Judd Apatow Didn’t Find Ricky Gervais Funny; Solicits Twitter Followers for Funnier, Less Snarky Jokes

     January 18, 2011


For once, it wasn’t the red carpet fashion dos and don’ts that overshadowed the Golden Globes but host Ricky Gervais’ politically incorrect jokes. And while the majority of viewers found him funny, Judd Apatow clearly wasn’t amused by his caustic humor, tweeting “I thought Joan Rivers did a wonderful job hosting the Golden Globes tonight” and “Ricky Gervais should do an episode of extras where he hosts the golden globes and is out of tune. Cut to female friend looking disappointed.”

The director felt that the Brit had gone too far in his quest to deflate some overinflated Hollywood egos. So he asked his Twitter followers to send him funny but less mean-spirited jokes for his stint as host of the untelevised PGA Awards, Check them out after the jump.

judd_apatow_knocked_up_movie_poster_01Besides the snarky nature of his jokes, Gervais bothered because he spoke the unspeakable truth in a brutally honest way. Too brutal for Apatow, apparently.

“If anyone has any jokes that they think are better than Ricky Gervais’ post here and I will read the winners and say your name at PGA Awards,” Apatow tweeted and hundreds of his 100,000+ fans responded. “Lots of #pgajokes coming in. Some excellent. Many insane. Most hateful of celebrities. Hard to be funny and not vicious. Steve Martin is king,” Apatow wrote.

While most played along, others questioned the director’s rant. When @delightfulcrab tweeted “@JuddApatow seems surprisingly bitter,” Apatow replied, “Just at two am in Atlanta. It will pass. Better than sleeping.”

Here’s a selection of some of the best jokes he re-tweeted, via Entertainment Weekly:

@totallymorgan The PGA Awards are so cheap even the host had to crowd-source material.

@alecowen It’s not hard to be funny and not vicious. For example, fuck you.

@nicksnow Ricky Gervais has announced plans to start an illicit dogfighting operation to begin rehabilitating his image.

@Mimekiller I see we have a lot of rich people in the audience, I hope your riches bring you satisfaction and happiness.

@Ziggypalffy why are rappers always singing songs about all the stuff they own? It’s like their target audience is the IRS.

And my favorites:

@isaac_arquieta Were you all REALLY expecting @JuddApatow to pick funny jokes?? Hasn’t done it in over 5 movies, Why would he start now?

(For the record, I do like his movies.)

@omitofo Inception is really about Hollywood. everyone’s constantly trying to ruin your dreams so they can make a buck.

ricky-gervais-01Too bad Ricky Gervais doesn’t tweet. I’m sure he would have participated in Apatow’s “competition” and come up with some snarky lines. I can understand that Apatow found Gervais mean-spirited, but the fact that he was tweeting about this at 2am is perhaps indicative of a deeper dislike of the comedian.

When Gervais introduced Tim Allen, Apatow tweeted, “The Santa Clause was better than The Invention of Lying,” referring to the 1994 Christmas hit movie starring Tim Allen and 2009’s flop with Ricky Gervais, respectively (I thought it was only his stint at the Globes that you disapproved of, Judd?) At least one follower agreed with him: “@SaraJBenincasa: to be fair, The Santa Clause was FUCKING AWESOME.” Apatow retweeted her along with the following comment: “That’s my point! As was toy story. Mean is too lazy for RG.”

But was he really being mean or just having fun with some easy targets and saying out loud what everyone really knows and thinks anyways? He may have gone a bit far, for example using Robert Downey Jr.’s drug problems as comedy material, but he was funny. And I like to think that these A-listers have thick skin. Like Gervais said before the Globes – he felt he didn’t go far enough last year and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association invited him back as host. His whole act is exactly that – an act that is so far-fetched and outrageous that it will supposedly get him “fired” from his Golden Globes hosting duties. Or maybe he wanted to leave with a bang. Gervais revealed to TMZ today that he won’t be hosting the awards show a third time. “I think twice is enough,” he said, although he was clearly relishing in his performance targeting Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis, The Tourist, Scientologist Tom Cruise, Hugh Hefner and Sex and the City’s “airbrushed” actresses. “I loved it more than last year actually.” So did we, and at least Christian Bale and singer Bryan Adams thought he was funny, too. The singer told Popeater, “I loved Ricky hosting the Golden Globes. He doesn’t give a s**t. ‘Look, I’m going to say this because that’s me every day’.”

Riddled as the Globes are with the various scandals and lawsuit from their former publicist, they should embrace the Gervais controversy. It distracted the media away from their own troubles and for once publications other than fashion magazines were discussing the overrated awards ceremony.

As @Es_Daddy77 said:

“Lighten up, Judd. Are you one of those people that watches celebrity roasts but wishes everyone would be nicer to Carrot Top?”

  • Ringbearer1420

    People in glass houses Judd. And really I love his films (well the ones he produces) but he has this attitude like his films don’t make you think drugs are fun and it’s fun to be stupid. As for Steve Martin his hosting gigs are boring.
    You get the host you deserve… Not the host you want, and Ricky Garvais is exactly the host Hollywood deserves. RDJ and Charlie Sheen have no right to be mad because their amazingly lucky to begin with, they can do all the drugs and horrible things they want and still get work, unlike a gay actor or a woman past 40.
    Apatow just sounds insecure and childish, while Ricky was just being Ricky.

    • leviathanus

      the ricky martin jokes were stupid. charlie sheen jokes really? and nobody will be mad at gervias for making a fool out of himself with 5 year old jokes. i watch the show embarrased for ricky and you could hear the whole audience’s embarrasement aswell. stupid jokes for stupid people.

  • Excpired

    The best ones where the ones he directed. But really he was best when he was on TV, freaks and geeks + undeclared are awesome (though undeclared took some time to get good).

  • leviathanus

    lol i meant ricky gervais….sadly my unintentional blending of steve martin and ricky gervais was funnier than he was.

  • Mathieu

    The ‘Santa Clause’ thing was Apatow illustrating Gervais’ hypocrisy and cruelty in dismissing another actor’s entire career in front of his peers just for a cheap laugh. I’m not a fan of Allen, but he looked visibly hurt when he came on stage and I actually felt bad for him. It must be said that Gervais’ own attempts at filmmaking have been pretty underwhelming so far; can he ever inhabit a movie character as timeless as Buzz Lightyear, that will be a favourite for many generations of kids in the future? I doubt it.

    Honestly, are there really so many bitter and jealous people out there that rejoice in seeing others who are more successful than them being humiliated and embarrassed on international television? Your lives must be so empty.

    It takes real effort to be funny without being spiteful, and I think Apatow was voicing his disappointment that someone he views as a significant talent should take the easy option.

    Gervais’ humour taps into the latent school bully in all of us, it seems.

    • leviathanus

      thank you for being the only person, so far, who realizes that everyone is human and cruel jokes that are just uncreative like the tim allen one should wake some people up. tim allen looked hurt, thats no surprise though who wouldnt after being humiliated than thrown out for millions of people to see. those who decry judd apatow for telling it like it was should really taste some of ricky’s medicine cause their souls sure could use it.

      • someonesensible

        you know you’re right. ricky did go too far in making a joke about santa clause. we all know tim allen is a great actor who deserves to be lauded and treated with the utmost respect. it’s just unfortunate he has the sense of humor equivalent to the average christian soccer mom.

      • someonesensible

        no offense or anything.

      • leviathanus

        yes he made a bad movie…lets humiliate or no no better yet lets take him and – retracted horror show-.

        great argument btw. he made bad movies so dont use your conscience. maybe robert downey jr going to jail was funnier wow wasnt that joke old….and the world really needed this. wow another gay joke about that famous scientologists..ricky better get his nobel peace prize….i could go on.

  • christophercantos

    is this really true? or is it one of those hollywood “fueds” like Matt Damon-Kimmel or the late night wars of Stewart-Conan-Colbert.

    i mean, Apatow has gone on record that the only show that makes him really laugh is Gervais’ Extras

    • Mathieu

      Hence his disappointment in Gervais’ performance, comparing it to the unimaginative bitchiness favoured by the likes of Joan Rivers.

  • brian

    Will someone tell Apatow that he needs to solicit material for himself. If it wasn’t for an unfunny Seth Rogen movie Apatow would be shite

  • Gary

    Every one who has every seen Ricky Gervais live knows his comedy isn’t pleasant. SO WHAT he offended a bunch of stuck up UNTALENTED wastes of human garbage. Every one takes offense to his routine BECAUSE every one else is. STAND on your own fucking feet and admit you laughed your asses off during the broadcast. I FUCKING LAUGHED.

    • Ringbearer1420

      And Karl Pilkington has a head like a FUCKING orange.

      • Allie

        Ricky Gervais is the funniest comedian in this day and age. If you would read his blog his views on the Golden Globes are throughly explained. Alot of celebrities have come back and said that they didn’t mind the remarks that were said about them. Nobody has committed suicide because of the Globes. Lets all move on. I felt he was amazing, just says what we all think in our minds when we see these people out loud.

    • billy bong thornton

      I agree I laughed at the jokes. If Holly-weird wasnt filled with huge ego’s and distastful people they wouldnt have given any ammunition to Gervais.

      with great publicity and fame comes great ridicule..

      get over it hollywood.. at worst you could go home to 30k a year jobs with 5 kids and no health insurance.

      I think one night of brutally honest jokes at your expense should be worth it. I cannot believe people are actually upset about this..

      Judd Apatow really??!!?? Try making a movie under 2 hours that I didnt fall asleep too and then I might listen. Other than that I could care less about Hollywood dipshits and the thin skin.. get over it

  • rocky

    I thought Ricky was great.

  • Simon

    Seriously, get over yourself Apatow, you don’t hire an assasin & expect him not to kill people! The only way I’ll even watch The Golden Shower Globes is if Ricky Gervais or someone just as real hosts. As for you, I won’t watch whatever you’re hosting or making, so stick your shout out where your head is!!!

  • Stinky

    If Apatow had anything to do with it his wife would host the Globes. No amount of booze would make that worthwhile.

  • leviathanus

    i’m really appalled that the society we seem to be in has such a total disrespect for others as well as themselves. its real easy to pick on others and it gets you nowhere. it spiralled out of control with britney spears i think. i was there floored at how mean people were at a fellow human hunted down like a dog.

    its all bread and circus for the plebs i guess. throw people to the lions and enjoy.Talia posted loud and clear where her opinions came from when she said ”scientologist tom cruise”. he s not tom cruise, hes scientologist tom cruise. there used to be some decency in the press. now people can destroy other people through it and call it justice. depressing

  • david

    It wasn’t Joan Rivers. More like Perez Hilton hosting. It takes certain skill to pull of this type of humour. Jon Stewart was a master at it. And it was an off-night for Gervais.

  • sydney

    Ricky Gervais ROCKED! He and Robert De Niro saved an otherwise long and boring, self serving, predictable show. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs a mental check. Come on now, enough pretending that 2 famous Scientologists are straight and that daily life dramas – rehab, booze, drugs, hookers etc – don’t exist off the silver screen. Ricky was REAL and so are the adventures and mishaps of everyone in that room. What are the tabloids all about? The same thing Ricky was joking about with better humor!

    • leviathanus

      right…and those who need a reality check are the ones who think tabloids are everywhere now. i guess the planet is in worse shape than i thought. maybe you’ll get your wish. maybe in your darkest hour someone gonna laugh at your misery. i’m going to make a prediction…you wont find it funny.

      • Ross

        Ricky Gervias was hardly making fun of everyone’s misery. Tim Allen’s movie career? Hugh Hefners choice of women? Even Bruce Willis as the dad of AK.

        So get over yourself and your lack of sense of humor. These people are in the public eye.

        And I’m sure if you asked RG about his movie career he would laugh about how bad it is too.

        So is every critic cruel? Just because RG had the balls to stand in front of all these people and tell the truth, everyone starts feeling sorry for them. Well Tim Allen wasn’t exactly offering you a refund after he took millions of dollars to make awful moves that you paid to see.

        In have a plan. Lets not say anything that might upset the superstars before they go home to their BH mansions and forget that you even live. What a pathetic society we would be then. freedom of speech as long as you don’t say anything that might be a little to abrasive for the head of HFPA.

        Get over it.

      • leviathanus

        i’m the 1st person who will laugh at funny jokes who are meant to be funny. like when chris rock hosted the oscars. he joked about tim robbins boring politics that was ok. it was somwhat funny too. but saying take a look at the next 4 presenters then peneloppe cruz and salma hayek come out humiliated….not funny.

        i could try and wake your conscience up but i dont think its gonna work because you keep proving my point…its not that ricky was funny no 90% of what you say is they should be destroyed it and wait till someone really give them what they really deserve …

        more and more hateful nonsence from you.

  • dknight007

    Loved Gervais at the Globes!

    I loved his attitude and saying F U to anyone who didn’t like him ripping people that deserved to be ripped!

    Love it!

    • leviathanus

      well dark knight i guess you totally missed the point of the dark knight then.

      • someonesensible

        how in the world is the dark knight related.

  • dknight007

    Judd Apatow…..your act and your movies are NOT funny anymore!

    That’s what’s NOT funny!

  • Ross

    To all those of you who are either to highly strung to understand RG’s humor or have a large wooden object shoved up them, try loosening up a bit.

    He wasn’t making fun of handicapped children or the underprivileged. This was a bunch of over paid egos, sitting in a very expensive hotel, patting each other on the back all night, spending more on dinner than the rest of us spend on utilities each week.

    So get over yourselves saying things like “I am appalled by society…” . This isn’t society. They don’t live in the regular world. They live in Ivory towers that w have built for them and snear down on the people that put them there.

    What’s appalling is that these over paid, over hyped so called stars cannot take a joke and regular citizens such as yourselves stick up for them.

    So fair play to RG. He didn’t go far enough. If you want the Worlds adulation, don’t get all upset when they remind you of the stupidity that you exhibited once you got it.

    • leviathanus

      this is called rationalization. they deserved it because they are rich. so break their careers and their reputation, humilate them in public. if this was you who was insulted poeple would rationalize it in some other way. instead of being rich they’ll say something else. what are you going to say then?

      when i say i am appalled by society i dont mean a joke in particular…did you live under a rock or under the blanket of anonymity? if not, this kind of cruelty happens more and more often and people like you cover up for them saying that the victims are richor something …they should have blown up the world trade center , cause america spends 600 billion in military….its disgusting. dont worry about poeple dying over there people are dying over herer also…. rationalization. you spend the money to go to their movies and you obsess over their success.

      dont cover your bloodlust under the…. they can take it excuse.

      • wtfmansrsly

        Hey, Judd, seriously man take a pill and go and rest. Finding RG’s jokes funny isn’t indicative of a wider epidemic of apathy or worldwide indifference to suffering.. I mean, it was a few jokes and jabs, nothing more.. geez.. What’s more, jokes and jabs aimed at people who literally spend their days being criticized and critiqued, on a personal level (in gossip rags and such) and professionally (their work being reviewed in all forms of the media).. So take a leap off your high horse and quit being so bloody dramatic.

      • leviathanus

        just take a look at the sheer amount of people who think its never enough and despair.

        but of course ricky isnt the 4th horsemen. he just really went overboard his ego went to warp speed. but just look at how many people not just encourage this but think he didnt go far enough.

      • leviathanus

        oh btw wtf this is exactly what i mean….rags, critics, etc this obsession is a disease. and it dopesnt stop at celebs btw . its transfered to normal people too. i see it everyday.

      • Ross

        Of course it’s rationalization. I am trying to rationalize Ricky’s humor to your over reaction. So you are saying that RG destroyed Tim Allen’s career? I thought TA did a good job of that himself. And then you feel it is okay to call RG an idiot to the people reading this and behind RG’s back, but say it is bad taste for RG to make fun of people to their faces.

        I’ll tell you what I think. One, yes it is okay to make fun of perfectly able bodied people in a room full of their peers. It happens all day every day and for you to blow it into this huge over reaction siting the break down of civilization as we know it due to a few jabs at some over paid and egotistical actors is beyond reproach. Two, blaming RG’s ego smacks of hypocrisy. Three, have you never done anything that people have laughed at you for? Did you immediately go around telling everyone that you are ruined because of it? Maybe that is more of a societal problem. People are no longer willing to just tell themselves that sometimes it’s just funny. And four, if they are all perfectly willing to sit there and listen to various other overpaid celebrities tell them how great they all are, they should also be able to handle the truth in reverse. Why? Because even these great citizens of magnitude are not infallible and should be reminded now and then.

        Bloodlust? For sticking up for a comedian on a ridiculous self serving award show. You are unbalanced. How do you get from RG was right, to I am looking for extreme violence. That is called over reaction and is far worse and more dangerous than anything I or Ricky said. Take a long look in the mirror before spouting crap like that and trying to tell us all what’s wrong with society.

  • Brice Gilbert

    He really had to pick apart the Tim Allen joke? Besides the Toy Story films Tim Allen hasn’t made a good movie in almost 10 years. That was the joke and saying that The Santa Clause was better than The Invention of Lying misses the point.

  • bobby

    judd apatow and ricky gervais are both funny they should do a movie together

  • wtfmansrsly

    “he just really went overboard his ego went to warp speed.”

    Well, that’s just merely your opinion, which you are so ardently trying to rationalize just as is everyone whom with you disagree. You’re taking the moral high-ground in an issue that doesn’t merit such treatment. Ever read one of Ebert’s scathing reviews? He can be pretty mean. Perhaps we should no longer allow negative reviews too? As a previous poster said, RG wasn’t insulting children or cancer victims or holocaust survivors, but a bunch of people, adults what’s more, who, BECAUSE THEY’RE ADULTS, can shrug off a joke without being unnecessarily pandered to and shielded.

    And who’s despairing? The moment people click the little X in the top of their screen they won’t be thinking about RG or the Golden Globes anymore, because, really, no one actually cares coz it’s not a big deal. Go to the imdb page of any celebrity and you’ll see angry posts insulting them. RG didn’t invent the mocking jest.

    And not being a citizen of the US, I can’t comment on this ‘disease’ you reference, although it seems clear to me from watching women go freaken nuts in the Oprah or Ellen audience when even D’list “celebrities” come out, or during award ceremonies themselves, or when actors lend their support to political parties or causes, or when they deliver speeches to the UN or entire governments, that famous people do hold a large sway of the public conscience, so its not far-fetched to think that people would want to lap up whatever details about them they can. But it seems, and I could be wrong, that celebrities, actors in particular, in the US are held with a certain automatic respect and almost reverence, just for being in movies or being famous. If an actor decided to lend their weight behind a political party here in Australia, they’d be laughed at or ignored.

    • leviathanus

      theres difference between telling a joke about people and insulting your career for nothing ( not even a clever joke ) in front of millions of people. what did that accomplish? the fact that they are adults doesnt justify all the cheap shots he took at them. i read plenty of ebert reviews and roeper used to be much worse and probably still is. while many critics are failed artists and are just mean to be mean ( in other words tabloids ) others are serious…i would put ebert in this category. but he draws a line he judges the work.

      you are really desperate to cover up for him. its not that he invented tabloids and cheap shots. there’s a line you must draw. and that line is in some higher purpuse. humiliating someone in front of millions of people for no reason has no excuse.

      ricky had a show where he would meet other comedians and chat with them. you should see the last episode when he insults gary shandling in front of him and then see his ego going at warp speed. but even then the stunt he did at the golden globes pretty much answered the question.

      im not sure what to do with the last paragraph. the pop culture is way too enthralled with celebs thats true and thats exactly what i’m saying. if you say that they deserve to be laughed at because pop culture hounds them i have to disagree. if people want to create their own aristocracy its their business, destroying someone is a totally different story.

      britney spears is no big deal no need in harassing her, tom cruise fell in love with katie holmes good for them….not an international drama. the fact thats people care so much is the problem. if you think humiliating them is a cure you are sorely mistaken , its a phase of the same vicious cycle.

      I used to find ricky gervias funny is seen his shows, watched interviews…i’m no hater here… comedy is serious i love comedy putting people down is NOT comedy. whether its ricky or some other idiot.

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  • someonesensible

    i like to think of what ricky did in this way:

    basically, he took everyone’s dick out and called out the ones that were particularly small or funny looking. the ones who have accepted their dicks, no matter their size or appearance, laughed it off, but the ones who were ashamed and liked to pretend that their dick was bigger than it actually was, were outraged and/or butthurted. ricky himself took his dick out and called it a puny little thing. but still some people are arguing that he was pumpin up his own dick.

    imo, and in the opinion of the majority of other americans out there, i think the world needs more dick waving. who cares if your dick is a wrinkled, dirty little shit? if you accept your dick and can laugh at it, you win. evidently, not everyone at the golden globes won.

    • leviathanus

      ok 1st…spoken like the real shakespeare. second you ahve to take reality into account. do you think everyone should insult everyone? you goal is an impossible goal anyway: ego ,by definition, is a inflated image of the self. try and go around your neighbourhoud and point everyone’s fault and see what happens. now have everyone points your faults all the time aswell? but then again im not sure why i replied to your maigcal prose.

  • US Dude

    I am one 100% American, bleed Red, White and Blue…and loved the Brit’s sense of humor. We are so sheltered by Political Correctness in America, we forgot who good old fashion smack talk was about. Robert Downey Jr….dude get some balls and laugh it off, you’re Iron Man for God’s sake. Who is Judd Apatow and who gives a crap what he thinks?

    • O.R.

      Oh, my God, you seriously bleed Red, White, and Blue? Dude, you should get checked up immediately.

      And RDJ isn’t Iron Man. He’s the guy WHO PLAYS Iron Man. Iron Man isn’t real.

  • HT

    Leviathanus: You are living up to your namesake; an anus that rises up out of the ether. It was jocular derision evenly distributed over a room full of the “elite” of society, opulent in the extreme due to the support of their thousands of loyal and less better off fans, indulging in an extremely costly and, ultimately, valueless occassion that serves little to no benefit to humanity in a time of general crisis, certainly for the average human, and there is no shame or dishonour in someone sticking in the knife and turning it a bit to bring everyone down to earth through bathos. Controversial, yes, but meant in good jest and taken in good jest by anyone with any sense or self respect. While it is true that you cannot keep all of the people happy all of the time, you can stfu. Noob.

    • leviathanus

      i not gonna argue with you unless you post one of rickys jokes that you feel was in good jest and explain why its the case.
      cause your post is hot air. i watched the golden globes btw and very few of those jokes had a point.

  • welling23

    props to apatow for appealing for moral sensitivity over gazillianaire celebrities but he also should take a look at the fruits of his comedy labors – his dick jokes that are pushing the envelope every time do much questionable influences on the society than this obvious snarks.

    also leno and all the other late night entertainers/comedians do 100,000 awfully badtaste insults a year but you know that’s ok, right because people aren’t in the room.

  • wtfmansrsly

    “you are really desperate to cover up for him”

    Uh, I am? I re-read both my posts and I would hardly think, being as objective as I can be mind you, that what I’m saying reeks of desperation..not nearly as much so as your dozen or so posts brow-beating us all with the sociological hows and whys of how a few jokes are ruining America and the world. You SEE it happening to people (whatever that even means)..?? Well, then it MUST be true!! (keep in mind Im not even entirely sure what IT is) :S

    I like how you respond to an above post by proclaiming it hot air and asking for some sort of evidence or proof of statement, when all you can and are doing is venting your own opinions as if it were factual or somehow inherently correct, again, using the moral high ground to bolster your own similarly unproved and completely subjective viewpoints. The point of a joke? Uh, to make people laugh, yes???? I don’t know about you, but if you want any sort of sample size, I for one heard plenty of laughter in the audience, and people here seem to have found it pretty funny. There’s your evidence (although I assume you’ll find a way to decry what I’ve just provided, further citing it as evidence only that we’re descending down the societal evolutionary chain.. why, because you THINK so, and apparently you SEE it.. *gasp* then it MUST BE TRUE!!!)

    I would think the organizers of the golden globes would thank their lucky stars that RG brought some humor the event, and indeed, provide people who watched worldwide with an actual talking point of it, from what was otherwise, and most times is, a needless and dull show. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp both nominated? Tell me, as was pointed out and joked about by RG (here’s some evidence for ya) that two of the worlds most famous stars weren’t just nominated to get people watching, for starring in a, at best, mixed to average rated and reviewed, and ultimately, forgettable film? The GG’s themselves are the joke here.

    • leviathanus

      again and again with the same stuff. here’s a new idea…how about you put real arguments on the table instead of saying everything im saying is wrong. and in your last paragraph , i guess you forgot you werent defending your hero ricky.

      how perfect an excuse is there, what a great cover your comedy, your job is insulting people….your just doing your job whats wrong with that. its a poor argument that works only on sheeps. look how rickys megalomania again take steve carell for the hundreth time. he cant say a good word about him, whether its an interview or otherwise he just deflects the question. is carell doing a good job on the office….he deflects cant even do it. then what an ass introduces carell as ungrateful on the golden globes….how pathetic. tell me how justified is that? thats just ricky? can you come up with some argument?

      would all the one who think succesful poeple should be destroyed make the same argument if they left the couch and became succesful people themselves? they just cant make their peace with who they are and so they destroy others.


  • Cypher

    To all the people saying “oh he was so mean” or “oh his jokes weren’t funny”, the response would have to be “This is Ricky Gervais. This is what and how he does what he does.”

    a) RG said all along he was going do things his way
    b) this is how most of his comedy goes

    So really, WHAT is the big deal? If they’d had Chris Rock host and not given him a long laundry list of what NOT to do, how do you think THAT would have ended? Gimme a break.

  • mr white

    did judd ask his wife for his opinion again
    ask her for ur balls back
    next time u talk

  • Winston Pennypacker

    Apatow’s calling Gervais lazy? That’s rick considering the decline in quality of Apatow’s work over the past 10 or so years. Gervais was hilarious and his brand of comedy isn’t mean, it’s just not the type of cutesy, watered down and even ass licking comedy bits we’ve been accustomed to.

    The Tim Allen joke wasn’t even mean. The joke about Hefner on the other hand was a bit mean but it was still funny and even Hefner took it in stride. Apatow doesn’t have much of a sense of humour left.

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  • Jeramy

    leviathanus – what exactly is it you do for a living? Are you the publisher of this article? It’s not due to ignorance, I just don’t care.

    All I see from your end is constant whining just like Judd has done, along with you insulting other people intelligence and sensibility, yet you can’t even spell the word “sense” correctly.

    Before you respond to another post, take a step back and look at yourself. You are acting like a childish little girl, and really it’s more funny than tactical guy (or guyette).

    Gervais did an excellent job hosting the Oscars, and as for stupidity how about the fact that nobody knew how to respond to his act. He was being himself – dry humor with excellent public speaking ability. What’s that say about Hollywood? Hollywood = stupid. Are you keeping up?

    As for Judd… Nobody asked him to come out guns blazing and tweet at 2AM about this nonsense. Is this dude REALLY losing sleep over his act?

    It seems to me you’re just too sensitive of a person, were you belittled much as a child? Neglected? Constantly picked on? No self esteem? It appears as if you’ve got some serious issues when it comes to being insulted, you should probably seek some help for that.

    And again – Look how much time you’ve wasted on your debate. And then after people completely destroy your points you don’t respond or you say “i no argue wit u”. Seriously?

    Time to go away Lev. I can only hope I don’t end up with e-mail alerts to see the pointless response you’re going to make.

    Quit whining. Get a life. Get over yourself. Move on.

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  • Chaim Paddaman

    Ricky Gervais the liberal humanist who exploits the mentally disabled and vulnerable for commercial and comedy purposes. He thanks “God” that he is an atheist. So do we……. Gervais is a yellow pussy who only hits on safe and soft targets.