Does JURASSIC PARK 4 Take Place on the Original Island Isla Nublar?

     May 2, 2013


Though it only recently landed a director and has yet to fill out its cast, Jurassic Park 4 is still planned to hit theaters next summer.  Safety Not Guaranteed helmer Colin Trevorrow was tapped to direct the sequel last month, and Steven Spielberg is onboard to produce alongside Frank Marshall.  We know that Trevorrow will shoot in 3D and the film has a script by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) that includes a new dinosaur, but other than that story details have been kept firmly under wraps.

Will we see the return of original characters?  Is there a new park?  Just how big can the dino droppings get?  These questions have yet to be answered, but it appears that Trevorrow has just offered a major hint regarding the pic’s story, as he shared an image today from a location scout with the caption “Nublar,” which as we all know is the name of the island from the first Jurassic Park.  Hit the jump for more.

With a June 2014 release date looming, Trevorrow is currently busy scouting locations for Jurassic Park 4 ahead of a likely fall production start date.  He offered up an image from one of his scouts that showed an island setting and captioned the photo with the word “Nublar,” suggesting that the story of Jurassic Park 4 takes place on the same Isla Nublar from the first film.

Whether that means we’ll be returning to the old park for the full film or if it’s just a few scenes is unknown, but I’m really interested to see the direction the franchise takes this time around.  Both The Lost World and Jurassic Park III featured characters from the original film, but I could easily see the studio setting JP4 up as the beginning of a new series of films with new characters.

Check out the image below via Trevorrow’s Twitter, and sound off in the comments with what you think a return to Isla Nublar means for the story of JP4.


  • Dennis Nedry

    Bring back the spitter!

  • Anonymous

    May this Kick .ASS

  • Germ-X

    I would kind of like to see Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill together again. But there would have to be some sort of draw for them to be brought back to the island.

  • Oviraptor

    Hammond has died and his burial is on Isla Nublar, shit hits the fan when the dinosaurs decide to attend it.

  • Devin R.

    Yes!! This is the single piece of news that I was most hoping to hear about the film.

  • YesPlease!

    Awesome, I always wanted it to return to the original island. I want to see the old run down buildings taken over by jungle and dinosaurs! I found it so bizarre the kept going to that damn second island…

  • Johnnyboy

    I would actually really like to see Tim as the lead, Mozello has turned out to be a good actor ( The Pacific, Social Network) I can see the story revolving around Tim, taking over InGen from his grandpa and trying to salvage what he can from the bankrupt company.

    • DREDD 2

      Perfect idea! I’m massively stoked that this is happening! The first film bore the name Jurassic Park, because thats what it was about. The sequels were not about Jurassic PARK. (Though fair enough, The Lost world, was about a lost world. But JP 3? Nope.

      I hope the Park is OPEN. Busy, and revamped with extra stuff. (Operation Genesis game was perfect setting.) I think a potential trilogy could be had here, also, explaining why the Dinos differ from recent discoveries, ie feathers, size differences etc.. Could be, that these are genetic mutations due to frog dna gene sequence. But perhapse even purposely mutated to “look” more like the dinos the visitors came to expect. Afterall, Grant said in JP3, those were Monsters, not dinosaurs! Should build on that.

      Would love to see some additional dinos, maybe ocean based ones, river etc.. maybe with Jaws-3 tunnels to view them. And bring back the spitters.

      • Strong Enough


        BAD IDEA!

      • mr. knowseverything

        i guess nobody paid attention in the second movie when they said the first island got destroyed (bombed with napalm)

      • mr. knowseverything

        i guess nobody paid attention in the second movie when they said the first island got destroyed (bombed with napalm)

  • Lance

    “Time” also did a great job as a snake handler on Justified.

    Going back to the first island is a good idea. Hope they keep the dinos realistic and avoid the man/dino hybrids. Or try to cash in on the zombie craze with undead dinos. Keep it realistic, don’t go overboard with the silliness.

    • chanandeler

      Yeah those man-dino hybrid designs should never have seen the light of the day.

  • SeanPB

    Good points all round, I’ve always envisaged another Jurassic Park series as closer to the books, with the drama suppied by the dinosaurs getting loose and a more tangible/threatening industrial espionage story that was only touched on in the first.

    We all know The Lost World was Spielberg making King Kong. It was incredibly misguided as the source material was arguably better than the first novel. Throw in Dodgson and Biosyn and have that group looking to conduct was is essentially a heist of the embryos. What you then have is a race to get to them and get off the island.

    I’ve never really liked the idea of a second island, especially since it wasnt mentioned in the first novel or book – and considering we were shown them hatching and working on dinosaurs in that lab. Whilst it could have been reported action I think it weird they’d work on and breed them in another location and then ship them to site A.

  • Facade

    The only original cast members I’d like to see return would be the kids: Tim (Joseph Mazzello) and Lex (Ariana Richards).

  • Ridge

    please! I want the damn Carnotaur with his stupid camouflage system ….and I want it now!

  • ItsNotASchooner

    The season they went to site B for movies 2 and 3 was that that is where the actaull dinosaur creation and growing process was happening. Isla Nublar was just for show.

  • Snacks

    I like the Marvel comics ‘Savage Land’ with Kazar and the Sabertooth tiger kind of angle.
    After many years, a child could have been surving on the island, as an apeman.
    Having an apeman like Kazar, Tarzan, or Wolferain (of Wolferain and the Vampires of Congo) would be a cool new twist.

  • Snacks

    And speaking of vampires…
    Another twist would be having a vampire involved.
    Vampires are faster and stronger than men. Would be cool to have a vampire challenging a T-Rex, while also reallizing that the T-Res is stronger and more dangerous.
    Or having a vampire-gorillas, led by a vampire fighting the T-Rex, the way it happened in the Wolferain story.

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