JURASSIC WORLD Brochure Reveals Petting Zoo, Feeding Show, Rides, Golf Course and More

     July 14, 2014


Come June 12, 2015, Jurassic Park will be a fully operational park and every park needs a brochure.  How else would you know where to catch the Mosasaurus Feeding Show or how to get to the official Jurassic Park golf course?  Because who wouldn’t want to squeeze in a quick 18 during a trip to a facility filled with creatures that have been extinct for about 65 million years?

The Jurassic World brochure has popped up online and it’s got a list of park highlights, the types of dinosaurs on display, a map of Isla Nublar and even some very familiar sponsors, too.  Hit the jump to check out what’s going down in the new and improved version of John Hammond’s original vision. And don’t forget, “PLEASE do not tap on the glass, cross barriers, throw anything into the exhibits, make excessive noise, tease or call out to the animals.”  We all know what could happen.

Jurassic World is set to hit theaters in 3D, 2D and IMAX on June 12, 2015.  The film stars Chris PrattBryce Dallas HowardVincent D’OnofrioIrrfan KhanNick RobinsonTy SimpkinsJake JohnsonOmar Sy, and Judy Greer, and will pick up 22 years after the 1993 original, with the park up and running, and seeing more than 20,000 visitors each day.

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  • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

    I could understand wanting to golf there if the hazards on the course involved grazing herbivores like brachiosauruses, stegosauruses, and triceratops. I don’t even like golf, but I’d force myself to play 18 holes for that. (And by play 18 I mean endure as many holes as necessary to encounter a dinosaur and then wander off to follow them the rest of the day).

    • agent777

      It’s a perfect excuse to have Bill Murray make a cameo.

      • JeanHBurdette

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  • agent777

    This confirms that this is going to be a ‘remake’ of the book. All these things are in the book, they just weren’t functioning yet. In the books John Hammond is a bastard and the island is designed for the mega wealthy, for the sole purpose of making money. Hence having rides and a golf course. Just this time the park will be up and running.

    There are a lot of scenes between Hammond and Wu in the book, so I’m guessing Vincent D’Onofrio is basically going to be playing the John Hammond of the books, just with a different name. If you haven’t read the book, Henry Wu is a much bigger character in the books, and is on the island for the duration of the story.

    I just re-read both books, and the whole “creating” a new dinosaur theme is adressed at several points in the book. For example, the embryos Nedry stole for Biosyn would have to be reverse engineered by Biosyn to avoid being sued by InGen. Revere engenierd into designer dinosaurs that would need to be unique to avoid copyright laws.

    • Melwing

      I’ve re-read the book about once every year or two since it came out, and I don’t really understand your reasoning as to how this is a “remake of the book”. Taking certain ideas and expanding on them? Sure. But remake? Absolutely not. The park was not open or even complete in the book.

      • agent777

        That’s why I put remake in quotation marks. I meant in essence it would be a spiritual remake. Lately, remakes and reboots have nearly become one and the same. That’s what I meant. Yeah the park is unfinished in the book, but it’s not a huge change. Not as a big a change as the ones between Lost World the book and Lost World the movie.

        It’s just a hunch. We all need to know more details first.

      • Melwing

        This is not a reboot either. It’s a continuation of the story from the previous films.

      • agent777

        There are at least three James Bond films that are based on the book Moonraker, this happens a lot with film series based off books. It’s the nature of franchises based on books to do things like that.

        I stand by that this is going to retread the plot of the first. With changes, yes, but then again the first one had plenty of changes from the book.

    • Gerry Rock

      I agree with you, a lot of points and scenes from the book are teased here, for example:
      ((Possible spoilers here))

      -If you look to the map, you can see on the north area of Nublar a volcano, that area looks like its restricted to visitors (there’s a yellow line that divide the area with the rest of the park). In the book, the raptors have created a nests underground near the volcanic area of the island, and with the recent leaked image of the new green raptor, and no mention of raptors on the brochure, everything points out that raptors are not part of the park but they are still living on the island.

      -The Cretaceous Cruise and the Aviary are both atractions on the novel and are mentioned on the original film.

      -Dr. Henry Wu plays a bigger role on the novel, and gets killed by the raptors in order to save the rest of the group (could be adapted for this film?).

      -In the original film, a scene with a baby triceratops was cut and replaced with the baby raptor scene. An extra from Hawaii said that a baby triceratops was used for a scene.

      There are a lot more of thing that match with book scenes and scraped ideas from the first film.

      JW sounds to me like a reimagined version of the original Jurassic Park (yeah, a remake)

      • Melwing

        I don’t disagree with what’s being said, except that ‘remake’ or ‘reboot’ really is not the right term to be using. It’s a sequel using some plot points from the first book that were previously unused on film. That does not make it a remake. Anyway, peace/love/hugs/puppies and whatnot. I’m pretty excited for this flick :)

  • milo

    Looks like these are all real dinosaurs. I assume the ones created for the movie aren’t listed on that map, maybe they’re still being engineered in the creation lab?

    • agent777

      A safe bet. Likely quarantined like the velociraptors were in the first film/book perhaps?

  • Pk

    Was hoping they would include more larger carnivores like acrocanthosarus and gigantosaurus

    • agent777

      Baryonyx should be cool. It had savagely huge claws. I’m disapointed there aren’t dilophosaurs. They were fairly large for their time period, and much bigger than they were portrayed in the first film.

      My guess is they weren’t trying to breed dinosaurs that were a known problem in the first park, nor are they trying to breed more dangerous breeds to avoid the problems of the first park. They probably think they can contain the T. Rex better this time. I think they will be wrong, you can only outrun Chaos Theory for so long…

      • Pk

        Yeah you may be right. But baryonyx is a fish eater so he is a safe bet. Bet thrill seekers would be leaving dissapointed due to lack of dangerous carnivores munching on goats and cows

      • agent777

        Agreed, though Spinosaurs are suspected fish eaters as well. Also the Carnotasaurs from the Lost World book need to be used at some point. If you haven’t read it, they had the ability to camouflage in the same way that a chameleon can.

      • Kaine Morrison

        It was used in JP III

      • Pk

        Not sure if metriacanthosaurus and microceratus are meat eaters

      • Pk

        Maybe they do have meat eaters but there experimenting on their DNA to make them less aggressive and can easily be controlled.

      • agent777

        Exactly what I was thinking. In the book Doctor Wu wanted to do exactly that, and B.D. Wong is back as Wu so…

    • agent777

      Oh yeah, there is the Mosasaur. They were around 60 feet long and similar to a Orca. That can be terrifying.

      • Pk

        Yeah and plus I have a feeling some meat eating dinosaurs are going to make an appearance at some point. The carnivores are what made jp interesting

  • Alan Grant

    No raptors, dilosposaurus, or compys in the brochure? I saw a leaked image of a greenish raptor a couple weeks ago. hmmm! maybe all is not what it seems. Sweet brochure though, I’m stoked.

    • Pk

      They probably don’t want to take a risk of having too many dangerous carnivores in case there goes something wrong with the security of the park

  • Ian Malcolm

    look at all that product placement! lol

  • randommale7

    Well this looks safe…

  • DEADP00L

    The product placement is so vulgar it makes it look budget and cheap.

    • Vulcan

      I feel the opposite, I think it gives it some authenticity, like real theme park maps. Man of Steel is how to do product placement wrong. This is doing fine.

  • Kaine Morrison

    I wonder if there are any Dino’s that have hidden and will make surprize appearances that even the Staff of JW didn’t know were still on the Island.

    If you read the books, you’d know about the Hidden Raptor nests…

  • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

    This needed to end with “…and she still can’t afford a ticket to Jurassic World.”

  • http://www.rockydavies.com/ RockyDavies

    I made $68 every hour as an intern at Jurassic World. My dorm had a view right into the T-Rex enclosure. In one summer alone I made $25,456 plus daily triceratops rides.

  • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

    Now that’s some spam I can sink my teeth into.

  • Melwing