Chris Pratt Talks JURASSIC WORLD; Says It Answers the Question of “Why Would They Do That Again?”

     February 6, 2014


We got some encouraging news about Jurassic World this morning when director Colin Trevorrow announced that he will be shooting the pic on 35mm and 65mm film, and now even more exciting news has surfaced regarding the project’s story.  Chris Pratt is set to star as the lead in Jurassic World, and the actor recently spoke a bit about his involvement and Trevorrow’s take on the material.  This is the first big franchise film for Trevorrow, who only just made his feature debut with 2012’s impressive indie Safety Not Guaranteed, so fans have been curious about how he’ll make the transition to a big franchise film.

According to Pratt, the filmmaker has found a fascinating way to approach the material by directly answering the burning question about a third Jurassic Park sequel: why would anyone think it’s a good idea to interact with dinosaurs again after it went so badly the previous three times?  Hit the jump to see what Pratt had to say about the film and whether his character is more like Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Malcolm or Sam Neill’s Dr. Grant.

chris-pratt-jurassic-worldSpeaking with MTV News, Pratt was asked why he sparked to the material of Jurassic World aside from the fact that it’s an opportunity to join the Jurassic Park universe:

“What I liked about it was it answers the question of ‘Why would you do that?’ Like, how do you suspend disbelief to be like, ‘Oh yes, let’s make this mistake again. We haven’t learned out lesson about dinosaurs, we should definitely live with them and see how that works out!’ after like three tries at it.  They answer the question really well through the script.  Colin did a great job of writing it and justifying it and in his own way having fun with that, so anybody who goes in with that question will be really amused—the way I was—about how they answer that.”

Speaking specifically about Trevorrow, Pratt is enthused about the prospect of working with the filmmaker:

“He’s got a great vision for the movie… It’s awesome that Steven Spielberg is taking a chance on this guy because he’s got a really clear vision.  I sat down with him and it was kind of like with me and [Guardians of the Galaxy director] James [Gunn], we just kind of started getting excited about this.”

jurassic-parkFinally, when asked whether his character in Jurassic World is more like Jeff Goldblum’s character or Sam Neill’s character from the original, Pratt said he’s a little bit of both:

“He’s got a little of both.  He’s got a little bit of the Goldblum cynicism but also the Sam Neill excitement at the wonder of the biology of it all, so it’s a combination.”

Things are certainly looking promising with regards to Jurassic World, and I’m certainly eager to see more from the project.  You can watch Pratt’s full interview with MTV below.  Jurassic World also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson, and Ty Simpkins and will open in theaters June 12, 2015.


  • Steven Ray Morris


  • VFacharnmethe85

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  • Seanpb

    When I read the headline I wondered if Pratt was talking about the events in the movie or the movie itself.

    I thought ‘why would they do that again? Universal probably want an easy couple hundred million dollars… Oh, you’re talking about the plot…’

  • Devin Reed

    This is absolutely one of my most-anticipated films of a very crowded 2015. Can’t wait!

    • nskdn


  • The Flobbit

    Cast Idris Elba and Josh Brolin already! And this guy has some friends in high places. From a nobody to several rom coms, Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Lego Movie? This guy is going to either be Taylor Kitsch or Benedict Cumberbatch…

    • Norrtron

      Yeah, he doesn’t really remind me of either of those guys. He just has talent, and people are finally realizing it.

      • The Flobbit

        My allusion to those two actors were because both had a year when they were in many films (Kitsch was in 3 or more films in 2012 and Cumberbatch was in 6 or more films this year), but ONE was successful, and one was not.

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  • DNAsplitter

    After years of waiting we are finally getting what sounds like a proper sequel to Jurassic Park. Loved the 1st film and thought the 2nd was great until they left the island. The third just felt rushed and ended quickly as if they started filming without a finished script. Everything about this new one sounds like they are doing it right.

    • Sam

      ” Loved the 1st film and thought the 2nd was great until they left the island. The third just felt rushed and ended quickly as if they started filming without a finished script. ”
      Because first film was quite faithful to one of the finest sci-fi novels ever written ( RIP Michael Crichton) and directed by a certain Steven Spielberg.
      the 2nd movie was quite messed up and less said about the the 3rd movie, the better it is.

      Really Hope Jurassic World would be good, Jurassic park remains one of my all time favorites.

    • The Flobbit

      Actually I thought that Jurassic 2 was strongest when that T Rex started marching through downton LA…

      • DezzNutz

        are you kidding, its one of the worst sequences to an ending in movie history…the Godzilla like ending was unoriginal and a total rip-off

    • DezzNutz

      The first movie tried to stay true to the 1st book, more or less. While the sequel book Crichton wrote basically had parts from it being used in the last t two movies….so basically the 2nd movie, if you take out the horrible ending where they leave the island, and the 3rd movie are all from the Lost World book

  • Splash

    i think in this new trilogy the dinosaurs will rule the world.

    • paul h

      Rise of the Planet of the Dinosaurs? :D

    • GNazi

      God creates dinosaurs
      God destroys dinosaurs
      God creates man
      Man destroys God
      Man creates dinosaurs…

      Dinosaurs eat men; women inherit the Earth.

  • JBug

    I think Jurassic Park is boring despite what it did in terms of ground breaking cinema. The music, acting and directing are very solid, but I think the story is a little boring.

    • milo

      I loved it at the time but I don’t think it holds up that well. The effects were so difficult and expensive, the dinosaurs weren’t in much of the movie. Some of the rest of it works well as building suspense before the various dinos are revealed, but some of it just feels like filler that drags.

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