Paleontologist and Consultant Jack Horner Hypes New JURASSIC PARK 4 Dinosaur

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I would argue that there is no limit to the mileage a film can get out of velociraptors, but the Jurassic Park franchise is feeling the need to expand.  This doesn’t always work.  Even though the raptors were a major part of Jurassic Park 3, the film was hyped on the Spinosaurus, and that didn’t turn out to be such a big deal in the end.  Now that Jurassic Park 4 is moving forward with Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) at the helm, the franchise apparently need a new terrifying dinosaur (because the ones that have razor sharp talons and can open doors are so passé), and paleontologist and “dinosaur advisor” Jack Horner says they’ve got just the thing for the new movie.

Speaking to USA Today, Horner says “I can’t actually tell you who that will be, but you’ll want to keep the lights on after you see this movie.”  Is the new dinosaur Truckasaurus?  Because you should keep the lights on for Truckasurus so you can see him devour cars.  Fingers crossed for Truckasaurus.

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  • sloan

    the scientists died off more than 20 years ago, how can they still be creating dinosaurs on site B, the only island left, that was only a breeding facility. And don’t tell me they just had the money to create whole species that they never told anybody about, just because, hey why not? The last two were awful and and and, god damn it I forgot what i was gonna say…

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  • Anonymous

    T- Rex remains King in land, no matter what stupid johnston and his jurassic park 3 had to say.

    Millions of years ago there was unspeakable terror in the ancient oceans, they should check that out, we know land dinos can’t leave the island by themselves, but by this time it would be cool if air and water monsters had expanded their territory by meaningful miles.

    • Oviraptor

      It”s Troodon from JP:The Game.

  • Oviraptor

    Sorry, didn’t mean for that to be a reply.

  • bob

    i want an aubreyplazaurus

  • Get Em

    Maybe its a shutthefuckupmattasarus.

    • Um, Sure

      Matt Goldberg is forced to deliver news about a movie he cares nothing about. I wish my job was this “tough”.

  • M&M

    The dreaded “Thesaurus”.

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  • Download

    I don’t even know how I finished up right here, but I thought this put up was great. I don’t understand who you might be however certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger when you aren’t already. Cheers!

  • annonimas

    it is probally troodon since they were created but to dangerous to be put on diplay its likely thier are some on site b since raptors fear them their is not much that can kill them off

    • Hk

      Troodons are way too small to be considered as primary dinosaurs in a negative sense. it’ll have to be a large dinosaur.

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