Director Colin Trevorrow Talks JURASSIC PARK IV

     July 3, 2013


After moving back from summer 2014 to 2015, director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) has more time to work on his follow-up picture, Jurassic Park IV.  It’s a major leap for an indie director with only one feature under his belt, but speaking to Schmoes Know on the red carpet at the Saturn Awards, Trevorrow explained that Steven Spielberg has been a valuable resource in trying to hammer out the story.  “It’s incredible to have Steven, who’s done this for decades and has such an incredible filmic knowledge and just understands the language of the story in a way that for us is very refreshing,” said Trevorrow. “It’s not like getting notes from a studio executive, it’s really just trying to crack this and make it the best it can be.”

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jurassic-park-when-dinosaurs-ruledTrevorrow told Schmoes Know [via CS] that while he “didn’t want to create a scoop”, he did say “we definitely want to honor what came before us.”  It sounds like JP 4 will undoubtedly be a sequel, which is probably the best way to go.  How do you even reboot Jurassic Park?  It’s dinosaurs on an island.  That’s not an origin story or a mythos.  It’s a premise, and you take it from there.

The director went on to say,

“We are very aware of how much a certain generation especially cares about this movie and we talk about it all the time and really the conversation is: It’s not about us, it’s not about our careers, it’s – how do we make something that can stand with the first one?”

No one’s really be able to do that so far, not even Spielberg since The Lost World is pretty terrible.  A rumored plot synopsis for the fourth installment has the intriguing set-up that John Hammond’s planned, Sea World-esque theme park has come to fruition, and it’s perfectly safe until everything breaks down and the dinosaurs go on a rampage.  The film will also introduce underwater dinos to the series with the “Isla Nublar Lagoon.”  However, as Trevorrow says in the interview with Schmoes Know, they’re still in the process of writing the script, so this could all be just wishful thinking or an early draft that will be greatly changed as development moves along.

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  • Kenneth Barker

    Jurassic Park…and something breaks down…again. Come on chaps. You’ve done that very well. New pastures please. So many great angles – take the audience on a new adventure.

    • Da01nSidhe

      Actually, we haven’t had this angle yet. We’ve had a tiny bunch of people in the park, pre-opening, and that’s it. The other films were the same: Small groups of people on islands otherwise inhabited by dinosaurs. Now imagine an open Jurassic Park, that’s going really well. Lots of families, maybe people even stay in hotels on the island, Disney-World like. And THEN everything goes wrong. Now we definitely haven’t had that before.

      • Kenneth Barker

        It is still fundamentally the same structure: park opens, it goes wrong. I can quite happily ignore certain plot signposts, that’s why I would like to see a more innovative central storyline. Your passion sounds more interesting – give me your take on a new story.

      • Alan Grant

        I agree, I really like this premise, it sounds exciting and the idea honors the first movie and will take us back.

    • Doug

      I agree, the premise sounds very similar. Is this a lesson the people of Earth have to learn every 25 years? “Don’t play God.” “Don’t clone dinosaurs.” It seem silly if you have all the movies in mind.

  • GrimReaper07

    Lost World is “terrible”? I can sort of get people not liking the movie, but its really not that far behind the first.

    • mbmarquis69

      Then you must not have a high regard for the first one.

      • GrimReaper07

        The two arguments I’ve heard for it being terrible is that it repeats many things from the first one and that it jumps the shark when the T-Rex rampages through a city. The first one I disagree with and the second one doesn’t bother me at all.

      • Alan Grant

        The girl doing gymnastics to kill the raptor absolutely ruined that movie. lol, Sure the film has it moments, but overall it wasnt that good. The first movie was my fav, followed by the third, then lost world.

      • GrimReaper07

        Lol yeah, just remembered that. There’s a ton of great moments in that film though, I just don’t get the hate. Its worse than the first, but it’s still well made entertainment, unlike the third film.

    • Khan

      ; ) The Lost World is my favorite experience of the Three.

  • Strong Enough

    i thought derek was working at Pixar? now he is writing JP4?

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  • Zoidbert

    I had very high hopes for THE LOST WORLD, given that the original novel ended with the discovery that raptors were making it to the mainland, and breeding. The title “The Lost World” conjured up a lot of possibilities. But, no; we got a ‘secret second island’ and a lot more of the same, essentially. JP3 saved the series, IMO; it was enjoy an enjoyable, believable (per se) story. Maybe I need to give JP2 another viewing and a fairer shake, but what I remember is “yeah; okay”.