Brand New Mark Englert JURASSIC WORLD Poster Will Be Available at San Diego Comic-Con [UPDATED with Variant]

     July 21, 2014


Well, this is going to be a problem.  Colin Trevorrow just tweeted out a stunning Jurassic World poster that a special few will get their hands on at San Diego Comic-Con, but included zero details on how to get it.  I’m still bummed I haven’t been able to get the JC Richard or Aaron Horkey Jurassic Park prints for Mondo, so scoring one of these Mark Englert designs might have to be an SDCC 2014 priority.

The combination of the old and new here is particularly impressive.  We’ve got the park construction going on in the background, but a very familiar smashed Jurassic Park vehicle up front.  However, it isn’t the one responsible for the destruction looming over the flipped car, but rather a Velociraptor.  Perhaps they’re the guys in charge this time around?  Hit the jump to check out the art for yourself.  The film opens on June 12, 2015 in 3D and IMAX, and stars Chris PrattBryce Dallas HowardVincent D’OnofrioIrrfan KhanNick RobinsonTy SimpkinsJake Johnson, Omar Sy, and Judy Greer.

[Update: If you're going to Comic-Con, follow @JurassicPark on Twitter, @JurassicWorld on Instagram or text JURASSIC to 834567 for the poster drop information.]

[Update 2: Englert just revealed the variant version of this poster in addition to some of the material he created while designing it. Check out the finished variant and some of his sketches below and click here to head over to Englert's site to read more about what it took to put all of this together.]

Jurassic World will pick up 22 years after the events of the 1993 original and will involve a fully operational Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar including rides, feeding demonstrations and an underwater observatory as well.






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  • Steven Ray Morris

    Cool, definitely thinking that the raptors will be nesting in the original ruins of Jurassic Park.

    • Justin Kemp

      Ha ohh yess that would be so cool.

      • Steven Ray Morris

        They weren’t listed in the recent brochure that leaked. And with the leaked photo of them it feels like that’s the reason they won’t have feathers either. These velociraptors are descendants of the original ones from JP.

      • Justin Kemp

        Hmmm good observation. I have a feeling with the new dinosaurs for the theme park will be genetically engineered to be less aggressive but yet still have the “original” wild DNA inside them.

      • Steven Ray Morris

        Considering BD Wong is coming back and that was his character’s ‘idea’ in the original book I can totally see that happening.

      • Thomas K.

        I dig this idea…

        But how would You get away with Building this ENORMOUSE Amusement Park of sorts, without ever coming across the Raptors?

    • Pk

      Hope that is that true as well as other carnivores like spinosaurus and dilophosaurus are there too…

  • Neven

    It’s a very cool piece of artwork, but it’s hardly enough to form any kind of serious opinion.

  • Justin Kemp

    Hmm. I like the poster. I hope they show some kind of teaser footage at Comic-Con. I know thats really stupid of me saying because Im not even attending Comic-Con. But nonetheless I hope the announce some kind of footage.

  • RyGuy

    They better come out with a trailer soon.

  • Guest

    It’s a nice looking poster but the first thing I thought was that it looks like they just copy-pasted a raptor from the kitchen scene, and unfortunately just 2 seconds of googling proves me right:

    • Guest

      Haha I see they included images of the sketch process after I posted this. Still strange, it’s almost a one on one copy.

      • Jenn

        Yeah, he definitely used that still as visual reference. Whatever – not uncommon in the illustrative process.

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