Rumor: New Batman Could Get His Start in JUSTICE LEAGUE by Summer 2015

     August 28, 2012


With the conclusion of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, the future of DC Comics movies is entirely up in the air right now.  DC and Warner Bros’ next step in the gameplan is Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot Man of Steel, which must fight through the general disappointment created by the last reboot, Superman Returns.  That’s nothing compared to Green Lantern, which rode a 26% Rotten Tomatoes score to squeak past $200 million worldwide.  But hey, at least they have movies: Wonder Woman and The Flash are left out in the cold, and Aquaman may only be a viable superhero in the Hollywood fantasy of Entourage.

DC’s rival Marvel spent years carefully assembling their stable of heroes, culminating in the smash success of The Avengers.  It seems DC is going to cut through the Gordian knot and skip straight to Justice League after Man of Steel, and use that to introduce the new era of DC movies.  More after the jump.

the-dark-knight-rises-christian-bale-batman-imageA source told Batman on Film that Justice League will be the next DC picture after Man of Steel, possibly lined up for Summer 2015.  As suits their interest, BOF noted that the new, rebooted Batman would be introduced in Justice League before WB started a new standalone Batman series.  One could hardly blame DC for using the movie as an opportunity to reboot Green Lantern.  And since Snyder has implied that his Superman has no explicit connection to Justice League, there is flexibility there as well.

Treat this all as rumor for now, in part because all things Justice League—including stories that the likes of Ben Affleck or the Wachowskis might direct—should be treated as rumor.  Even if Warner Bros. know exactly what they want to do with the DC heroes, they are waiting to make those intentions public.  We have confirmed that Gangster Squad writer Will Beall is working on the Justice League script, and Christopher Nolan does not want to be involved.  With that foundation, please feel free to take over the speculation in the comments.


  • sense 11

    I guess it makes sense to start all the franchises that way except Superman. I hope they use Henry Cavill

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  • Angel of Death

    Wow. This is such a horrible idea from a business standpoint. You’re going to spend a TON of money on a movie with characters that haven’t been developed or introduced to mainstream audiences outside of Batman and Superman?

    Marvel introduced the characters to the world first so people KNEW who Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America were. There was a built in fanbase for all heroes, and people needed no introduction or any extra character development. Plus they made extra money on individual profitable franchises before making a crap ton of money on a massive movie.

    Outside of Batman and Superman, of which the former won’t even be the version audiences have been used to for the past 7 years, I doubt most non-comic book fans are too familiar with Martian Manhunter, The Flash, or Aquaman. And those who recognize Green Lantern as the bomb it was last year will likely stay away from any newer incarnations of the character. And while most people know who Wonder Woman is aesthetically, they don’t know much about the character, which would be impossible to introduce in a movie with several other heroes you need to introduce.

    And what if the movie flops? You miss the opportunity to spin off any of the individual characters into their own franchises due to lack of popularity or interest. It’s one of the most ridiculous notions of trend-gambling I’ve seen from a studio that has previously been known for typically making smart decisions (like the Harry Potter or Dark Knight franchises). It boggles the mind how stupid, rushed, and careless a decision like this could be, if the rumor proves true.

    The idea of a Justice League movie could be incredible if treated properly with care, attention, and smart planning/investment. But if you screw it up, it could be a disaster of John Carter/Green Lantern proportions. I seriously hope this rumor gets debunked–and fast!

    • Mr.Rich316

      To be serious, none of these characters are new. All of them are pop culture icons,yes not to the degree
      of Batman or Superman, but to act like the average person doesn’t know who the Flash, Wonder Woman,and Aquaman are is not realistic. It would be nice to see DC use the Marvel formula to bring
      The Justice League to the big screen,but it doesn’t look like that’s how they will play it. All WB needs to do is commit to a Superman trilogy (post the J.L. movie) and a re-booted Batman trilogy with J.L. films
      tying the two series together. throw in an occasional extra Flash or W.W. film when ramping up to a J.L.
      sequel. They will just need to commit to a 10 year plan for these characters and not re-boot them every few years. That’s what everyone who cares about the DC Universe is worried about now.

      Plus James Cameron must direct Aquaman. That would be the greatest life imitating Art moment in history.

    • Rob

      In reply to this I figure I’ll just copy and paste my response that I posted on the faceboook comments section:

      “People, let’s really REALLY be honest here. Making Justice League the next DC film makes ABSOLUTE sense in any way you look at it.

      Look at the box office history. Literally every single DC film that does not have the words Super or Bat in them have underperformed or tanked, and in some cases there are films WITH the words Super and Bat that have underperformed or tanked. Take a look at the DC animated films. Green Lantern has had two films, Wonder Woman has had one. There have been some short films compiled into feature length about various characters and heroes. But by and large most of them deal with Superman, Batman, or the Justice League, which naturally features both of them.

      The audience has shown to Warner Brothers time and time again that the only potentially sure things they have in their roster are Superman and Batman. Hell, look at the DCAU. Bruce Timm and company started out with Batman, moved to Superman, and then jumped to Justice League. They didn’t do Wonder Woman the animated series or Flash the animated series first etc. Hell, even WITH the success of Justice League they didn’t do a Green Lantern Animated Series until it was time to tie one into the new film last year.

      Warner Brothers likely fears, and with good reason, going with individual feature films for the majority of the Justice League roster. Going with the Justice League though allows them to not only introduce the characters in live action, but associate them with the money makers. the Big two. Justice League allows them to hype up the characters to lead in to stand alone films.”

      • Mr.Rich316

        The problem for WB/DC is that the “secondary” characters don’t have the villain base to carry
        a movie. I suppose they could do a Wonder Woman movie a la Capt. America and have it take
        place in the 40′s versus the Nazis,but as for Flash,MartianManhunter, Hawkman ,etc.
        I just don’t think the villain is there. It’s not so much about tying them to Superman and Batman (because those have not always panned out). Its about how they could do on their own. I’m sure WB would rather have 4 or 5
        movie franchises than 2 or 3.

  • Lance

    I don’t know about this. I think part of the reason Marvel didn’t rush straight into the Avengers is because they knew with that many characters, audiences really needed to get familiar with each superhero in their own movie first. This approach also meant the actors playing those characters would be very familiar with their roles by the time they got to the Avengers (with the exception of Hulk) and that meant better interaction between them.

    Warner Bros. might be able to get away with it because DC’s characters are more iconic than Marvel’s, and Justice League is made up of their A team of heroes, while Avengers are really Marvel’s second tier group. But given how Green Lantern went, I’m not sure if they can tackle something this complex as successfully as Marvel did.

  • Franklin

    What they should do ideally is what was done with the original X-Men movie when it comes to introducing superheroes that the general audience may not be familiar with.

    I would also suggest that they make Batman older, a veteran who’s been at the superhero thing for a long time now, and he plays the mentor role to most of the rest of the League, many of who are younger. (For example, they should make Flash a young guy just starting out in the superhero thing). In this way, it could be implied that this Batman follows Nolan’s, though not necessarily (if you prefer not to think that). Making Batman an older, more mature male wouldn’t tread directly on the Nolan movies. (I say cast Guy Pierce.)

    If I were writing this (though am not of course :( ), the only possible connection/reference to the Nolan movies I would put in would be to have STAR Labs security soldiers driving Tumblers.

  • Doug

    The problem with Warner Brothers is that there’s no one there with a vision for making this happen. Nolan had a vision of how he wanted his Batman to be and he saw it through to the end. With Marvel, that guide is Kevin Feige. He has been involved with all the Marvel movies and is shepherding them with one constant vision. There is no one over there like that for DC/WB – Green Lantern proved that as they tried to stack two different movies on top of one another to make one bad one. Until they have someone willing to take the reins, it’s going to be a mess with flashes of brilliance (see: The Dark Knight Trilogy).

    • tom

      they should get geoff johns to oversee the whole thing

      • Doug

        I’m not so sure about that. I’m pretty sure I read he had a lot of input on Green Lantern.

  • Person

    Curious about if Cavill ends up being Superman in JL, will Reynolds be Green Lantern? I always thought he’d be a better Flash, anyway haha

  • whatever

    I haven’t heard/read anyone who anticipates this succeeding. It will be a mess and will likely ruin prospects for future DC flicks for decades to come.

  • ourshark33

    DC is an absolute mess. Warner Bros. is running this whole thing into the ground. Its has been said that DC has the more iconic superheroes, film wise that is true of only Batman & Superman. Does anyone have faith in Wonder Woman? If they did it would have been made by now. Flash could work but has also been on the shelf for years. Green Lantern was tried and failed badly. So DC/WB answer is to just throw this whole mess into a JL movie? Does the average non-comic book reading fan know the Wonder Woman orgin story? Flash? Avengers worked because it built a foundation for every member of the team. Comic book movies are made for fanboys (like me) and 13 yrd olds. Without a backstory for the heroes involved, who beside the fan-boy will know what is going on in a JL movie? Do they plan on make a 6 hr JL movie and give us a Wonder Woman/Flash/Green Lantern/Martian Manhunter orgin story? Also if Cavill wont be Superman in a JL movie, you have to reboot that as well as cast a new Batman? Sounds like a solid plan WB/DC!!!
    Imitation is OK!!! Follow Marvel’s playbook, Wonder Woman movie & Flash Movie spring/summer 2014, tease JL from that with maybe a Superman cameo. Green Lantern redo Spring 2015, tease JL somemore and go full on with JL movie late summer 2015. Rebooting Batman from JL movie would be fine if cast well (R. Gosling is my choice). The biggest thing DC can do is TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!! The days of “under wraps” are over. Marvel just unveiled their plan until 2030!! It gets people interested!!!!! I know XMAS is coming every year, and every year I get excited for it!!! Have a plan and let the public know!!! Just stop the panic moves that have DC/WB announcing a JL movie. There is a big difference between making a rushed JL movie that makes 200million and crafting a plan and getting good directors and actors to make the lead-up movies and making 600 million 3 to 4 years from now. Figure it out.

  • Caldwell 63

    Guys, let’s be serious here. The Marvel films leading to The Avengers were mediocre. This whole idea with films leading to another film on a bigger scale within the same universe is rubbish if they can’t stand on their own. Plus, Marvel is already oversaturating the comic book movies market. People will get tired in a few years.

    I think it’s a good idea. If the movie will be good, who cares what precedes it?

    • Angel of Death

      Whether or not you thought they were mediocre is irrelevant. The sheer fact is they introduced the characters. It saved The Avengers from being overlong and convoluted because the characters were already established. None of the JL characters except Superman will be established in the film, so audiences will have to connect to these versions fresh, meaning the movie’s most likely going to be overstuffed with exposition when it doesn’t need to be.

      And for the record, people have not gotten tired of the comic book genre in over a decade. I doubt it’s going anywhere.

    • Scott

      You see what your problem is? You are thinking that your opinion is the only one that matters. The general movie audience loves the Marvel films. Iron man, captain America, Thor they are all popular with the general movie audience. So when they teamed up you have a massive hit on your hands with the avengers. And guess what? When Iron Man 3 comes out next summer it will be another massive hit.

      Also the current comic book genre has been going since 2001. It is in its second decade and is still going strong. A statement that people will get tired of comic book movies is about as smart as saying that people will get tired of comedies or sci fi films. If it was going to happen it would have already happen.

      • Caldwell 63

        Scott, you come off as a Marvel fanatic. Except for the first Iron Man, the Marvel films preceding “The Avengers” weren’t critically acclaimed and the reviews were mixed. That’s fact. They certainly weren’t the massive hits you’re making them out to be. For me personally, they just felt like filler, building up anticipation for a greater film.

        Marvel is releasing 9 comic book films in the next 2 years. (Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, Thor 2, Kick-Ass 2, Captain America 2, Ant-Man, The Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy). That’s a bit much if you ask me.

        My point is that they should be focusing on quality, not quantity. I don’t want comic book films to be 2 hours exposition filled ads for a “greater” film.

  • Griz

    Agree with @Rob above. . . .. This ABSOLUTELY makes sense. For one, you\’re dealing with a completely different dynamic than MARVEL. What you have with Green Lantern is akin to HULK. When a movie has been made, and doesn\’t connect. . . you need to save the guy for team stories, so you can bring out the REALLY strong bad-guys (something both Hulks & GL was sorely missing) and cut \’em loose. If everyone agrees that Hulk was better in Avengers than any of his other movies, then this concept applies to a bunch of DC characters as well.

    In terms of Supes, the last time he punched someone was Zod, in the next movie he will fight . . . .ZOD. . . ..please! Any of his villains could bring down the whole League, which is why any JL movie will need a Superman villain (Brainiac, Darkseid, take your pic). . . thus finally giving us the \"angry-god\" superman a la \"DCU online trailer\". . . .as well as showing off how well Wonder Woman can hold her own next to the big boys, thus finally giving the gen public an example of the amazing female superheroes we\’ve learned to admire from years of reading comic books.

    For those who point to the Bruce Timm / Dini universe, even they started with Batman series, then brought in Supes. . . .then transitioned into JLU by bringing in Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter GL . . . .no one needed to see their back-stories, and no one cared. It was just a damn good show. . . with Batman ALWAYS coming through as the master tactician & team Detective . .. . i\’m telling you guys, this could work better than anyone thinks. . . because DC & its current movie situation is so much different from MARVEL\’s virgin territory.

    What DC is facing now is what MARVEL will face years from now when everyone leaves the franchises and they have to re-start the MARVEL movie universe from scratch. And people looking for DC\’s answer to AVENGERS will get their wish in Justice League \"2\" after characters introduced in JL 1 get some standalone movies. For ex: i\’d like the JL Lantern take on Hal Jordan as paralax in his first stand alone film. . . . effectively rebooting every single character from the god awful Ryan Reynolds movie.

  • whatever

    OK, here is one thing that they could do to possibly spin this to their advantage in an interesting way…ready? Web shorts. Start a big budget viral web campaign with up and coming B list celebs in the key roles, similar to the post credit segments on Iron Man, Thor and Cap. Put them out there for free. Drop the first one (without any PR blitz) in 6 months. Have it focus on the Flash. Have it run around 5 minutes. Give it a real budget – solid fx, script, etc. Drop one of these ever months or so. Flash defeats some villain then meets up with Hawk Girl. Wonder Woman averts some distaster, assisted by Atom, etc. Bring in as many characters as possible and don’t bother with the boring origin stories – nobody cares about these anymore. It would involve a substantial outlay, but the anticipation it would generate by the time JLA rolled around would off set.

    • ChrisFromCanuckistan

      My god, that’s brilliant.

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  • Will J

    JUST GIVE UP!! To everybody at WB and DC, you’ve lost! Stop embarassing yourself, the war is over, face the simple fact that you will not ever be like Marvel, you are your own unique breed. Be happy with the fact that Christopher Nolan turned one of your superstars into one of the greatest film trilogies of all time. You have earned your own place in history DC, and the sooner you stop attempting to follow in Marvel’s footsteps the better.
    A Justice league film is a terrible idea. You’d have to reboot Batman, reboot Green Lantern, and do ANOTHER new Superman?!?! This also means that your introducing a new Batman just three years after ‘Dark Knight’, and you’ll have a different Superman in the Zack Snyder trilogy?? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! It’s over, just stop! I beg of you!!!
    Sincerely, a fan.

    • Strong Enough

      please……..shut up

  • Brandon too

    Does everyone forget how successful the first xmen movie was? They jumped right in to making that without lead up standalone movies for every hero. People knew who the characters were enough so they didn’t have to introduce the entire story for each one and it was a success. Just because marvel’s method worked so well for the avengers doesn’t mean every super team movie has to be done that way in order to work. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

  • ScaredForMovies

    They can pull it off. It’s going to be tough but it can be done. For those who think it can’t be done, you need to go on youtube and watch the DC Universe Online Cinematic trailer. Avengers was awesome but if you think that Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk are a match for Super Man, Batman, Wonder Women, and Green Lantern, your wrong. Hawkeye and Black Widow are secondary characters but are they better then Flash and Aquaman? I’m not saying they’re going to pull it off, but it has the potential to be a great movie. Nobody is saying it’s going to be better then Avengers but why throw so much hate Justice Leagues way. I want both.

  • spongefist

    It’s a fantastic idea.

    Just get the whole stable out in one go, then get the stats on audience reaction to each of the characters and put out stand-alone movies based on feedback.

    All the retards who reckon do the same as Marvel have no brains whatsoever. Marvel have done a great job, we don’t want a fucking copy though.

    We want something to be as original as possible.

    Just bring on a massive JL movie for starters (taking as much from that computer game advert as possible) and all will be good…

  • Ed-G

    Where in the world does it say that DC HAS to follow Marvels strategy? Marvels strategy have been great, but that doesn’t mean that a JL movie right off the bat will bomb for sure, movies these days are 2:30 hrs approximately, plenty of time for telling a good story. Origin stories for Supes, Bats and GL are not needed anymore, that’s almost half the characters.
    Where does it say that they have to get a super-recognized director? Nobody knew Chris Nolan that much before he made TDK trilogy, and nobody knew what they where gonna get with Joss Whedon at the helm of Avengers, c’mon, most of you had doubts, don’t lie, Serenity wasn’t THAT great.
    Just get someone with a vision and that shows that he is a fan of these superheroes and understand them, CN and JW are fans and made wonderful movies.
    And all who are saying its gonna bomb, you know you will see it, just don’t be so negative, give WB a chance, if it bombs it bombs, so what?

    • Ed-G


  • Byron

    There’s no inherent reason why this can’t succeed. It all depends on the filmmakers themselves.
    Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman (along with Spider-Man and the Hulk) have the highest level of recognition among the general public and don’t necessarily need a huge amount of groundwork laid in the same way Iron Man, Thor and Captain America did.

    The Nolan Batman movies and (from the look of the trailer) the new Superman movie both go for the more naturalistic approach in character development that the Marvel movies have had so I don’r see a huge issue as long as they keep an element of that in any JL movie. They would be also be smart to limit it to only 5 or 6 characters and have Batman (as the only non-powered hero) be the central POV character of the story.

    The tough part will be deciding what the JL Batman ‘persona’ will be since the JL adventures are, by nature, sci-fi and require Batman to step out of the shadows and interact with flying men and green Martians. Batman’s not exactly the mysterious ‘Dark Knight’ when he’s standing around on the brightly-lit JL satellite or firing a laser cannon at an invading alien army. They either need to break completely with the Nolan Batman or show a transition as the crime-fighting,
    dark-of-night Batman begins to become aware of the rise of sci-fi shenanigans occurring in the world.
    As was shown by the popularity of the ‘Iron Man’ approach, there will also need to be plenty of Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Hal Jordan, etc. as well as their costumed alter-egos to keep the same character-driven vibe that the best of the recent superhero movies have had.

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  • Saddest

    Christian Bale should play Batman for the majority of the film then something happens then Blake takes the role of batman. There’d be a very good reason the original batman would be in though.

  • hellodolly

    honestly i just don’t see where they will go after what can arguably be called the best 3 Batman films ever. I just hope they don’t go to making that silly crap that was made years ago with Clooney and even those little pinguins from Burton’s make me a little scared.

    • MainFragger

      they are the 3 most welll made Batman movies, they are not the Best Batman movies. The first two Keaton films were better. Even though I wasn’t a fan of Keaton as a choice. And I really hate Tim Burton.

      The truth is, I think the Nolan films are horrible Batman films. They mess up the mythology of the characters so badly, I barely even recognize the movie as a Batman franchise. Yes Heath Ledger put in a great performance as the Joker… But everything else about those films stepped all over good matterial and pushed its face down into the mud.

      I do want to see a more idealized and dark version of Batman that never messes up, never lets anyone die, never gives in. I want the guy whose presence makes the temperature in the room drop 30 degrees by sheer presence. So far, DC/Warner Bros. has not been able to bring that to the screen.

  • MainFragger

    Whatever DC does to get a team movie out, it has to be DIFFERENT than the way Marvel did it. For years Marvel and DC have copied off of eachother to some degree..but if DC uses the same formula Marvel did, fans will all say, “Aha! Unoriginal copycatters!” in unison, and tthat will be the final nail in DC’s move making coffin. The biggest thing I think DC has to get over is the abiity to trust the source material. Almost every time their stories have sucked, its been because they couldn’t simply stick to a good, existing story and leave it alone without messing with it. I am a huge Green Lantern fan..why did the movie suck? 1) They didn’t spend enough time on Hal training on Oa and meeting the other Aliens. 2) They never showed him learning a hard lesson about how to be fair on an alien world. 3) They relegated one of his first and nastiest villains to second string against a villain that wasn’t a GL villain for the first 25 years of its comic’s run. 4) They TOTALLY messed up Sinestro’s story.
    What can they do to fix it now? Keep it simple, stick to the silver age story lines, and make Starro the major villain (maybe open the movie with Kanjar Ro or Destro). The biggest thing is this.. Most of the Marvel casting has been pretty good and the actors have done a good job of realy feeling like the characters they are playing. DC has a habit of making some really odd casting calls that make no sense…often too the point of he actor looking and feeling NOTHING like the role he is trying to play. Ryan Reynolds as Hal was a HUGE mistake… Val Kilmer as Bruce/Batman? Really..holy crap the casting agent of that movie must be blind, deaf, and dumb as can be. Even though he did an ok job, Michael Keaton was a bird brained move.
    If they want this movie to about this.. Ask the fans who THEY want to play the characters.. Narrrow it down to the top 3 requests, and figure it out from there.

  • Ian

    To people saying that Wonder Woman, Flash, MMH, or others can’t support a film on their own I think many people would say the same of Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk (though that one is still up for debate with me).

    Every single member doesn’t need their own film. Iron Man introduced Black Widow, Hawkeye had the cameo in Thor, but I’d say they need at least 3 successful solo movies. They need to cast them well, not just put a big star in because he’s popular and likes comics, and then get writers who keep an even tone. Avengers had the advantage of Nick Fury/SHIELD to tie it all together, obviously JLA doesn’t have that so much. Instead of having one super hero appear in the credits of the next film I say do things subtly, news stories in the background, an implied and veiled bigger threat than any solo villain, etc.

    I also argue against fan casting. Fans would have never picked Hugh Jackman to be Wolverine, people were furious when Johnny Storm was cast Captain America, and I knew a ton of people that did nothing but complain about getting a romcom Bruce Banner to replace Ed Norton (though I knew Ruffalo had more depth than that) but those decisions, and others, worked. I say stay away from stars for the sake of stars. When Joss Whedon was onboard to do Wonder Woman he wanted Morena Baccarin and the studio balked. Imagine if they’d trusted him, he could be firmly in place in the DCU Films but instead is on board with Marvel now.

    • fred

      Yeah DC can definantly make it happen, they just need to choose wisely and stop making boneheaded mistakes like letting Josh Whedon go. You’re right about Marvel’s decesions on picking actors to play particular characters, some we’re not heavily embraced at first, but now look at them. Sometimes you don’t know how good or great an actor can be in a role until you see it on screen. I had a feeling RDJ would be good as ‘Tony Stark/Iron Man’, but i did’nt know he would be this great and iconic in this role.

  • JC

    Just a thought. But with 2 established characters ( Supy and the Bat) why not do a “WORLD’S FINEST” team-up movie using Cavill , and a new Bat . Plenty of those stories to work from. This would commence the team concept leading into a JL movie. This could also establish another film or two for “WORLD’S FINEST”. Like I said, just a thought.

  • whatchuptu

    It’s understandable that this conversation is heated…people have grown up with these heroes and care dearly for them. I think the best choice to direct a live action JL movie would have to be Bruce Tim. He gave us Batman Animated and the Justice League(unlimited) – he’s also created (directed/ produced) direct to DVD singular hero animated films which have been pretty good. -he knows the heroes inside and out.

    Both DC and Marvel have made good, great, bad and terrible superhero movies in the past. I have to agree they have seen the dollar signs on this one. It seems the market is dictating demand – and right now TDK and The Avengers are the biggest grossing films. Hopefully they assemble the right team to make this happen….and I’m not talking about the heroes themselves……

    It all starts with a vision, a script and proper casting. I believe it can work either way….build up over time or go full tit and throw them all together. Forget about ‘gritty’ or ‘realistic’ for a moment and think ‘epic’….these are gods that walk among men, Earth’s mightiest heroes…but (borrowing from another poster) they need to have their limitations for viewers to care for them. Does DC need several films for this audience bond to be created?….perhaps, but I believe it can be created in one film with the correct vision, script, cast and Director.

    I saw a fan made poster on deviant art and I had to admire what the person had done…they cast everyone and chosen their own director….

    Sure I know (chuckles) that everyone will not agree with it and certain parties have already hung up their cowls. But hey…if it doesn’t work they can always reboot it…(jokes) I’m sure with fan involvement they can find the right mix <hopefully those fat cats are paying attention to all of this above ^

  • talan7

    They should’ve and hopefully thought up this strategy while making Man of Steel. Why? They should have a cameo of WonderWoman and maybe even Bruce Wayne. You don’t need Batman. You would then have a link to 3 of the main characters. I would make 2 Man of steel movies the 1st of course about Superman but with 1 or 2 cameos. The 2nd I would introduce such a large scale enemy invasion to come that Superman goes to Bruce Wayne and they together agree to look for others to help fend off this invasion. Wonderwoman would be in this movie as well. Also, I would introduce 1 or 2 more cameos ending the movie with Supes and Batman off to create a team. the 3rd movie would be the Justice League and at the end they all agree to come together whenever needed to protect the world.

    I believe this setup could be better than Marvel. Marvel introduced each character seperately while linking the movies. My idea is to almost have one movie that gets bigger each time. Like a snowball that rolls downhill. This could work. There has to be backstory though.

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  • Joseph Lucas,II

    I want Jon Hamm to play Batman in the Batman Reboot movie 2015.

  • Superman 4ever

    OK, I would love to see a justice league movie, but I do fear that WB is rushing into its production, I would much rather see a Batman/Superman movie in 2015, as those characters are already well established in the mainstream. This way DC could still somewhat compete with Marvels the Avengers II, and then (possibly) only introduce one new person into a role (a new batman if Bale decides not to resume his role).

    You could also use it to launch a free standing movie of one of the other Justice League members or one of their villains, like iron man was introduced in the Incredible Hulk. This will connect the new movie to the “big two” and they can expand the timetable to create the RIGHT story for a Justice League movie.

    There is a wealth of other characters with dynamic villains, and one of the benefits of the Batman/Superman movie would be maybe a parallel building of an Injustice League, started by the Joker and Lex Luthor. DC could do something like introduce the villains in the end credits unlike marvel where you introduce the heroes in the end credit scenes. Create intrigue as to who could fight this new villain, while not revealing the new hero to the general public. Besides who wouldn’t want to see the cool Injustice League membership coins as early as possible?

  • Korum

    Batman-Karl Urban, Jim Caviezel, Kellan Lutz, or Matt Bomer are the only realistic choices for The Next Dark Knight!!! Not Only are they great choices but they are affordable and far more likely to sign a three or four movie deal in the role !!!

  • Korum

    Batman-Karl Urban, Jim Caviezel, Kellan Lutz, or Matt Bomer are the only realistic choices for The Next Dark Knight!!! Not Only are they great choices but they are affordable and far more likely to sign a three or four movie deal in the role !!!

  • Korum

    Batman-Karl Urban, Jim Caviezel, Kellan Lutz, or Matt Bomer are the only realistic choices for The Next Dark Knight!!! Not Only are they great choices but they are affordable and far more likely to sign a three or four movie deal in the role !!! And Paul Walker if he gained 25-30 lbs of muscle