn’t even get nominated — it doesn’t have to win — for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay (and Best Score), that will be my last straw with the Academy and their pathetic decisions.

      • the dude

        I get what you’re saying but who says TDKR deserves any Oscar recognition? It’s no where near being released yet.

        And no TDK didn’t deserve Oscar noms for the big ones either.

      • excpired

        Didn’t Heath Ledger win the Oscar for his performance as the Joker in TDK?

    • Mark

      The Dark Knight was a brilliant movie, neither The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers are out yet.

      Pass judgement once you’ve seen both of them. Marvel and Dc always have their supporters, Both of the movies look amazing so I don’t get why fanboys feel like in order for their movie to be good the other has to suck.

      Just be thankful were getting quality movies from the marvel cinematic universe and
      Christopher Nolan and hope that they don’t try and make more movies like ghost rider.

    • … no.

      Nah, if Avengers succeeds in pleasing its audience, it will clearly be the better movie. It has harsher critics.

      Fanboys are bitchy little sadsacks who find nothing good enough for them, because nothing quite fills the void created by their pathetic loneliness.

      Whereas all Dark Knight Rises has to do to please its non-fanboy audience is act deathly serious… despite it also being a silly movie about superheroes.

      • Kettle

        Aw you sound bitter.

    • J-rad

      This is the most worthless post I have ever read…This is why fanboy movie geeks get bad reps. Neither movie has even come out yet an yet you rip apart something because it is not “real,dark or gritty”

      Reality check you pretentious do*che , both of these are based on fictional comic book characters and are NOT REAL. Batman does not exist no matter how badly you think he can. Get off Nolans c*ck already.

      Why do you even have to compare The Avengers with The Dark Knight Rises ? They are 2 completely different worlds, 2 different directors and directorial styles and 2 completely different sets of characters , tones and personalities.

      Why people feel the need to pit these movies against one another is beyond me , grow the hell up, open up your narrow sad view of the world and just be thankful we get to enjoy them coming to life off of the pages of the comics.

      • Vickthur

        People like to argue. They also like to have things compete against each other. Things that are similar enough and have a close enough release date. The Avengers vs. Dark Knight Rises competition wouldn’t exist if The Avengers was released in a different year.

    • Ramon

      You missed the point of the Incredibles. The movie was an exploration of talent and identity through the parable of the deconstructed superhero. The “Parrs” (Incredibles) were a family of naturally endowed people who hid their exceptional gifts in order to pretend to blend in with the rest of “normal”, American society. Living in duplicity in order to conform with the external expectations imposed upon by a mass public distrustful of superheroes, they are restricted from expressing their true selves for fear of persecution by the American government. We see the effect that this repression in how the Parrs exemplify the failings of a stereotypically dissatisfied suburban family. Mr. Incredible is a frustrated working Joe forced to deal with the tyrannical dictates of his foolish boss in order to support his family. Violet is a shy, alienated preteen with little confidence. Dash, younger and more precocious than his sister, laments his dissatisfaction that he cannot use his powers to his advantage. It is only as they are forced to use their powers to protect their family that they come together and realize their true selves.

    • Elena

      When people bash a movie they haven’t seen it’s bad taste, really.

    • eternalozzie

      Strong Enough,
      You my friend are a great source of amusement. You think Nolan’s Batman films are “intelligent, serious, mature, dark, and gritty” ??? They are comic book movies and really none of the things you listed.

      Everyone takes themselves way too serious here. If you were the film critics you think you are you wouldn’t be making comments on a blog while typing from your parent’s basements.

      Get over yourselves and just enjoy the movie going experience.

      • AlexHeyNa

        Well lucky for me I’m typing from my 400 square-foot apartment in LA, where I go to school for film. So yeah…some of us DO know what we’re talking about. Don’t be so quick to assume we all live in our parents’ basement. In fact — if I were to guess — you’re situation probably isn’t any better.

      • Pooper

        But AlexHeyna,
        The movie isn’t even out!? How can you possibliy suggest it must definately win an Oscar? That makes no sense.

        Nolan’s movies were great, but the guy has no clue how to edit and shot an action scene. Look at Inception, every time someone is shot we see an image of a dude firing a gun, then an image of some dude falling over… then repeat…

        There is no sense of context and they are poorly staged and executed. I have no idea how the cinematographer won an Oscar.

        Surely if you were a film student you mightve noticed that? But its cool I guess youre 15 or so and not too bright yet

      • AlexHeyNa

        (For the record, I’m 20 years old. But that’s not important.)

        You sound like one of the people who goes on the internet and finds “movie mistakes”, then agrees with them because they sound smart. Maybe not, but that’s just what you sound like, because only those kinds of people say Nolan doesn’t know how to shoot an action scene. The main argument with that is he constantly breaks the 180-degree rule, confusing the audience. While that is a valid argument, it’s not coherent. There are no “rules” in filmmaking, just guidelines. If it makes sense to break them, then break them. And Chris Nolan has every right to do so. I wasn’t confused in the slightest, and if you (or anyone else was) that’s your own fault for not being able to follow a simple scene. Now, will I say he’s GREAT at shooting action? No. He’s not a master of action scenes. But he is a master storyteller, and that’s what his movies are about — story.

        As for it winning an Oscar, I think he should’ve gotten nominated for Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, AND Inception. So if he got nominated for this, it would be like rewarding all of the previous works he’s done that missed the shot.

        But I honestly don’t feel like arguing anymore. You can post your counter-argument, but I probably won’t respond. Internet arguments never get anywhere, and they waste everyone’s time.

    • TheVestige

      I find it funny how everyone is automatically praising Nolan for his “dramatic rehash of the Batman mythos” when in reality the source material for his Batman franchise are among the most legendary Baman comic storylines, “Batman: Year One”, “The Man Who Falls”, (Batman Begins), “Batman: The Long Halloween” (The Dark Knight) and “Knightfall” (The Dark Knight Rises). Those storylines are strikingly similar in their tones with the rest of the Batman comic universe. Nolan’s directing style just so happened to coincide very well with the tone of those books. Nolan’s franchise is very true to the source material, which is very rare in comic book movies. In summary, the movies are good because they are very close to the source material, each of which has at least been nominated for an Eisner Award, not necessarily because of Nolan (although his directing style adds to the story)

      As for your comment on the Avengers, I cannot judge the movie yet as it hasn’t released nor do I have any clues as to the chosen source material for it. But as for the rest of the Marvel Movie-verse, they have been true to their source material as well. Both in tone and in story.

      Your preference between the Batman series and the Marvel Movie-verse actually has very little to do with the movies, believe it or not. It has to do with your fundamental stance on comics in general. As evidenced by the fact that DC movies have had 7 reboots, which is extremely consistent with their comic franchises. As you said you haven’t read any comics, I can only guess that you would be more of a DC fan than Marvel, seeing as you prefer Batman over Marvel films and as most DC fans really, really hate Marvel fans.

      In case you were wondering, I am impartial. I read both companies and watch all Superhero films. And I try not to rank them against each other for that is unfair to them. It’s really apples and oranges. The one thing I can say is that X-Men: Origins was undoubtably the worst superhero movie in the 00′s.

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  • Lemon

    well, personally, after seeing TDK, I have no interest in going to see The Dark Knight Rises. I thought the Dark Knight was terrible and boring.

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  • Windsor Block

    Sign me up for the bed-wetting virgin movie.

  • spongefist

    Yep, I’m a virgin bed wetter too, Batman is just ‘soooo’ dark and ‘soooo’ gritty.

    What a twat. If you actually want a ‘real mans’ film then simply watch either:

    The 7 Samurai for an old school fix or 13 Assassins for a new school fix.

    The Avengers and Batman are comics for a reason. They are comical (and not the funny ha ha version).

  • lovetron

    Trailer still looks extremely mediocre to me.

  • Bronzethumb

    Grimdark doesn’t automatically equal better.

    Besides, this is Joss Whedon, the guy who created a show about a blond Valley Girl that kung fu’s vampires and made it one of the most dark, dramatic, gutwrenching TV shows of all time.

    • Windsor Block

      She stood on the mouth of hell and it swallowed her whole – and it choked on her.

      • excpired

        “Don’t give me something to sing, Give me something to sing about” – Buffy

        =P Own all 7 seasons on DVD, and all 5 of Angel… + Firefly & Serenity.. you could say I’m a fan of Whedon’s work.

  • Dr Doom

    These tours are nowhere near dark and gritty enough to win an Oscar. Why don’t you go have your bottle baby? We want realistic versions of tours, they’re not meant as some form of escapism IDIOT

    • Randofu

      You just made my day. :p

  • Jazzy Jace

    @ The Dude: The Incredibles is so-so, nothing special. Kick-Ass for me, is the best superhero film ever made, since it goes at pains to piss-take the genre. While Heath Ledger was great as the Joker, Aaron Eckhart was actually the better villain of the piece. For TDKR to get a an Oscar, someone significant needs to die now!

  • mattedscreen

    god I love fanboys nerding out over whether the Batman movies will be better than the Avengers.

  • Tarek

    When will we see Serenity 2 ? Please Josh.
    If Josh has helmed the star wars Prequels, it would have led to a new classic.

  • read10

    Atlanteans perhaps? Since the ship is the Leviathan.

  • the dude

    @ excpired

    you’re kidding right? Incredibles wasn’t a rip off, it was a satire/deconstruction and at the same time loving homage to the golden age of superheroes.

    Also it does have themes and subtexts. They are just subtly done, unlike Nolans spoon fed, on the nose, subtle as a sledgehammer nonsense. Nolan has actual DIALOGUE explaining the themes of his movies. Which is terrible, lazy writing. There is no metaphors, or subtexts, it’s all spelt out by the characters in unnatural, long winded and pretentious dialogue. Compare Nolans movies to Blade Runner for example. Blade Runner never once mentions “What does it mean to be human?” But Nolans Bruce Wayne actually says the line “I now know what i have to do to stop people like him” God that is awful awful awful. It’s juvenile and unintelligent.

    You obviously didn’t get the metaphor about Bob(Mr Incredible) impotence then no? Or Helen (Elasti-Girl) insecurities about his fidelity? Or how about elitism? “If everyone is super, no one is”

    I guess some of that is a bit too cryptic and subtle.

  • Who Farted?

    Seriously, who farted?

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  • Reality Calling

    Everyone who wrote more then a paragragh about a movie you didn’t get paid to make, Slam yourself!

  • Calcazone

    Don’t mind me, just taking a stroll in the “loving both” master race.

  • NinjinSteve

    I don’t like all this run time talk about what’s good for the studio and the audience. He sounds like Kevin Feige, who is awesome for what he’s done with MARVEl STUDIOS but… both THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA could have benefited GREATLY from an extra 15-20 minutes of story. It felt like they were rushing to the finish. Especially CAP where half the movie was a montage, and contained a couple jarring cuts and jumps in time. The same goes for THOR where his life changing character arc happened way too fast and was almost glossed over in under two days of earth time.

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  • donald

    I still do not get why Scarlet was cast as Black Widow when she would have made a terrific Janet Van Dyne and kept most of the continuity true to form. Plus, I HATE the she has short hair. Black Widow has never ever had short hair in the comics. HMPH.
    Yes, I am a fanboy. At 47 yrs old. :-P

    • Natalya

      Um, sorry Donald. Fanboy @47 or not, Black Widow had seriously short hair for a significant portion of her comic existence. See the cover of Uncanny X-Men 268 (as an example.) This costume and hair were her status quo for a decade.

      Personally, I think they should’ve cast a more mature (actress for) Widow AND kept Wasp around. But Scarlet’s awesome, too.

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  • beantownrocks

    One word, the”VISION”

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  • bloop

    he’s making the 45 minute cut for the studio not for himself or the audience. he should at least let us have a directors cut dvd so we can see his vision and original cut. i for one WANT to see these scenes that were “obsessed” over. they must be good if hes obsessed over them! is he in denial about making it a shorter movie for the studio so hes convincing himself its for us? im ok with it being a shorter movie at the cinemas cause people dont want to be stuck at the cinema for that long, but please, for the fans of whedon and the avengers, release the original 3 hour movie too!

    also: all these comments about “TDKR” being better, whatever, just take it somewhere else. i had to sift through so much petty arguing to find comments actually about this article.

  • hulksmash

    2 words “Wonder Man”

  • Directors


    You just seem to want to see the longest version of the movie possible. Joss makes his position clear. A Director works w/ producers and the studio to come to a point that all involved are happy. He’s not just cutting it to shreds and putting a smile on his face. He’s of the position that a director’s job is to work within the confines of a studio system and it’s almost like he’s challenged to come up w/ a version he is proud to call his Director’s Cut that also conforms to studio and producers notes. As he said,
    “I have never really been in a situation where I had to pull the beating heart out of something” I’m sure if he felt that’s what was being done to him THEN he’d issue a Director’s Cut. As is, what he “obsessed” over is just deleted footage and he makes it seem like we’ll see it– just in the “extra features” and not inserted back into the film. So, again… if you insist on wanting it back in the film you really just want as long a film as possible. You don’t want to see his preferred version because, based off what he says here, that will be what’s in the theaters. Longer doesn’t equal better.

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  • bloop


    yes i do want to see the longer version, but not primarily. i just want the option of seeing his original cut that was 3 hours long because i would bet its based on character development which, with this many unique characters, would be ideal thus extending run time. i cant judge the movie yet and i must admit i do have faith in whedon that the studio cut will be great, but i have a feeling that action will outweigh important character development. i hope im wrong though as a 2 hour 15 minute film is a nice length. but with so many characters and the pressure of including a lot of action for the masses favour, i cant see an ideal avengers movie fitting that time frame.

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  • Directors


    “because i would bet its based on character development”

    Understood but not all character development is a good thing. Sometimes performances, special effects, writing, etc. just don’t live up to the rest of the film. Sometimes scenes (while nice on their own) can ruin the flow of the film. I’m of the mind that Cameron Crowe’s “Untitled” (the long version of Almost Famous) DESTROYS the film I loved in theaters. Sure, it expands on sub-plots and characters but the pacing is– in my eyes– all wrong. But, I’m not against extended cuts. Aliens, Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2, Scream all feature extended versions that I like more than the original film.

    I guess I ultimately leave myself in the hands of the Director. If they put a 2nd (or 3rd in some cases) version out there then I will give it a shot– assuming I’m interested in the film in the first place. But, if they don’t believe in extended editions or the studio makes one just to sell DVDs then I have no interest.

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  • Tony

    RE: A lot of the comments here.

    Really while Batman & Avengers are both superhero based comic book based movies, comparing the them are kind of like comparing “A Princess Bride” and “Lord of the Rings” just cause they’re both based on “Fantasy novels”

    Or “Aeon Flux” & “Jackass” cause they’re both based on television shows on MTV>

    They’re entirely different things, and it’s more than possible to enjoy, or dislike, both of them.

    Darker & more realistic = “Better”
    Nor does it = “worse”

    (And TBH the idea the Batman comics are “More grounded in reality” falls apart if you know much about comics. He’s died and come back to life, healed from a broken back, and that’s ignoring his rogues gallery includes clay-men, giant alligator men, and his own dead sidekick who came back to life)

    The point is.
    Both the movies and the comics can, and should be, enjoyed f or what they are, comparing them is really a moot point unless you wish to compare EVERY adaptation that comes from a somewhat similar source and shares a couple of themes.

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  • Captain

    The Nolan Batman movies for me is great. But the topic now is the Avengers, and i have to say, Whedon did a great job, you can sense that there is control on the movie and every superhero have their own camera time and the action scenes are great. The story is also good and not just things happening like other movies nowadays. Every scene have a purpose even small scenes like when Thor asked about Jane Foster and when Pepper is watching the news on an airplane. I especially like how the characters retain their personality from their solo movies. Makes you feel connected, and even if they introduced a new Hulk with Mr. Ruffalo, it still worked. For those that haven’t seen it yet, well, make sure you stay after the movie and before the credits roll out, there’s an extra scene you would not want to miss :)

  • Jordan

    You lot need to grow up and go and get a job I have seen both series and genuinely think the marvel films are better as the point of a film is as well as to entertain but also to escape the real world that is why I like Marvel better and lack of Easter eggs and clever links between DC series let it down My opinion

  • Orange Arrow

    I have seen the Avengers (being in Australia) and it is the best super hero movie yet and I haven’t read any Marvel/DC comics. TDKR will be great, but it will be pretty hard to top the awesomeness in which the Avengers has produced. You are naive and biased if you think that TDKR will be better without actually seeing the Avengers.

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