‘Justice League’ Early Tracking Has the Superhero Film Opening to $110-120 Million

     October 26, 2017


With Justice League only a few weeks away and tickets now on sale, early tracking has come out for Warner Bros’ big superhero crossover. According to Deadline, industry estimates have the film opening around $110M-$120M in the U.S. and Canada. Deadline also notes that some of Justice League’s projection is being taken by Thor: Ragnarok, which opens two weeks prior. Once that film is out of the way, more fans may turn their attention to the DCEU movie, and its projection could be higher.

It will be interesting to see how high Justice League can go in its opening weekend. The whole Justice League enterprise was concocted in response to The Avengers, which opened to $200 million on its opening weekend. But even if you take that film out of the equation and only compare Justice League to other DCEU movies, it still has some serious competition. The only movie it’s currently on pace to beat is Wonder Woman, which opened to $103 million, but then showed some serious legs at the box office to earn $821 million worldwide. As for the other DCEU movies, Man of Steel opened to $116 million, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened to $166 million, and Suicide Squad opened to $133 million.

It’s possible that Justice League has the highest opening weekend of any DCEU if its tracking improves, but it also has a much tougher frame. Batman v Superman opened in March and Suicide Squad opened in August. Meanwhile, Justice League will have to fend off Thor: Ragnarok, Daddy’s Home 2, Murder on the Orient Express, and Coco. Warners is pretty much hoping that Justice League is THE movie to see over the Thanksgiving holiday, but that depends on critical response and word of mouth.

Justice League opens November 17th. For more on the film, click on the links below:

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