Julian Assange Biopic Is Headed to the Big Screen

     January 20, 2011


Remember that guy who leaked all of that classified government information and caused a big stir?  If for some reason the memory is currently escaping you, you’ll soon have a movie to remind you of Julian Assange and his Wikileaks operation.  According to Variety, Josephson Entertainment and Michelle Krumm Productions have optioned the rights to a Julian Assange biopic.

The film, which is to be based on the upcoming Andrew Fowler biography The Most Dangerous Man in the World, is being developed as a drama/thriller.  Although in its infancy, producer Barry Josephson is already likening the film to 1976′s four-time Oscar-winner All the President’s Men as “this generation’s suspenseful drama with global impact.”  In addition to covering Assange’s recent publicity, the film (like Fowler’s biography) will dip all the way back into Assange’s childhood and cover major events leading up to his Wikileaks project.  As of now, there is no word on the film’s desired release date.

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  • chf

    without julian assange’s help/ advice//producer role this movie wont be a hit.just saying.

  • Alex-mansy

    Him getting screwed over by those swedish biatches can be the sequel.

    And finally the ‘hackers’ deliver something to the public.

  • Kris

    The guy is an international criminal. His story is boring and in no way should it be compared to All the President’s Men, a film about taking down criminals

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  • Gray


    The say thing was being said of The Social Network before it came out.

    I think Assange is more intriguing than Zuckerberg. He could’ve been Person of the Year if his movie came out before Zuck’s.

  • TheWorldIsEndingHeSaidSo

    Julian Assange is a hero to Earth and is doing the American people a favor by leaking their government’s lies and propaganda. God Bless him and I hope he beats the wrap (otherwise all is lost on this malfunctioning spaceship we call Earth).

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  • Mos

    I love all you people who think our government is evil. Wasteful, stupid and dangerous, sure. But why don’t you look at countries without real governments, and then decide where you’d rather live. Assange is an egotistical douche. Not his call to publish classified material. You want to change the government, vote. I’d love to see how Assange followers would function if everything they did at work were made public.

    • Dave from Oz

      @ Mos…, when given the choice between ‘bad’ or ‘worse’ you may have a point, or you may just be too narrow minded to see the third option, which is truth and honesty. Government is meant to be “for the people, by the people”, so how does that allow for secrets which ultimately cost lives and allowing private business interests to loot the public funds. Democrat or Republican makes no difference. My boss can see everything I do at work, so I act accordingly and so should the government. BTW Assenge didn’t leak the documents, they were leaked to him and published on his website, and by several leading news sites, papers and new networks around the world.

    • TheWorldIsEndingHeSaidSo

      I agree with Dave from Oz. The government is supposed to be as transparent as possible. I don’t know how anyone can argue against that. Whether it’s Obama, Bush, or Abraham Lincoln no administration should have the right to hide activities from the people the way our government has been doing now for decades (centuries?). There’s an interesting book along the same lines (more society than government though) that would illuminate better than I.


  • John

    Too bad Rivers Phoenix is dead. He would have been a great fit to play someone as complicated as Assange with his similar looks and great acting skills.

  • Mr. Too Good

    This looks like a job for Bill Hader…

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